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How to Update Your Photo without Losing Your Look

June 17 2018

hdc update your photo without losing your lookTime passes and you change: your clothing style evolves, you change your hair, and you grow older. Still, when someone bumps into you around town, they should recognize you from your photo.

That means keeping your photo up to date. Your agent profile photo represents you online, in flyers, in ads, on business cards, and in many other places. It helps build and maintain your brand, creates a first impression, and is one of the first steps to building client relationships.

However, changing your photo means running the risk of losing presence you've built on your current image if people don't recognize you as the same agent.

That's why you should think ahead and plan the details of your photo to make sure it reflects the tone of your business and makes a memorable statement. Could you duplicate your look by wearing the same tie, necklace, earrings, scarf, or other accent piece? How about by carrying over a pose from one photo to the next? That way, whenever you have to update your photo, you have a go-to tie-in that builds your brand.

There are several ways you can reinforce your brand and carry it over from photo to photo, but you don't need to use all of them. Using one or two methods should be enough to keep your branding consistent, especially if you use the same options every year. In that case, your method itself becomes part of your brand. Here are some options:

Duplicate your look

Choose a timeless look or outfit that you can wear in each new iteration of your photo. If you do decide to replace your photo outfit, try sticking with the same style or the same colors you wore in your most recent photo.

Strike a pose

How you pose can be a good way to tie your photos together. Pick a pose and stick with it. It doesn't really matter whether you're crossing your arms or giving a thumbs-up so long as the pose is consistent and reflects the tone you want your brand to create.

Choose your location

Take your photo in the same place or with the same backdrop to lend a familiar element to your photo across updates. If you use a backdrop, make sure it's something unique rather than a standard, solid-color backdrop.

Make a statement

There are fun, non-traditional approaches you can take to make your photo uniquely yours as well. Some agents incorporate a gimmick, like dressing in a costume. Others use strange or unusual props to brand themselves.

However you tie your photos together, there are some standard criteria to look for in your agent photo. Make sure you choose an image that is crisp and clear, taken within the last year, and professionally done.

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