What Makes a Great CRM?
When looking for a CRM for the first time, we recommend developing a checklist of features and a ranking system for each of those features. Try this criterion: Feature Importance to Me Ease of Use Here's a brief walkthrough of how you might rank a feature.
Success Story: How One Agent Knew It Was Time to 'Level Up'
Realtor Don Harkins took his business to the next level—twice. Like other agents, Don realized he was "leaving money on the table," and decided to take steps to maximize his profits. Find out how in this week's Success Story. Taking His Business to the Next Level Don's journey to the next level began when he decided his real estate technology stack needed an upgrade. His list of marketing tools was almost as long as a drugstore receipt—and the costs were adding up quick: Landing pages for $99 per month Facebook ads for $200 per month A CRM for $60 per month "A couple hundred bucks for Zillow" And even more "We were already spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all these different, random tools and pieces. None of them were playing together. There was no accountability for the dollars spent. There were just, like, surprises when somebody actually called on one of them," says Don. "We were being pulled into a lot of different, more affordable, but less effective solutions." So Don began to search for an integrated platform that offered everything he needed in one place. He landed on BoomTown. "As soon as BoomTown got up and running, I could drop off all those other expenses," says Don. "And I had higher conversion rates, tracking and accountability, a way to communicate and follow up with these leads I was generating, and we could spend more time talking to people about real estate." Within his first 90 days, Don had already seen a profitable return-on-investment (ROI). Within a few months, he saw an $11,000 commission close. It was a lead who registered on his website within 30 days, and who he began showing listings to within 50 days—much faster than what he had been averaging. But there were more commissions to be had, as Don was about to learn. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Don wanted to be sure he was taking full advantage of his new technology platform, so he went to Unite, BoomTown's annual user conference. But while he "learned a lot of stuff," it was who he talked to that really helped him understand his next step towards success. "I felt like I was the only single agent at Unite," says Don. "Everybody I talked to had a team. I didn't meet one single agent there. That's when I started seeing agents, for the first time, that are doing 100 homes a year, 200 homes a year, 400 homes a year." That's when something clicked for Don. "I think being in that room, being around those people, hearing what they were doing, how they were doing it, and realizing, like, dang, I'm sitting on this platform; [I've] really underutilized it. I have the lead flow. I have the platform. I have the ability to train and coach them. The only thing I'm missing are the team members." The month after Don went home from Unite, he brought on his first buyer's agent. "Having BoomTown gave me the value to go out and get that agent. I'm just focused on growing my business. I don't want to do trial and error. I just want to find out what the best is and put it in place and start working with it." Technology that Grows with You As Don grew his team, he switched to from BoomTown's Launch version to their Core version, the next step up. Here are some of the features Don took advantage of as he transitioned from single agent to small team: Seller Lead Suite - Drive more seller lead traffic, capture their information, and manage the conversations. Community and Sharing Library - An online network of agents and brokers, working together and sharing knowledge. Accountability and Reporting Dashboards - Insight into agent performance and opportunities for improvement. Best-Fit Leads - Expertly match leads to their ideal properties. Advanced Lead Filters - Know exactly who is who, and which leads you need to talk to so no opportunities fall through the cracks. Bulk Texting - Send personalized communication to a large pool of leads in seconds. Watch this product tour to learn how BoomTown can help you "level up" your profits. Can't decide which BoomTown product is right for you? Compare packages.
What Do Real Estate Clients Actually Want?
How Real Estate Coaching Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2020
Think of the biggest professional goal you'd like to achieve in 2020. Maybe it's a goal you've had your eye on for years, or a new feat you'd like to accomplish. No matter where this goal came from, real estate coaching is the surefire way to make sure it actually becomes a reality! The independent nature of the industry increases the demand for accountability. If you need a hand keeping yourself on track, look into real estate coaching. To get you motivated, here are just three ways real estate coaching will help you achieve that big 2020 goal.
