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Try This Expired Listing Script to Win More Appointments

August 14 2023

Expired listings can be a prickly source of real estate leads. On one hand, the owner clearly wants to sell, otherwise they wouldn't have listed their home in the first place. On the other hand, something went wrong during the for-sale period, and you don't know what. Was the previous agent bad at their job? Was the seller difficult, or insistent on a price that was too high for the market? Whatever the case, the seller may not be feeling too great about the process of putting up their home for sale again.

In our latest "Tips & Tricks Tuesday" article, we want to highlight just how to handle expired listings. When approached with empathy and curiosity, expireds can be a profitable lead source. Watch the video above to learn how Realtor Brandon Mulrenin approaches expired listings. He role plays a conversation between agent and homeowner, demonstrating the script he uses to convert expired listing leads.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Initiate a conversation with the owner of an expired listing
  • Establish rapport with the homeowner
  • Pique the homeowner's curiosity to keep the conversation flowing
  • Unearth why the home didn't sell previously
  • Close the call and get the seller to agree to meet with you
  • And more!

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