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How to Ask Your Clients for a Referral

October 22 2019

crowd mass usersThe best time to ask for a referral from your clients is when you're working with them on a transaction. Your current clients are the best advocates for your business. Think about it — they're excited about closing on their home purchase or sale and are talking about it with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances. Additionally, everyone is asking your clients about their experience — how it's going, when do they get to move in, etc. Since you're also in frequent contact with your clients on the phone or via text or email, you have many opportunities to ask for referrals.

However, many agents are nervous about asking for a referral because they don't want to seem pushy. They assume that their clients will automatically refer them so they don't ask. Don't assume your clients know to refer you; like everyone at one point or another, they need a reminder.

We developed the Referral Dialogue to make it easier for agents to ask for a referral. It makes the asking part feel more natural so you don't feel like you're being pushy. The beauty of the Referral Dialogue is it explains how you're different from your competition, the concept of working by referral and why their referrals help drive your business.

First, you'll educate your client about how the traditional real estate business works:

"Most people spend the majority of their time and resources prospecting for new business—things like cold calling, door knocking, advertising, etc."

Then, you'll explain how you work:

"I don't do any of that. I devote myself to serving the needs of my clients before, during and after each transaction. All I ask is that while I'm working for you, I would like you to refer me to people of comparable quality to yourself, who are thinking of the type of service I provide, and who would appreciate this same level of attention."

Finally, you'll explain how working by referral benefits them as clients:

"You see, as long as you and my other clients keep referring me, I don't have to go out prospecting like everyone else and I can do an even better job working for you. Does that make sense?"

Practice this dialogue often so you can refer to it whenever you speak to your clients, especially early on in your relationship with them.

It also helps to gently remind them to refer you at the end of your communications with them, whether it's written at the end of an email or at the bottom of the cover letter that you send with your flyer. You might even say it before you hang up the phone. Use this dialogue to remind your clients to refer you:

"Oh, by the way… if you know of someone who would appreciate the level of service I provide, please call me with their name and contact information. I'll be happy to follow up and take great care of them."

Another great way to generate referrals is by mailing monthly items of value to your clients — these can be anything that teaches them something new or provides them with useful information to apply right away. By doing this, keep your service top-of-the-line, making clients even more excited to refer you to others.

Referral Maker PRO is a monthly marketing kit that can take care of the entire process for you. Each month, members receive Items of Value, eReports, notecards and many more helpful materials. Give it a try and download your free marketing materials today to get started!