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Run Your Real Estate Business with a Smartphone: Building Social Media Exposure

January 05 2020

social media fb twitterBefore I get into social media exposure, let's take a look at usage of our phones. Starting with Android, you can find your usage stats by going to Settings > Batteries. Next, tap the three-dot menu > Battery Usage. Then, tap the three dots again and Show Full Device Usage. Android users study that for a minute until I'm done with Apple users.

Apple users go to Settings > Screen Time > See All Activity.

Now users of both platforms will see usage data on your screens. If you've never looked at this, you might be surprised where you are spending your time. I am betting combined social media is either number one or two. If we are going to spend so much time on social media, we should figure out how to increase our exposure, make or deepen friendships and hopefully grow our business.

Here's my philosophy on growing your business using social media. First, I firmly believe in not spending money on some service doing it for you. I do believe the efforts you put forth are very much worthwhile and, in time, will pay off!

I like to compare working on social media to owning a newspaper. We need to build our follower base (which I will cover shortly). Next, we need content—and this is where you will separate yourself from others (again, we will cover that shortly). Be very proactive—newspapers not only have editors and people in sales, they also have reporters going out into the community to cover events and report the news. I will explain what I mean being proactive later.


You need followers, lots of followers, and not just people in the same line of work as you are! Where do we find followers? Start looking at Facebook groups in your area like social groups, communities and common interests, friends of friends—you get the point. Build your follower base so that when you publish, you have more readers (but they should be the right readers).

Facebook has a 5,000 maximum of friends on your personal account. I am normally between 4,900 and 5,000 because I've been busy over the years. LinkedIn is another great platform for getting your name in front of people. Some are successful using Instagram, which I believe is a very powerful tool, and I am proud to say I got hired once on Snapchat!


Would you want a paper that has advertisements on page one? I think not, so we need to offer something people want: local events, human interest—think the lifestyle page in your newspaper. I like the ratio of 6 or 7 out of 10 posts being local and lifestyle. Go easy on the pictures of food; pets now and then are okay. Above all, look at social media as being a way to reach people.


Start liking and commenting on other people's posts. Get involved with them by simply reacting to what might be important to them! Try to stay apolitical and take it easy on controversial subjects.


If you are going to post for business, make it informative, professional and personal, if you can. Try to get your sellers involved by sharing on their networks the home they want to sell—it's another effective way to build your follower base and get your name out there!

Probably like you, I find myself with blocks of free time sitting and waiting, relaxing, etc. I do plan when to post, and other posts happen when I am in the mood. It's not just about you posting! Get involved, build friendships and relationships, and the benefits will follow!

Dick Betts is a national speaker, trainer and consultant. Learn more at