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52 Resources for Making Money with Your Phone

July 24 2023

ttt july success guideReal estate agents are always happy to hear about ways to make more money — and in the current tough market, we could all use as much help as we can get.

That's why, over the month of July, RE Technology has been running a series of articles every Tuesday to help you do just that. It's the first month of this series, and each month has a different theme. In July, that theme has been, "How can I make money with my mobile phone?" Below is an overview of the topics we covered.

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  • 25 Text Messages You Should Send Right Now - Texting is one of the most effective forms of communication, but it's not always easy coming up with the right messaging. These 25 text message templates make that easy — just copy, paste and send any of these messages for different scenarios like lead generation, follow-ups, referral requests, and more.
  • Get Shareable Market Trends to Keep Your Clients in the Know - Consumers love useful real estate market data, especially when presented via attractive graphics. Learn about a new RPR feature that helps you instantly create beautiful market graphics and share them online. And, bonus, this can all be done from RPR's mobile app.
  • 3 Mobile Strategies for Winning in the Current Market - Get three strategies for winning in the current marketplace that you can accomplish from your mobile phone. Also, learn about an app that can add audio tours to your listings — a unique way to differentiate yourself and handy for the visually impaired buyer.
  • Unlock Your Business's Potential: Meet a Shifting Market's Demands with Data-Backed Insights - Discover how Remine Mobile can help you prospect on the go — and predict who may be able to transact soon with Buy Score and Sell Score data.
  • Unlock Your Real Estate Earnings: Boost Listings with App and AI Technology - Learn about two apps from BoxBrownie.com that can take your iPhone snaps and turn them into professional-looking listing photos, and then generate property descriptions from those photos using AI.

We hope these articles were helpful to our readers. However, you should know that great advice about mobile technology isn't something we share just one month per year — we do it year-round! To help round out our mobile-focused month, today we want to share more smartphone resources that we've published over the years. Let's dive in…

47 More Mobile Resources

Your smartphone can help you make more money through a variety of ways — through mobile transaction management, productivity apps, creating social media and other marketing content, and so much more. We've shared content on all of those areas throughout the years — and even helped our readers stay up-to-date on the latest technology advancements, including what's new with iOS 17, which was just released on July 11.

To explore all the ways you can maximize the use of your mobile phone, check out our list of resources below:

Mobile app recommendations

The first step on the road to smartphone-enabled success? Having the right mobile apps!

To start off, check out this list of the top 10 mobile apps for real estate agents. Those recommendations are more generalized, so from there, let's dive into apps that are recommended for specific purposes:

Mobile app overviews

Moving on from our lists of app recommendations, let's take in-depth looks at specific mobile programs. The articles below can further your understanding of what each app does and how you can use it in your real estate business:

  • RPR Mobile - From mobile market reports to mobile buyer tours, RPR Mobile has it all — and it's free to NAR members.
  • Trello - A project management app that makes collaboration a breeze.
  • Expensify and MileIQ - Expense management and mileage tracking apps that make the unsexy parts of business management a little less painless.
  • Slack - Make communication between various parties — team members, assistants, clients, and beyond — simpler and more centralized.
  • SentriKey Mobile App - If your association uses SentriLock lockboxes, check out this article to learn about all of the things the SentriKey mobile app can do.
  • Virtual Tours Creator 360 - An app that can create 360° virtual property tours, right from your smartphone.

Mobile user tips and tricks

Oh, boy. There are a lot of things a smartphone can do — and we probably don't even know the half of it! We're gonna give it the ol' college try, though. From speeding up slow devices, to setting up hotspots, to Notes and Google Keep hacks, here are a bunch of tips and tricks for maximizing the use of your iPhone or Android phones:

Running your real estate business with your mobile phone

Now that we've covered the nuts and bolts of using your phone, let's move on to the heart of the matter — running your real estate business via your smartphone. Real estate agents are a particularly on-the-go breed, and we want you to know all of the things you can accomplish on the road using just your phone (including completing an entire transaction from start to finish).

Here, we're highlighting a series of articles called, appropriately, "Run Your Real Estate Business with a Smartphone." Here are all the posts in that series:

Video and photography

Phone cameras have advanced a lot in recent years, to the point that some real estate agents feel comfortable taking listing photos on their phone! If that's you, or if you just want to learn how to take better mobile photos in general, check out How to Take Professional Photos on Your iPhone or Android Phone. If you're an iPhone user, get iPhone-specific photography tips in this article.

Photos aren't the only thing your phone does well! Real estate pros also use them for video marketing. To ensure your marketing videos are as polished as possible, see 2 Apps for Editing Real Estate Videos Quickly.

Text messaging

Text messages are a remarkable thing — with 98% of them being read, they have a far higher success rate than emails or phone calls. Whether you're using them for client communication or for marketing, make sure you're aware of texting etiquette.

Speaking of marketing, see 5 Steps to Build Out Your Real Estate Mobile and Text Message Marketing Strategy to learn more about leveraging texts to promote your business.

And let's not forget the ways you can use texts with current clients — everything from closing and listing updates, appointment reminders, asking for reviews, and more.

Mobile Miscellany

As we wrap up, we come to the odds and ends that didn't fit in any of the above categories — but are still good to know.

And, finally, if all this smartphone talk has made you a little tired, see Are You Married to Your Smartphone? How to Divorce Amicably and Still Be a Top Producing Realtor. After all, it's good to take a break once in a while from the devices that rule our lives! Go outside, touch some grass, feel the wind on your face, and come back to your phone when you're ready. It'll be waiting.

To explore more mobile solutions, check out our Product Directory. And stay tuned for next month's theme: Finding more homes for sale!