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10 Questions Home Sellers Ask Google (and 40 Key Phrases to Target Them)

March 14 2023

google tabletLast week, we posted a list of common homebuyer questions and keywords for targeting buyers with Google Ads. But what about sellers?

Never fear—we wouldn't dare overlook this valuable demographic. That's why today, we're providing a list of common questions homeowners ask when considering selling their home, and corresponding key phrases for each.

Tip: These questions and key phrases are good for more than just target sellers with ads. Each question is also a great prompt for writing a blog or newsletter post. You can even work the related key phrases into your post to get it to rank higher on Google. That way, sellers looking for answers to these questions see your blog post, visit your website, and learn all about a great Realtor who has all the information they want.

Let's dive in…

1. How do I prepare my home for sale?

  • home staging tips
  • home improvement ideas
  • decluttering tips
  • curb appeal ideas

2. What is my home worth?

  • home value estimate
  • property appraisal
  • home valuation services
  • real estate market analysis

3. Should I hire a real estate agent to sell my home?

  • real estate agent benefits
  • real estate agent fees
  • selling a home without an agent
  • choosing a real estate agent

4. What are the steps to selling a home?

  • home selling process
  • steps to selling a house
  • selling a house checklist
  • home sale timeline

5. How do I stage my home for a quick sale?

  • home staging tips
  • home staging services
  • home staging professionals
  • staging a house to sell fast

6. How can I sell my home fast?

  • sell my house fast
  • quick home sale
  • cash home buyers
  • home selling companies

7. What are the closing costs when selling a home?

  • home selling closing costs
  • seller closing costs calculator
  • real estate attorney fees
  • title company fees

8. How do I negotiate with buyers?

  • home buyer negotiation tactics
  • negotiating home sale price
  • counteroffer strategies
  • negotiating home inspection repairs

9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when selling a home?

  • home selling mistakes to avoid
  • common home selling pitfalls
  • mistakes to avoid when listing a home
  • selling a home tips and tricks

10. How do I handle multiple offers on my home?

  • multiple offer situation
  • competing home offers
  • handling multiple offers on a home
  • home offer negotiation strategies