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Live Video Chat: The Must-Have Apps

March 05 2018

HDC Video Chat AppsBusiness owners often feel like automation is the key to efficiency. However, whether it's through email, text, direct message on social media, or pre-recorded messaging systems, as automation continues to expand, clients are beginning to notice the lack of human interaction. This is especially true in an experience as personal as finding a home. Stand out from other Realtors and give your clients the connection they've been searching for with live video chat.

Most smartphones today already have a video calling app installed (like Apple's FaceTime); however, that particular software might not be compatible with all devices. Here is a list of top video chat apps to install and get connected with your clients today!

Video Calling Apps

Facebook Messenger (iOS, Android)

Price: Free

Facebook Messenger is perhaps one of the most popular and convenient video chat apps available. Syncing with your Facebook account, Messenger allows users to chat, call, or video call anyone on their friends list. Also, since most of your clients are probably already active Facebook users, there's a higher possibility of them already having this app on their phone. This makes video chatting easier since you won't have to convince them to download new software.

Google Hangouts (iOS, Android)

Price: Free

Just like Messenger, Google Hangouts lets you chat, call, and video call anyone on your friends list. However, in order to use this service, you and your contact will need to have a Gmail account, which may be difficult for clients who use other email services. But the best feature of this app is that you can video chat with up to 10 friends at once, which makes talking to groups a lot easier.

Google Duo (iOS, Android)

Price: Free

This easy-to-use video chat app allows users to sign up without having to use a Gmail account (unlike Hangouts). Duo allows you to sign up with just your phone number. This app is Google's response to Apple's FaceTime and works on both iOS and Android operating systems. It also includes the Knock Knock feature which lets you see a live preview of who's calling before you pick up.

Skype (iOS, Android)

Price: Free

The original video calling app, Skype is still as popular as it once was. Just like the previous apps, Skype allows users to chat, call, or video call contacts in their friends list. The most impressive feature Skype has is that you can create group calls with up to 25 people.

WhatsApp (iOS, Android)

Price: Free

WhatsApp is the largest mobile messaging app in the world and probably already downloaded on plenty of your clients' phones with over 1.5 billion users. Creating an account is as simple as inputting your phone number, and uploading contacts is just a click away. Share your location, exchange contacts directly from the app, and message multiple contacts at once.

Video chat today is as easy as it can possibly be, and with the added benefits for businesses, now is the time to start incorporating it into your daily routine. Your clients are going to love the "humanized" experience.

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