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Unless you have been a salesperson in a prior career, CRM or Customer Relationship Management may be a new concept to you. The idea behind having CRM software as a sales professional is that it organizes your contacts, tasks, and calendar for all customer activities in a single place. This allows you to plan your work and work your plan so that no customer opportunity is ever missed.

You may be thinking, why do I need a CRM if my contacts, tasks, and calendar are all on my phone. The answer is that CRM is all about tracking activities that keep you focused on developing customer opportunities until they buy or die. A CRM is also a relational database that allows you to track additional information about your contacts. For example, you can track how you met, family members, and create a pipeline or sales funnel report that allows you to visualize where customers are in the process of buying or selling.

Most importantly, a CRM allows you to assign contacts to step by step activities, commonly referred to as workflows or campaigns. A common example would be a new lead campaign that may start with an introductory email, a phone call, followed by a follow up email with a market report, followed by a weekly open house list, etc. Great CRMs have basic step by step activities available for all kinds of contacts that you can use, edit, or allow you to create your own from scratch.

The National Association of REALTORS® performs an annual agent survey to find out where most agents acquire their business. Although the percentage varies slightly from year to year, around 80% of all transactions come from friends, family, referrals, and repeat business. The report also indicates that the #1 reason why a Realtor is not used in a future transaction is because the agent did not stay in touch. If there is one piece of software that you invest in to build your real estate success, it should be CRM.

Key Benefits of CRM

  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Get/stay organized
  • Qualify, nurture, and convert leads
  • Support better client follow up
  • Close more business
  • Generate more repeat and referral business
  • Develop strong sales habits

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CRM is a constantly evolving category of technology for real estate. Many technology providers in this category regularly produce additional functionality to improve the breadth of services that CRM software enables an agent or broker to perform. Here are a number of trends that many for which CRM companies are developing functionality.

Integration with Google Suite – Office 365

Most real estate brokers, teams and agents are seeking CRMs that have integrated basic or core functionality from solutions like G-Suite and Office 365. With these integrations, contact records are synchronized between systems, along with emails sent or received with the contact. Users also have the capability to enter appointments or tasks in either system, and have those events synchronized between the two platforms.

Stand Alone CRM Is Preferred

Because consumer facing websites are a key area of new customer acquisition, many CRM systems are developed to manage leads from an agent, company, or team website. Over time, the trend to have an integrated CRM from the website provider has given way to separating the website developer from the CRM developer – making CRM a stand-alone offering that is capable of integrating with any website.

Crm As a Coaching Solution

One of the newest trends with CRM is the ability to integrate the workflow within a CRM with popular coaching solutions like Ninja, Ferry, or any of the other agent coaching programs. These coaching programs typically set agent goals and tasks for achieving those goals. For example, your CRM can reflect a coaching goal like making a certain number of calls each day, week, or month. The system can prompt you to make calls, and even have the call scripts or email follow up messages preloaded into the CRM.

Social Media Integration for Free and Paid

In terms of return on investment, social media posting (free) and social media marketing (paid) are among the top business development strategies for real estate agents and teams. Within many modern CRM solutions, the capability of posting to your business page on a site like Facebook or paying to boost a post on social media is integrated into the platform. This makes it easy for a CRM user to stay in touch with clients on social media platforms or expand your customer base by acquiring new customers from social media.

Mls Integration for Listings

Communicating with customers through your CRM is a key focus. Most CRM systems have integrated data feeds from your MLS to make is easy to share or market active listings, recently sold listings, or market reports with your clients.

Mobile App

CRMs today need to support agent mobility so that key CRM features and functionality are available anytime to the agent. Nearly every CRM is mobile responsive today. Being mobile responsive means that you can log in using the internet browser application. For the most part, this is fine. More advanced CRMs are offering mobile applications that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. These dedicated mobile apps are becoming more popular because they optimize the mobile experience. A key feature of dedicated mobile apps are notifications. Much in the same way that your phone can alert you to a text message, CRMs with mobile apps do an extraordinary job of alerting you of important reminders that are coming from your CRM.

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The best strategy for growing your business today is to leverage your CRM. Everyone that you know should be a customer record in your CRM. Developing a database of customer contacts with complete information including telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses is fundamental for your success, as a well-groomed database in your CRM becomes a significant asset. The more you communicate effectively with your customers, the greater the likelihood of converting those contacts into relationships that lead to future transactions.

The more you communicate effectively with your customers, the greater the likelihood of converting those contacts into relationships that lead to future transactions.

