Success Guide: Online Marketing-Lead Generation

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Welcome to RE Technology's Success Guide for Online Marketing and Lead Generation. You will learn how to become THE expert in your market with industry-leading ideas and solutions. We have hand-picked five of our favorite tools proven to help real estate professionals grow their businesses. Download the FREE guide to learn how you can leverage online marketing in new and exciting ways to beat the competition!


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Each year, RE Technology develops a guide that focuses on Online Marketing and Lead Generation to support agents and brokerages in understanding how digital solutions can make the Internet a key strategy for reaching consumers.

Online Marketing is the effort to communicate a narrative that combines information about the brokerage and its agents along with properties that they have listed for sale. Today, online marketing can be delivered though an array of channels. These channels include e-mail, text message, social media, blogging, listing syndication, and tracking.

Many professionals realize that online marketing is used in three ways. The first is to attract new clients. The second is to promote seller listings where buyers start their search. The third is to stay connected to existing contacts to develop a customer for life relationship that drives repeat and referral business.

Online Lead Generation goes hand in hand with Online Marketing. Great online marketing delivers digital engagement from people you reach. These engagements are commonly referred to as an opportunity or a lead, but they vary in the likelihood of converting to a transaction. Remember that every possible touch point with a customer has value in the development of your business.

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 Latest Online Marketing and Lead Generation Trends

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Online Marketing and Lead Generation is a constantly evolving science. In the early days of the internet, simply putting a property online with text was a big chore that required agents (or their development partners) to have html programming skills. The next big evolution happened around 1999 when the industry launched the first Internet Display program called IDX. This allowed agents and brokers to publish all of the listings from the multiple listing service on their websites and enable consumers to search. This was quickly followed by the emergence of national property advertising portals like Realtor.com, MSN, Yahoo! and others.

IDX and listing portals delivered a great savings to the real estate industry who was focused on newspaper and magazine advertising at the time. It was not uncommon for listing agents or brokerages to spend between as little as $300 or well over $1,500 in the marketing of a property. Online home search grew in popularity among homebuyers as access to internet connected computers grew.

The next huge growth in this category came along with the consumer adoption of internet connected mobile phones and tablets. Today, more than 50% of all property searches happen on a mobile device. Nearly concurrent with the adoption of mobile, popular social media sites have became conduits for accessing real estate information including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and now Instagram and Snapchat.

The options consumers have today for looking at property is almost absurd. There are millions of agent websites, hundreds of thousands of brokerage websites, and hundreds of property portals. The abundance of these options has created some interesting consolidation. It is estimated that the top 10 real estate portals in America are visited more than 500 million times a month. Given that there are only about 5.5 Million transactions a year in America, it makes you wonder what all of those people are doing.

Agents and brokerages are recognizing that digital marketing and advertising is changing from "spray and prey" to highly focused and localized marketing. To accomplish this, solutions have emerged that support real estate marketers with geotargeting to a particular house, neighborhood, polygon, or zip code. Within those geographies, real estate marketers can tune their marketing for attributes like age, renter vs. homeowner, or any number of filters that narrow the audience.

Another major development is the connection between customer management solutions and online marketing. There is an appreciation that one goal of online marketing is to help build a database of potential customers. This famous sales strategy of collecting contacts and staying in touch was famously dramatized in The Wolf of Wall Street where Leonardo DiCaprio encourages his sales team to stay in touch with the customer until they buy or die.

Some research has emerged that provides some good guidelines for real estate agents who hope to develop a digital marketing farm. A good target is to focus your efforts on a group of 2,000 to 2,500 households. With a steady focus of targeted digital marketing, agents should be able to develop a sales funnel that will yield about two trades a month. The important ingredient to developing this volume of units from this number of transactions is the frequency and quality of your marketing and lead conversion efforts. Always remember that digital marketing only works if you respond inside of five minutes to an inquiry - or ideally inside of 1 minute. Consumers expect you to be ready to serve them right away.

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What to Look for When Buying Online Marketing and Lead Generation

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There are three flavors of online marketing and lead generation solutions. There are some that work great, some that are ok, and those that over promise and under deliver. Doing your research will not only help you sort between the good and the bad, but also enable you to understand which solutions are matched up well to your personality.

Begin your research by talking to your broker and/or franchise, and multiple listing service and/or Association of REALTORS®. Nobody wants to help you sell more real estate than your broker who lives off of a portion of your commission. Brokers are highly focused on helping you by offering effective tools and providing training and support to make sure that you know how to use them. Your MLS and Association are also great places to start. Like your broker, they have your best interest at heart.

One of the drawbacks to tools offered by your brokerage or MLS is that they offer them to all agents in your office or market area. You can find yourself using a tool that is used by everyone in your area which may undermine your ability to create an online marketing and lead generation plan that differentiates you.

Look at the methods used by top producing agents and teams in your area. Again, these are likely to be tools that have a proven track record of being effective. Another great tactic is to look outside of your area to see what top producers are doing. Look at the Real Trends top 1000 list to find successful agents and go online and search for homes in their area like a consumer would. Test the experience. Moreover, feel free to call them.

Read RE Technology every day. We are constantly highlighting stories of solutions that work in the industry. Pay close attention to our Webinar section. We are constantly hosting online meetings that allow you to learn about new tactics and trends. And do not forget to attend industry conferences. These offer a great way to learn and talk to vendors and fellow agents to discover opportunities to make the right choices.

