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Make Professional Virtual Tours with iPhone

August 16 2021

Learn how to quickly and affordably create high-quality virtual tours with incredible visuals for real estate sales and property management using your iPhone.

The VTC 360 set turns your iPhone into a 360° camera for real estate virtual tours, but you must be a Virtual Tours Creator account holder to be able to use the VTC 360 set. If you don't have one, sign up for free here.

What Is Virtual Tours Creator Software?

VTC is a 360° virtual tour software for real estate agents and property managers. It allows you to create and publish virtual reality tours within 15 minutes on mobile for as little as $5 per property. It includes interactive floorplans, info points, URL links, and a FREE VR tour.

On top of that, its 360° photography training is completely FREE with any subscription, and it also offers free custom branding!

Agents who use virtual tours get more qualified buyers before the buyers even come to the open house. Every buyer is able to make informed decisions on buying a home from the comfort of their own home where and when they want. You have an open house 24/7 available to anyone and anywhere.

vtc virtual tours with iphone 1

VR tour made using iPhone XR

vtc virtual tours with iphone 2

What is the VTC 360 set? The VTC 360 set is made of:

  1. A device to spin your phone while taking a perfect 360° top-to-bottom HDR panorama.
  2. Best quality 190º fisheye lens. The VTC fisheye lens has a special field of view and sharpness. Just clip the lens and make a full turn. A few images will be taken and stitched on your phone, no internet connection needed. The results are mind blowing.
  3. Free Virtual Tours Creator app that instantly produces 360º images and uploads them to your online account. The VTC 360 set will not work without the app.

If you break the lens, you only need to buy a new lens, not the whole camera. If you upgrade your phone, you automatically upgrade your 360º capture system.

  • Better than an all-in-one 360º camera at a fraction of its price. Delivers 8K 360° panoramas
  • Designed for real estate photography
  • Compatible with any standard tripod
  • Compatible with all iPhone models: 8, 8 Plus, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone X
  • Free Virtual Tours Creator app that instantly produces 360º images
  • Built-in HDR High Dynamic Range for great indoor capture

What are the advantages of the VTC 360 set or lens 360° panorama?

  • AEB: optimal exposure and brightness
  • 8k quality 360° panorama
  • Automatic 360° panorama stitching
  • Perfectly assembled 360° panorama (no parallax issues)
  • VR: panorama compatible with all types of 360° camera and virtual reality headsets for immersive tours

What is the Virtual Tours Creator App?

The first Virtual Tours Creator App will be released on the App Store for iPhones ONLY. Take perfect 360°, 8K, HDR panoramas. It is designed to revolutionize the price and speed of creating VR tours in sales and property management.

No more struggle with transferring photos from the 360° camera to your phone and then to the cloud. When using the Virtual Tours Creator app, your photos are automatically uploaded to your VTC account in the cloud. You must have a VTC account to create your virtual tours.

You can save time on uploading photos in the office. It all happens on the go while you are taking the property photos.

You can reorganize your photos and create the final version of your virtual tour by adding hotspots and info points later when you finish shooting the houss in your VTC web account.

Quality Comparison

Tour made using iPhone XR

Tour made using Insta360 ONER

Still Photos in Comparison

Photos in order:

  1. VTC 360 set
  2. Insta360 OneR

vtc virtual tours with iphone 3

vtc virtual tours with iphone 4

vtc virtual tours with iphone 5

vtc virtual tours with iphone 6

Zoom in Comparison

Photos in order:

  1. VTC 360 set
  2. Insta360 OneR

vtc virtual tours with iphone 7

vtc virtual tours with iphone 8

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