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4 Must-Have AI Mobile Apps to Level Up Your Real Estate Game

March 18 2024

Want to leverage the power of artificial intelligence while you're on the go? You're in luck — there are several AI-powered mobile apps available to help you do everything from research to crafting social media posts. Today, you'll learn about four of them.

In this video, Jimmy Burgess and Rajeev Sajja highlight four mobile apps that put the power of AI right in your pocket. Check out brief descriptions of each below, and click the links to download each app. For a more in-depth explanation at how to leverage each app, watch the video above.

  1. Perplexity - Need to research something? This app does it for you — complete with sources and none of the counterfactual "hallucinations" that some AI chatbots have been known for. (iOS, Android)

  2. ChatGPT - Everyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past year knows what ChatGPT is. The mobile app lets you interact with the AI on the go. Jimmy and Rajiv recommend it for creating engaging social media posts, especially Reel descriptions. (iOS, Android)

  3. Co-Pilot - One downside of ChatGPT is that it's not connected to the internet. Co-Pilot to the rescue! This app combines the power of OpenAI models with Bing search so you can search smarter. (iOS, Android)

  4. Captions - Use this app to look and sound your best in videos. Captions can generate, well, captions — but it does a whole lot more, too. Use it to remove filler words like "um," create voiceovers, edit clips, and much more. (iOS, Android)

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