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Trello: A Great App to Help You Organize and Prioritize Your Workflow

February 23 2020

dick betts trelloSometimes the out-of-the-box apps that come with your phone just aren't quite enough to organize and prioritize your workload. Whether you are a standalone REALTOR or you have an assistant or team, everybody needs a workflow system.

In the old days, we could tape a paper or card on the wall for all involved to see and document progress. Back then, we worked in an office about eight hours a day, no internet, cellphones so all work happened in that space. Today, our systems need to be mobile, remote and accessible to one or many as we collaborate on tasks and projects. Workflows used to be simple. Today? Not so much, so we need a system to take that paper or card we, in the past, taped to the wall and make it work for today's technology. Now, please picture a paper or card taped to the wall as I explain Trello.

I like to let companies explain the service they offer, so here is Trello describing their platform:

Trello is a project management software that makes it easier for teams to collaborate. Within each Trello board, you can create individual cards outlining the various tasks needed to complete a project. With each card, you can assign due dates, tag other members, create checklists and upload documents and images. The app offers dozens of integrations, including Evernote, Google Drive, and Slack.

Slack? Ring a bell? Go back to an article I wrote about Slack.

Being transparent, I have not used Trello, but the people I trust for objective views of apps and software rated it as best. I always like to give you options of similar apps and software, and in this case I have used two of the three apps. I have used Basecamp and Asana and was happy with the ease and capabilities of both platforms. The other one I have not used is AirTable, but it was ranked in the top four. All four platforms have a free base service, which is great to be able to try before you buy. Like any other software or app, it's up to you to implement and use regularly to get the full benefit of any project management software.

So back to the paper or card taped on the wall. Picture making an original template of steps needed to close a deal either working with a buyer or seller. Now take the card to the copier and make copies and, as needed, write a name on the copy and tape it on the wall. Who needs to do what, target dates and if you are the Lone Ranger, quickly check progress on your deals. Got the concept? So instead of paper taped on the wall, these sheets are on your phone and computer, and folks you need to see can be added and can collaborate.

Project management software is a very big deal! We cannot track in our head all our deals, projects and steps needed to complete a transaction. Things falling through the cracks is not an option! Once you use project management software regularly, you will be lost without it, BUT you need to use it religiously!

Dick Betts is a national speaker, trainer and consultant. Learn more at