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Connection (SM) for Co-Brokerage
The smarter lead-gen solution that gives you buyer leads from local consumers. 42% of home buyers purchase a home the found online. The ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage program lets you connect with these consumers, many times long before they’ve signed with another agent. Get Leads from SERIOUS Consumers Serious Consumers prefer to use® over other national listing sites– and the ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage program takes this deep engagement and turns it into local buyer leads delivered right to you. Get Buyers that are Specifically Looking at Active Homes for Sale Because® focuses specifically on active homes for sale, the leads you get through the ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage program are from people who are serious about looking at real homes for sale. Get a Head Start on Your First Conversation ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage leads are delivered to you with loads of background information like the specifics of a home, so you’ll be armed with some consumer specific ammo before you follow-up. All the Inquiries are Yours, and Yours alone Every consumer inquiry you receive from the ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage program is yours to keep. No other agent or company receives the same inquiry,
A Front Office Program that is the Hub of Your Business WOLFconnect is the hub of your business. Everything connects here: your people, the integration of data from your back office to your front office, your transaction management and your office and agent websites. It is designed to help everyone in your company become more productive, efficient and in touch  from the homeoffice, company office or any location with internet access. WOLFconnect keeps agents & administrators informed on listing changes, office news, upcoming classes and company events. WOLFconnect gives Broker/Owners a real-time window into company activity. Agents will be connected to their lead management, financial snapshot, personal files, showing updates, important reports and so much more, online - 24/7. Communicate office news, events and the value of your brokerage to your agents Manage and distribute leads Increase communication through drip marketing campaigns Integrate your listing data to your brokerWOLF solution Pending deal
The Enterprise Network
The Enterprise Network offers members cutting-edge real estate technology and is a one-stop-shop for everything members needs to grow their business. With a focus on web design and development, members benefit from a constantly evolving technology platform, a dedicated in-house mobile department, SEO consulting, training and much more, to bridge all areas of business. Their wide range of real estate solutions are among the best in the industry and include: Brokerage website design Agent websites and productivity tools Online technologies and tools A dedicated in-house mobile department Search Engine Optimization Usability testing eBusiness management system CRM system ROI management Backend administrative capabilities Online marketing tools Reporting modules Training and education Consultation and support Cross platform development Videography And much
Showcase (SM) Listing Enhancements by®
The complete marketing solution for listings, buyers, social and mobile. Expose Your Listings on THREE Dominant Sites Get exposure on the entire® network that includes the award-winning® mobile apps and top search sites MSN and AOL Real Estate.  Engage SERIOUS Buyers Serious buyers prefer® over other national listing sites2, and Showcase(SM) Listing Enhancements help them find your listings first.  Connect with International Buyers and Investors Showcase(SM) Listing Enhancements powers up your listings on® AND® International, so you’ll be able to deliver your listings to more international buyers and investors.  Keep Sellers Informed Maintain a professional dialogue with your sellers with listing-specific insights and buyer engagement information via detailed client reporting.  Master Social media marketing User the Social Connections App for Facebook to generateconversations AND leads from the king of social media.  QR Code mobile marketing System Get a complete listing package that includes a property-specific mobile website, QR code, lead-gen and lead capture AND a set of property specific flyers and
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Industry News

CoreLogic Reports U.S. Overall Delinquency Rate Lowest for an August in at Least 20 Years but Five States Post Annual Gains
CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released its monthly Loan Performance Insights Report. The report shows that nationally, 3.7% of mortgages were in some stage of delinquency (30 days or more past due, including those in foreclosure) in August 2019, representing a 0.2 percentage point decline in the overall delinquency rate compared with August 2018, when it was 3.9%. As of August 2019, the foreclosure inventory rate – which measures the share of mortgages in some stage of the foreclosure process – was 0.4%, down 0.1 percentage points from August 2018. The August 2019 foreclosure inventory rate tied the prior nine months as the lowest for any month since at least January 1999. Measuring early-stage delinquency rates is important for analyzing the health of the mortgage market. To monitor mortgage performance comprehensively, CoreLogic examines all stages of delinquency, as well as transition rates, which indicate the percentage of mortgages moving from one stage of delinquency to the next. The rate for early-stage delinquencies – defined as 30 to 59 days past due – was 1.8% in August 2019, unchanged from August 2018. The share of mortgages 60 to 89 days past due in August 2019 was 0.6%, unchanged from August 2018. The serious delinquency rate – defined as 90 days or more past due, including loans in foreclosure – was 1.3% in August 2019, down from 1.5% in August 2018. This August's serious delinquency rate of 1.3% was the lowest for the month of August since 2005 when it was also 1.3%. The serious delinquency rate has remained consistent since April 2019. Since early-stage delinquencies can be volatile, CoreLogic also analyzes transition rates. The share of mortgages that transitioned from current to 30 days past due was 0.8% in August 2019, unchanged from August 2018. By comparison, in January 2007, just before the start of the financial crisis, the current-to-30-day transition rate was 1.2%, while it peaked at 2% in November 2008. "Job loss can trigger a loan delinquency, especially for families with limited savings," said Dr. Frank Nothaft, chief economist at CoreLogic. "The rise in overall delinquency in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin coincided with a rise in state unemployment rates