But be careful: remember that nobody wants to be spammed. You need to establish an appropriate cadence of communication from your CRM. An out-of-market customer who is not actively working with you to buy or sell may simply want to hear from you on a monthly basis. You can tag these customers to a sales stage that will only send them market reports by email each month, perhaps a flyer or postcard once a quarter and a telephone call once a month. Be sure that you spend time thinking about each customer and putting them into the right group that will deliver the correct amount of contact appropriate for them.

A significant amount of time should be spent on lead development. Our industry has done a great job of focusing on lead generation, but for the most part the follow up is a single phone call or email response from the agent. Most leads convert around 300 days after they are generated. The beauty of a CRM is that you can stay in touch with these leads using your CRM to incubate them during this time though a lead follow-up schedule.

It is a bad idea to dump a bunch of names into your CRM of people that you do not know or that have not given you permission to contact. If you have purchased a list, work the list until you have some type of successful engagement with that person before you add them into your CRM.

A key number to focus on is 2500 contacts in your farm area. If you can develop some level of relationship with 2500 households, you are likely to produce about 12 transactions a year.

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When looking for a CRM for the first time, we recommend developing a checklist of features and a ranking system for each of those features.

Try this criterion:

  • Feature
  • Importance to Me
  • Ease of Use

Here’s a brief walkthrough of how you might rank a feature.

Feature - Contact Record:every CRM has a contact record feature. Look at the details of the contact record to see what information can be stored. For example, does the contact record support sales stage, reference to spouse or children, field for where you met, etc.? When you are looking at the contact detail page, pay close attention to the fields. You may want to ask about your ability to add additional fields, etc.

Importance to Me – Obviously the contact record is important to you. You may want to score this feature as Very Important. However, your contact record may have integration with social media. If you are an agent who does not like social media, this feature may not be very important to you. Perhaps you are a person that likes to build business through telemarketing. The ability to click to call a customer from inside the contact record may be very important to you

Ease of Use – This is your impression. A contact record in the CRM that integrates with the contacts on your phone is super helpful because you do not need to enter the contact record into your phone, your computer, and your CRM. A CRM that syncs those records may be very easy to use

If you need to download contact records into a spreadsheet, load them, and de-dupe the records, the syncing feature may be inconvenient and cumbersome for you.

As you go through the demonstration, be sure to write down the features, their importance to you, and your measure of how easy it is to perform tasks that are vital to your success relative to your style as an agent.

Happy Selling!

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  • Powerful lead generation for a healthy pipeline of verified leads
  • Lead qualification and nurturing services to deliver transaction-ready leads
  • Actionable insights & predictive tools for higher conversions
  • Smart, personalized automation to triple productivity
  • Unparalleled training, strategy, and support services


We exist to make real estate agents successful.


Where powerful technology meets proven strategies to help you capture more opportunities. We generate and qualify your leads so you can focus on what you do best: closing deals. Experience the best of the best with the only technology trusted by 40,000+ of the industry’s most successful real estate professionals.

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Key Benefits:

Fuel a Healthy Pipeline: Capture more motivated homebuyers and get more listings with BoomTown’s expert digital marketing. Long-term lead nurture through automated marketing campaigns assures turns today’s “maybes” into tomorrow’s closings.

Work transaction-ready leads: Their lead qualification program acts as an extension of your team, responding to leads within 90 seconds, 24/7 and nurturing them for up to one year.

Send Leads to the Right Agents: Custom lead matching tools and automated lead distribution give you complete control of your lead flow.

Seize More Opportunities: Lead activity is tracked to give you predictive insights on top opportunities most likely to engage in conversation. Smart prospecting tools match your best listings with the Best-Fit Leads, and the Opportunity Wall shows you where to focus and when to reach out.

Create a Clear Path to Conversion: Streamline your database and master your follow-up plans, all in one central location. Targeted lists, customizable action plans, and automation tools will turn your day-to-day operations into a simple formula for success.


“BoomTown is the most effective tool we’ve used in real estate.”

- Jon Widdifield, The Premier Team at RE/MAX Executive


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Serving the US and Canada

Speak to a Coach


Schedule a Demo:



  • The POWER of One Platform, One Vendor, One Point of Contact
  • Agent PROTECTED Databases
  • Advanced, Intuitive CRM Dashboard
  • Brokerage, Office & Agent KPIs
  • Team Capable
  • EXCLUSIVE Lead Capture / Response Routing & Tracking
  • Customer Activity Workflows & Task Coaching
  • CMA Creation Wizard
  • Document Management
  • Automated Email, Social & Text Campaigns
  • FANATICAL Support & Training


The POWER of pure productivity for brokers, agents & teams. CRM, Lead Generation, Email, Social, Text, IDX Websites. #ElevateYourBiz today.


