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Get a Smarter Door Knocking Script from an Outreach Expert

June 12 2017

rdc rachel adams door knocking script

Today, with a little help from our friend Rachel Adams, we'll show you how to run a smarter door knocking operation that actually results in seller interest and CMA requests.

Why Rachel Adams loves to door knock

Rachel Adams, CEO of The Rachel Adams Group in Sacramento, California, has been in the business for just about five years. Within the first three years, she was one of Keller Williams' top 1,000 agents in the country — but that's not the most surprising thing about her. This fresh industry leader's big, juicy listing secret?

She loves to door knock.

Rachel believes that many agents fall flat when they go door-to-door because they don't come with value and aren't ready to offer real-life help to homeowners with questions and market concerns.

By coming with value, and recognizing the kind of help they need — in downsizing, upsizing or going a different route — Rachel's team finds success when they go door knocking.

Rachel's magical door knocking script and flyer

When it comes to a door knocking script, Rachel and her team keep it simple. They first create a Just Sold flyer that shows their last property that went into multiple offers.

Next, they proceed with a very basic script that expands on the info found on the flyer:

Hi, I’m Rachel Adams with Keller Williams Realty. I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I just sold the property down the corner from you, 123 Main Street. It actually sold for $19,000 over asking and we had five offers on the property. So, that means a couple things.

First, it means that there are four buyers who are approved in a good price point. This house sold for $500,000 — so there are four people approved for a half-a-million-dollar home who are still looking for a home.

Secondly, it means that prices are going up in your neighborhood. Because of that, a lot of your neighbors want to know what their house is worth. Do you want in on that list?

Why this door knocking script works

As Rachel notes, her last sentence is a passive, final call-to-action—which is in direct opposition to the hard-sell tactics you may have learned when you were first coached on door knocking.

Instead of trying to win the client right then and there, Rachel’s agents simply try to make a connection and get the homeowner to view them as an expert with information they want and don't currently have.

The result? From that one door knocking session, which took Rachel’s team just two hours to complete, they landed one listing and three prospects who are in the "nurture" phase. Not bad for a few hours' work!

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