between August 2018 and August 2019." The nation's overall delinquency remains near the lowest level since at least 1999. However, five states posted small annual increases in overall delinquency rates in August: Iowa (0.2 percentage points), Minnesota (0.1 percentage points), Nebraska (0.1 percentage points), Wisconsin (0.1 percentage points) and Rhode Island (0.1 percentage points). In August 2019, 47 metropolitan areas recorded small annual increases in overall delinquency rates. Some of the highest gains were in the Midwest and Southeast. Metros with the largest increases were Dubuque, Iowa (2.2 percentage points), Pine Bluff, Arkansas (1.1 percentage points), Goldsboro, North Carolina (0.6 percentage points) and Panama City, Florida (0.5 percentage points). While the nation's serious delinquency rate remains near a record low, 19 metropolitan areas recorded small annual increases in their serious delinquency rates. Metros with the largest increases were Panama City, Florida (0.9 percentage points), Jacksonville, North Carolina (0.2 percentage points), Wilmington, North Carolina (0.2 percentage points) and Goldsboro, North Carolina (0.2 percentage points). The remaining 15 metro areas logged annual increases of 0.1 percentage point. "Delinquency rates are at 14-year lows, reflecting a decade of tight underwriting standards, the benefits of prolonged low interest rates and the improved balance sheets of many households across the country," said Frank Martell, president and CEO of CoreLogic. "Despite this month's near record-low serious delinquency rate, several metros in hurricane-ravaged areas of the Southeast have experienced higher delinquency rates of late. We expect to see these metros to return to pre-disaster delinquency rates over the next several months." The next CoreLogic Loan Performance Insights Report will be released on December 10, 2019, featuring data for September 2019. For ongoing housing trends and data, visit the CoreLogic Insights Blog. About CoreLogic CoreLogic, the leading provider of property insights and solutions, promotes a healthy housing market and thriving communities. Through its enhanced property data solutions, services and technologies, CoreLogic enables real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies and other housing market participants to help millions of people find, acquire and protect their homes. For more information, please visit
Adwerx Integrates with DocuSign to Automate Seller Satisfaction Module
MORE > Study Finds Amazon Delivers High Home Prices
Dramatic inventory shortages, blistering pace of sales and soaring home prices continue one year after Amazon HQ2 announcement SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2019 -- One year after Amazon selected Arlington, Va., as the site of its new HQ2, the impact on the housing market has been pronounced. Massive inventory shortages, sky-high price spikes and a blistering pace of sales are now the norm in the metro surrounding Amazon's second headquarters, propelling it to one of the nation's hottest housing markets, according to research by In contrast, New York City, which was initially chosen as one of the two markets for Amazon's headquarters, is now sitting at a 15 percent decline in home sales, year-over-year. At the time of the announcement, Manhattan saw a massive leap in home sales of 50 percent. Sales in Manhattan maintained strong double-digit growth until February, when Amazon decided to pull out of New York. At that point, sales growth immediately decelerated and then started declining. The median sale price in Manhattan currently sits at $1.04 million, down 15 percent year-over-year. "The 'Amazon effect' has branched out of its home base of Seattle and it has clearly stamped its fingerprint on the Northern Virginia housing market. The impact of the company's expansion in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. diverges along homeownership lines, with homeowners experiencing noticeable equity gains and buyers feeling the sting of higher prices," according to George Ratiu, senior economist at®. "Following Amazon's initial announcement that it was scouting cities for a second headquarters, we knew the winner would see a considerable jump in demand for housing, especially from investors and speculators looking to cash in on increased demand. Looking back a year after the announcement, we can see how dramatic the move has been in the market." Immediately following last year's announcement, home sales in Arlington jumped 21 percent year-over-year as investors swarmed in on the area. Initially, the area saw a substantial 17 percent increase in median listing price, but it has only gone up from there. The median listing price in Arlington County reached $863,000 in October 2019, up 33 percent year-over-year. In part, the massive price appreciation is due to the lack of inventory and swelling demand for housing in the area. As of October 2019, active listings in Arlington County were down 49 percent year-over-year. Without inventory available to meet current demand, buyers are extending their home search farther out. In Northern Virginia, which is made up of 14 counties, active listings are down 26 percent year-over-year. The lack of available homes has all but assured that any home hitting the market is bought almost instantly. Half of all homes in Arlington are selling in under 28 days -- nine days faster than a year ago and 38 days faster than the national median days on market. The market conditions which have catapulted Northern Virginia into one of the nation's most competitive housing markets can be traced back to two story lines, according to Ratiu. "First, the nationwide competition drew so much attention, it caused a massive shortage of homes as investors descended on the area, buying homes as quickly as they could. Second, homeowners and investors have been holding out on selling, anticipating that prices will only continue to increase further, which has compounded the area's inventory shortage, and further increased home prices, testing the area's limits for what buyers are willing to pay," he said. About®®, The Home of Home Search, offers the most MLS-listed for-sale listings among national real estate portals, and access to information, tools and professional expertise that help people move confidently through every step of their home journey. Through its Opcity platform,® uses data science and machine learning to connect consumers with a real estate professional based on their specific buying and selling needs.® pioneered the world of digital real estate 20 years ago, and today is a trusted resource for home buyers, sellers and dreamers by making all things home simple, efficient and enjoyable.® is operated by News Corp [Nasdaq: NWS, NWSA] [ASX: NWS, NWSLV] subsidiary Move, Inc. under a perpetual license from the National Association of REALTORS®. For more information, visit®.
