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40 Tools, Tips and Scripts for Finding More Listings

August 28 2023

ttt august ebook coverIt's a tough time for finding listings -- but we probably don't have to tell you that. What we do want to tell you about, however, are the strategies and tools that can help you unearth more homes for sale.

That's why, over the month of August, RE Technology has been running a series of articles every Tuesday to help you do just that. It's part of our "Tips and Tricks Tuesday" series. This month, our theme has been "How to Find More Homes to List."

Below is an overview of the topics we covered — and you can download our free eBook to read these articles compiled in one convenient place.

  • Embracing Technology and Direct Mail: Solutions to Ease the Inventory Issue - Learn about a high-tech way to implement direct mail outreach to homeowners.
  • Lead Gen Meets Next Gen with RealtyCandy's New AI-powered Home Valuation Widget - Find out how to use a new home valuation tool to attract seller leads.
  • Why Is Housing Inventory So Low? Tips for Overcoming Market Challenges - Real estate coaches Johnny Pfeiffer and Brandon Doyle discuss today's inventory issues, the causes, and how agents can thrive despite these challenges.
  • Looking for Better Leads? Remine Pro Could Be Your Best Solution - Real estate data can help you find new prospects — and Remine Pro is just the tool for the job.
  • Try This Expired Listing Script to Win More Appointments - Expired listings want to sell, but getting them to list again can be tricky. Get a script to convert these leads into clients.
  • Plunk Unlocks Confident Investing in Real Estate - Learn about a new tool that gives real estate investors, advisors and analysts access to real-time property valuation data and analysis.
  • 8 Campaign Ideas for Finding More Listings - Your MLS's property data/public records tool is a powerful tool for finding leads. Here are eight campaign ideas you can execute with the help of that tool.
  • How to Win Over Tough FSBOs (and a Script to Help) - FSBOs can be a prickly bunch who are reluctant to use an agent to sell their home. Learn how to approach FSBOs and what to say to counter their objections and concerns.
  • Why Absentee Owners May Be a Gold Mine for Seller Leads in Today's Market - Most would-be sellers today don't want to give up their existing low interest mortgage to jump into today's expensive real estate market. But there's one set of property owners who are less likely to have these concerns — absentee owners. Find out how to tap into this niche.

We hope these articles were helpful to our readers. However, you should know that great advice about finding seller leads isn't something we share just one month per year — we do it year-round! To help round out our listing-focused month, today we want to share more resources that we've published over the years. Let's dive in…

Where are all the leads?

So you want to grow the listing side of your business. First things first: where should you look for leads? If you're looking for motivated sellers, try these three sources.

Want to turn your sphere of influence into a lean, mean, lead-generating machine? Check out our article, 65 Sources of Real Estate Referrals You May Have Overlooked.

Finding and converting seller leads is a process. Learn how to make that process work for you in 5 Strategies to Generate Seller Leads and Build Better Relationships.

Tap into the power of online marketing

We don't call ourselves RE Technology for nothing. Helping real estate professionals use technology to better their business, including finding more homes for sale, is part of our raison d'etre.

Here's a sampling of advice we've published on various online marketing methods:

Social media is another key way to stay top-of-mind with your sphere of influence. It's a highly visual medium, however. Fortunately, if you aren't graphically inclined, you can lean on pre-made templates like the ones highlighted in the articles below:

Use scripts for easier outreach and follow-up

Sometimes the toughest part of reaching out to leads or following up is knowing what to say. If that's a struggle for you, jumpstart your communication with these handy scripts:

Strategies for converting leads

So you've got a great lead. How do you get them to convert? Try the tips and strategies outlined below. (And, bonus, there are a few more scripts tucked away in these articles.)

Don't forget referrals!

Some of the best, most transaction-ready leads are referrals. Learn how to encourage more referrals and how to handle the ones that come your way:

Remember all the things you do for your clients

Finally, we want to wrap up on a positive note — and give you ammo to counter any objections from sellers who ask, "Why should I hire an agent?" (We're especially looking at you, FSBOs.)

Ready? Next time anyone questions the value of using an agent, refer to this list of 184 Things You Do for Real Estate Clients (and they don't even know it).

Happy selling!

To explore helpful lead generation solutions, check out our Product Directory. And don't forget to download our ebook of this month's Tips and Tricks Tuesday articles!