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  • Streamline your office operations to support advertising
  • Full management of your listing inventory with photos and built-in scheduling/ tracking of advertisements


From Curb to Contract.... Your complete solution for MLS management and real estate advertising


The AdVantage system is a secure web-based solution for managing your property listings and creating  and tracking advertising campaigns.

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Save Time & Money

One-stop housing for your MLS listing data

Integrated database for high-resolution images

Fits the needs of your brokerage

Scalable to small offices or nationwide

Manage listings from MLS sources or manual entry

Writes your ads for you

Built-in natural language listing descriptions

No more hassle in last-minute publications

Easy-to-use scheduling and ad tracking

Lets your office & agents focus on selling

AdWriter's expert in-house page composition and short-turn digital printing services

Listing-level Statistics

Each listing is tracked for advertising effectiveness to maximise exposure for fast sale.




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  • A healthy pipeline of qualified, verified leads
  • Actionable insights & predictive tools for higher conversions
  • Smart, personalized automation to triple productivity
  • Unparalleled support services
  • A proven roadmap for success


We exist to make real estate agents successful. Create more opportunities that turn into closings. 


Where powerful technology meets proven strategies to help you capture more opportunities and close more deals. Trusted by 40,000+ of the industry's best.

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Consumer Website: Make home buyers excited to shop for homes. Our consumer website delivers beautiful pictures, helpful property details, and handy tools for the everyday home shopper.

Lead Generation: Capture real estate shoppers before competitors can. A portfolio of tools and 250+ experts will give you the leading edge in marketing.

Predictive CRM: Knowing is half the battle. Identify opportunities with insights, fine-tune your workflow, and concentrate on the most dollar-productive business.

Success Management: Software is only a tool. Support staff will coach you within your BoomTown platform and help you maximize your ROI and reach your goals.

Integration Partners: Connect your systems and work from one central command center.

"BoomTown has all the tools you need to nurture your leads to get them where they need to be: ready to talk to you."

- Doug Edrington, J Douglas Properties





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  • Best conversion engine and technology in Real Estate - The CINC conversion rate is double that of the industry average and 75% greater than our main competitors.
  • The best mobile app in the business gives you the ultimate weapon for speed to lead. Connect instantly with new leads.

CINC Pro Agent

We specialize in helping MLS and Real Estate publishers monetize their websites without damaging their brand or user experience.


CINC Pro Agent was built to take an agent's business to the next level. The platform allows you to work highly qualified leads and provides tools to convert buyers and sellers into home sales.

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CINC Pro Agent is a completely scalable solution created to help top agents win more deals.

Released in August of 2018, CINC Pro Agent is a technology solution packaged with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM), branded IDX website that is integrates with local MLS feeds, and a hyper-targeted advertising campaigns engineered to generate exclusive leads for the CINC Pro Agent client.

Through the use of sales automation, behavioral based text messaging, email marketing, task management, featured property listings, and - agents can quickly generate and identify highly qualified home buyer and seller leads that are exclusive to them and their market.

Our world-class onboarding, training, and success teams are experts in educating agents on how best to be successful in the platform. Join a community of over 50,000 agents!


"The CINC Pro Agent Platform produces 99% of my business. It is the driver of my business"

- Gerritt Savoie, Century 21




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  • Industry-friendly home search alternative that provides interested leads, for free, to the listing agent or broker and delivers accurate, real-time MLS information to home searchers.
  • BPP with Homesnap is the industry’s agent-centric, industry-first, pro-consumer solution to secure listing exposure and leads for agents.

Broker Public Portal with Homesnap

The Real Estate Industry’s Technology Partner


Broker Public Portal (BPP) is a collaborative venture between real estate brokerages and MLSs to create a national consumer home search experience that connects home searchers directly with the agent who best knows the home they are interested in. Homesnap is the public-facing brand of the BPP, the only national home search platform powered by real-time MLS data and following Fair Display Guidelines.



BPP with Homesnap is the industry’s agent-centric, industry-first, pro-consumer solution to secure listing exposure and leads for agents.


Homesnap Pro is the industry-facing version of the Homesnap consumer platform built specifically for real estate agents to access their MLS data and work from their mobile phones. Homesnap Pro uses real-time MLS data to give agents the flexibility to research homes, contact agents, and communicate instantly with clients and colleagues from any modern device.


Make Homesnap your own with free branding throughout the platform.

Build your brand with Homesnap Pro Ads by reaching buyers and sellers on some of the most popular digital networks.

Boost your online presence with Homesnap Pro+, which curates and optimizes all aspects of your business profile on Google.




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  • We'll instantly call to make contact and live-transfer the leads back to you.
  • You can refer the leads out to our network for a referral fee, or take them back and work them yourself
  • RETECH2019 - $200 savings off of the application fee.


ReferralExchange instantly verifies, calls and live-transfers back and third party or online leads.


ReferralExchange LIVE is a new lead management service that instantly calls and manages your online/third party leads so you can focus on building relationships and taking care of clients.

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We believe in great real estate experiences between agents and clients.

Our unique qualification/nurturing process has been developed and utilized for over 10 years. Give us any third party or raw leads generated by your marketing efforts or purchased from other sources.

Are your leads real? We use our proprietary scrubbing technology to quickly determine which of your leads are real and which are not.

Are your leads ready? Our licensed customer service team calls your leads using a proven system that qualifies and warms them for you. We then live-transfer them back to you.

Are your leads right for you? Once we determine if a lead is real and ready, you decide whether you want to take the deal or you can refer it to our national network.

BOTTOM LINE: We will be the first to call -- and do so on your behalf. You always own the lead.



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