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Consider a Lifestyle Section for Your Real Estate Website

January 02 2019

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A huge chunk of our business is locating homes and facilitating their sale, and our real estate websites are a big part of our marketing. People have a great many requirements for what they want in a home, from size and bedrooms to neighborhood and amenities. People want to enjoy their time in their homes, but they also spend a great deal of time away from home engaged in activities other than their jobs. Concentrating just on the four walls and the home's features leaves a lot of buyers doing their own research into what they like to do or enjoy near prospective homes.

Every age group has their preferred activities and interests. When it comes to younger generations, typically first-time homebuyers, they are transitioning from renting or living with their parents. Now they need to think about staying in one home for longer than a one-year lease. Where have they been spending their recreational and entertainment time? Can they stay near their favorite haunts and places where their friends spend time? Helping them to do their research can increase your trips to the closing table, so why not think about adding more lifestyle information to your real estate website?

Categorize Activities and Interests

Plan a lifestyle section for your real estate website. Break out the neighborhoods and areas, and if you already have neighborhood pages, you could add a lifestyle section to each of them. Try to break down the interests and activities into logical groups, not lumping too many different interests into a group.

Map Them Out

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If you can embed maps into your page, that works well. If not, you can capture screenshots of maps with specific interests or entertainment venues. Showing where their interests and activities are in relation to homes of interest is of great help to them in making decisions.

Take a Drive and Take Photos

Though you may get away with using images off their websites, it's just as likely that you'll get a nasty takedown message, so drive through each area and take photos of the businesses by category. One drive can get you photos of bars, museums, parks, gyms, and other interests that you can then group on the website.

Lots of Information and Reviews

Here is where you can provide value for your website visitors without spending a lot of time. You'll also avoid getting notices for taking information and reviews from the websites or Google. Use a link like this one which takes the visitor to the business listing on Google Maps. There they can find reviews, more photos and information. The link text would be the name of the venue. By keeping these with the map or map image in groups, it becomes a valuable resource for buyers who want to see if their entertainment and interests are near a home they're considering.

There Is SEO Value Too

All of this new information and the links to area businesses will give you some points with Google to help move your real estate website up in search as well.

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