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3 Places to Look for Motivated Sellers

January 02 2017

HDC where to find Motivated Sellers

The colder months are here, and many would-be sellers are hunkering down to wait out the season. As homeowners settle in, most real estate agents will find it progressively harder to get enough listings to keep their businesses running smoothly. But don't worry. There are always motivated sellers who want to sell fast, even in the worst weather. You just need to know where to look.

Absent Owners and Abandoned Properties

One of the best ways to find abandoned properties and absent owners is by driving around. Look for homes that have overgrown lawns, stacks of take-out flyers, no cars in the driveway—anything that indicates the house may be empty.

Once you find one, ask the neighbors about the property, the owner, why it's empty, etc. You may be surprised by how much they know. After you've uncovered what you can, round out your knowledge with a quick search in Google or your public records/tax solution, or a trip to city hall.

Armed with this knowledge, you're ready to reach out to the property owner. Let them know that you're aware of any issues you uncovered about the house, then explain how they can save money in taxes, payments, and insurance by allowing you to sell it.

Pre-Foreclosure Properties

You can find pre-foreclosure properties through your local county's delinquent tax list or a data provider.

Homeowners could be facing foreclosure for many reasons. Some of them are sensitive, such as medical bills, divorce, or loss of income. Be considerate of these issues. Approach with the simple angle that you have an alternative to foreclosure.

Inherited Properties

As an agent, you are in a unique position to help members of your community deal with unwanted or unneeded properties they inherit. However, it's crucial to remember that people who have recently inherited property may have been close to the previous homeowner. Keep their grief in mind. Rather than calling the next-of-kin straight from a deceased relative's obituary, try sending a postcard with, "When you need to sell your home and time is of the essence, call ___ Realty for the best..." price/service/time frame, etc.

By approaching them this way, you come across as an agent with impeccable timing, not someone taking advantage of misfortune.

Another way to find motivated sellers is with Local Local Connect. This program displays your contact information to sellers searching for their home's value on, as well as to buyers searching for their next home.

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