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Safe Selling: How Your Headshot Can Deter Predators

October 08 2018

We know that predators often find their next victim by browsing Realtor photos online. What are they looking for in those photographs--and what draws them to one agent over another?

Like many things in life, it's all about power. Predators seek power over others, but are deterred by those who project power. Being cowards themselves, predators instead look for individuals who seem weak or subservient.

So how can you convey power in your Realtor headshot? Watch this week's "Safe Selling" video to find out:

  • The body language and expressions that intimidate predators
  • The posture and facial expressions that attract predators
  • The two types of agent headshots: professional vs. intimate
  • Why professional photos actually earn you more business

For a deeper dive into this topic, see Reducing the Risk of Being Targeted. For social media safety advice, see Setting Expectations in Your Marketing.

Tune in next week for more safe selling tips!