Welcome to the POWER of pure productivity for real estate brokers, agents & teams, featuring an intuitive CRM, exclusive lead generation, IDX websites, automated email, text, and social campaigns, communication workflows, and custom consulting. Intuitive, easy-to-use technology, complemented by fanatical training, support and business consulting.



Advanced, Intuitive CRM with Powerful Metrics

Now it’s easier than ever to pay attention to the KPIs (key performance indicators) of your business with activity workflows, task coaching, agent-protected databases, lead response routing & tracking, and a customizable metrics dashboard.

Custom Consulting & Creative Services

Looking to deliver a truly custom & unique brand experience? Visit 3sixtyfive.agency, our full service digital and creative ad agency offering a variety of services including brand consulting, creative design, campaign development, execution and analysis, copywriting, videography / photography, and more.


"Impressive results from the start. Not only have I been able to increase website traffic and capture more leads with my new website, Elevate has helped increase my entire online social presence. I’m a client for life!”

- Bob Cross, Broker, Cross Realty La Quinta, CA




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Inside Real Estate

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  • Inside Real Estate is the leading real estate technology partner powering profitable growth for hundreds of top brokerages and over 200,000 of their agents and teams.
  • “We’re seeing a difference being made in our market share, dramatically! kvCORE is not only helping generate leads, it’s helping us attract associates. They are seeing that we are heading into the future and they want to be part of a winning team.” Mike Pappas, CEO, The Keyes Company




kvCORE is a comprehensive platform designed to empower agent and team results and drive profitable business growth at every level of your organization, bridging the technology gap between brokerage and agent/team solutions.

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Lead Engine: the most comprehensive and effective lead generation tools on the market today, allowing you to generate new leads organically or supercharge results with built-in paid advertising solutions

Smart CRM: AI driven lead validation plus automated follow up via email, text, and phone, take the guesswork out of staying in touch so you can focus on what you do best: building great relationships

Marketing Autopilot: behavioral nurturing delivers unique, relevant and timely content automatically, driving up to 10X higher engagement across both new leads as well as personal sphere of influence contacts.

Customizable Websites: showcase your unique brand with custom and semi-custom websites that deliver a rich consumer experience while maximizing lead capture.

Transaction Management Integration: deep integration into industry leading transaction management platforms makes closing the deal easy and streamlined.

Branded Mobile Apps: a CRM app & built in Mobile Dialer prompt conversations with both new leads and sphere of influence contacts based on recent activity, making it easier than ever to stay in touch while you’re on the go.


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Fairfax, VA

[email protected]

(703) 646-7522



  • The most advanced MLS platform
  • Easy to add your mobile contacts
  • Provide SOI with free credit report
  • Analytics on all their activity
  • A CRM focused on client engagement


A modern MLS platform for agents to provide better service.


Remine powers 50 MLS markets with access to more than 1 million agents. It provides a one stop shop for agents to complete their daily rituals with joy including advanced search, CMA, mobile, CRM, lead gen, and marketing.



Advanced Search: The most powerful search in the business that combines MLS and public record data in one. You can even search by Off-MLS transactions to make sure you see everything!

Mobile: Not only the most powerful data app, but you can invite your contacts with 1-click to Remine.

CRM: You can easily import contacts, provide them all with a free credit report, and the best saved search in the business.

Engage: See analytics on all your clients as they go on a digital journey to buy and sell their homes. The whole time you are provided with the attribution.


“We are the #1 team in the area and have a team of about 50 agents and are continuing to grow. Remine is a crucial part of our everyday process in finding leads and certain properties for our clients.”

- Keri Shull, Keri Shull Real Estate Team, Bright MLS




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Wise Agent Support Team

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  • All-in-one CRM platform combining Contact, Transaction, and Lead Management.
  • Marketing Suite complete with Drip Campaigns, Landing Pages, Newsletters and much more.
  • Team friendly features
  • 24/7 Customer Support


Automate your business. Save time & money. 


Wise Agent is an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed for REALTORS® but used by many small businesses.

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Our drive in building Wise Agent CRM was to create a system so simple that anyone can use it, powerful enough to run an entire business, at a price that anyone could afford.

The key to it all, for us, was to back up our amazing technology with mouth-dropping customer support, provided by real people that actually care.

At its core, our CRM combines technology with people to help get and retain clients through building long-term relationships.

As the industry & technology changes, so does Wise Agent. We’ve created a seamless ecosystem of integrated tools to help you work smarter, not harder.

Features of the service include contact and time management, transaction management, lead management, marketing tools, unlimited document storage, lead tracking, free training, and 24/7 support.


“Can’t say enough good things about this CRM. By far the most user friendly system in the industry.”

- Bill Brimie, Rio Salado Realty LLC.