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93 Leads from a Facebook Post: One Agent's Strategy Revealed

October 11 2018

Vanessa Calhoun knows the secret to budget-friendly real estate leads. From a single boosted post on Facebook, the Atlanta-based agent won almost 100 leads--and now has three buyers IN CONTRACT.

Calhoun boosted the post below from her Facebook business page for $100 for three days to people within a 25 mile radius around her listing.

L2L Vanessa FB Ad

"The reach was 9,240. I had 433 link clicks and generated 93 leads," Calhoun says. "I spent $100.00 total."

Though Calhoun describes her boosted post as "nothing fancy," she managed to spend a budget-friendly $1.08 per lead. What are her secrets to success? Find out below!

1. Quality Listing Photos

Bad listing photos are a great way to junk up nice marketing materials--and an even better way to spend more than you should on your marketing campaigns.

Photos are what attract people to your Facebook ads or boosted posts, so make sure they're top notch. Calhoun makes sure she uses professional photos for each of her listings.

2. Smart Pricing

Notice that Calhoun lists the price of the home in her post. She says that it's a good price for her area, and highlighting that draws people in.

It's a smart strategy--overpriced houses tend to linger on the market. Think of price as a tool for attracting buyers and multiple offers. Using price to create high interest in a listing can generate multiple offers, which gives sellers leverage to negotiate for a higher price. (Need to convince a seller to reduce the listing price? Try this advice.)

3. Smart Lead Capture Tactics

What does every ad or boosted post need? A landing page! Calhoun uses a tool called Listings-to-Leads, which lets agents generate landing pages and a wealth of other marketing collateral.

For this boosted post, Calhoun sent click-thrus to a single property website from Listings-to-Leads. In order to increase conversions, she set the site's lead capture form to pop up immediately (see the screenshot below).

L2L Vanessa lead capture

To view the site, visitors must either connect with their Facebook or email address. Either way, you get their contact information.

While, yes, forced lead capture will drive some click-thrus away, the ones who DO give up their contact information are more likely to be interested buyers--and warmer leads.

4. Connect Your CRM

Once you win a lead, don't let it slip through the cracks! Calhoun makes sure all her leads automatically go from her Listings-to-Leads site into her Market Leader CRM. There, they are automatically assigned to appropriate drip campaigns so that she can continue to nurture them.

Ready to get started on your own high-converting marketing campaigns? Try Listings-to-Leads FREE for 14 days.