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23 Resources to Grow Your Multimedia Marketing Skills

June 27 2019

June is Entrepreneurs' DIY Marketing Month--and who's more DIY when it comes to marketing than real estate agents?

We'd be remiss if we let the month pass without acknowledging all the hard work you do to market your brand and your listings. After all, to keep up with today's marketing trends, you need to employ a host of multimedia skills--from graphic design to video creation to photography and beyond.

To keep your knowledge fresh and your skills up-to-date, we've compiled this guide of 23 resources to help grow your mastery of multimedia marketing.

inspiration light bulb crop(Want to learn about tools that can help your marketing efforts? Download a copy of our Success Guide to Online Marketing and Lead Generation!)

Graphic Design

paintbrushesNo background in design? No problem! There are free tools out there that can make your presentations and images pop. Check out the links below to learn how to:

If it's image file types and other technical jargon that's tripping you up, check out this infographic and article on the essential image and photography terms to know.


mobile video recordingSpeaking of photography, if you shoot your own listing photos rather than relying on a professional, it's crucial that your skills are up to par. After all, listing photos are typically what first draws the attention of a buyer. Check out these articles for advice on advancing your listing photography game:

If it's your photo that needs help—your agent headshot, that is—check out this post to find out how you can update your photo while maintaining your personal brand. But don't forget to consider your personal safety. The article outlines the "power poses" and body language to use in your headshots to prevent predators from targeting you.

Finally, let's not forget about Instagram. These two in-depth pieces will introduce you to the essentials of generating new business on the social platform:

You can also trick out your Instagram photos by tricking out your smartphone. Explore the wide world of multimedia smartphone accessories here. Just wanna use Instagram's filters as a quick and easy photo editor? Find out How to Secretly Use Instagram as Your Photo Editor (without Posting).

Virtual property tours

tablet house consultationOne thing that may surprise those unfamiliar with real estate's tech landscape is just how advanced it is. I'd wager most buyers don't know that they can search for a home via an augmented reality app like Homesnap, or use virtual reality to walk through a 3D tour of a listing with a service like Matterport.

But all of the terms surrounding this corner of real estate tech space can get confusing. For some clarity, check out What Agents Need to Know about VR, AR, and MR.


film stripFrom listing videos to livestreaming on Facebook, video is everywhere in real estate marketing. It's a complicated subject, but you can get started in five simple steps. For a more in-depth look at everything from video ideas to video SEO strategy, see Using Video Marketing to Reach Your Full Potential in Real Estate.

Want to put your best face forward on camera? Try these 10 Ways to Build Video Confidence.

Finally, don't be afraid to go a bit off the beaten path and try out channels like live video chat and YouTube ads.


Have you ever thought about creating your own podcast to raise your brand clout? Learn more about getting started in this article.

But first, it pays to listen to top real estate podcasts to understand what works and what doesn't. Check out these Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts for inspiration.

Website Design

web design wireframeBefore we go, let's turn our attention to what often acts as the hub for all your marketing efforts online—your real estate website. Is it looking old and janky? Then try these 3 Ways to Refresh Your Tired Real Estate Website.

Need to jazz things up with helpful content? Consider adding a new section to your website.

There you have it: 23 resources to help you become a real estate DIY marketing master!