Zurple Launches Social Bundle, Automates Agent Social Media Marketing with MLS Integration
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SentriLock is the leading electronic lockbox manufacturer and service provider supporting the Real Estate industry and other emerging markets. SentriLock is a technology-based company that offers the most secure, durable, and versatile product within the industry. With SentriLock’s reliable, multiple key access method you will never miss a
RE Technology Inc.
Take a strategically targeted, vertical reach deep into the agent/broker audience across the country, with one campaign across the MLS Platform! Nearly 75% of all REALTORS® now have access to Position your company in front of thousands of agents and brokers on a daily basis. is integrated inside the MLS systems across the country as an ongoing resource for technology news, articles, and product
Buffini & Company
For more than 21 years, the mission of Buffini & Company has been to impact and improve the lives of people through sharing its unique and highly-effective lead generation system, and comprehensive business coaching and training programs. To date, the company has helped more than 3 million people in 37 countries improve their business, increase their net profit and enhance their quality of life. Why Buffini & Company? Learn
CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System)
With an in-house team dedicated to collecting, converting, updating and verifying the data available through our robust suites, you can make confident decisions that optimize performance, increase revenue and enhance customer experience. Put the power of intelligent data in your hands with CRS
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WATCH: Do You Fear Anonymous Reviews? Take Back Control
The experience of buying or selling a home carries a lot of emotional weight for consumers. Sometimes these strong emotions come out in online reviews in both positive and negative ways. Whatever the tone or the of the reviews you receive, one thing is certain: online reviews of your service or going to happen whether you like it or not. So how can you stay in control of your online reputation? That's a discussion we had during a recent webinar with a panel of active Realtors and industry professionals. Watch the recorded webinar below to find out how you can take advantage of online reviews—and ensure that only real reviews from your real clients impact your professional reputation. Webinar Guests Ashley Young, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Laurie Davis, Broker/Owner of BHGRE Lifestyle Property Partners, VP of Industry Relations at RateMyAgent Mark Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of RateMyAgent Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 2:15 - Marilyn shares a WAV Group real estate consumer survey on the importance of online ratings. 4:42 - Mark Armstrong takes over and talks about how emotional buying/selling a home is for consumers. He shows us a negative agent review and the agent's response to it. 8:05 - Next, Mark displays a review from a consumer that "loves" their agent. 8:50 - Mark demonstrates how RateMyAgent takes your agent reviews and links it to the real estate transaction so that you can use those reviews as a marketing tool. 11:27 - Ideas on how you can leverage reviews reviews from your clients—on social media, in email marketing or in digital ads. 12:06 - What is RateMyAgent? 13:55 - First in a series of questions for panelists Ashley Young and Laurie Davis. Do you fear reviews? How has your opinion of reviews changed in the last three years? 22:40 - What are you doing with your reviews after you've collected them? 32:08 - What are the elements that make up a marketable or portable review? 41:25 - What results have you gotten from promoting verified reviews? 50:04 - How do you prepare clients for receiving a request for a review to get a better response rate? 54:00 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps Learn more about RateMyAgent on their website Register for our next webinar, Growing the real estate client relationship: Connecting opportunity, community and reality capture
[Video] Data Driven Tips to Generate, Convert and Close Your Leads
Pop quiz! A buyer is interested in a home. Who is going to convert them? Is it: The listing agent The website the consumer found the home on The first agent they hear from The data points to "C." According NAR research, 68% of buyers only interview one real estate agent. So what does that mean for you? "We know that speed is critical, but this data here shows that you need to be fast and you need to be first," said Joe Sesso, author of the books Secrets of Top Selling Agents and The Foreclosure Revolution, as well as a Realtor, real estate investor, national speaker and trainer. Joe was our guest during a recent webinar—a special "Secrets of Top Selling Agents" event for RE Technology readers. He not only shared techniques, tips, and tricks to beat your competition to the first contact, but he also outlined some of the new lead generation models—like iBuyers and referral networks—that are pushing their way onto the real estate scene. Webinar attendees got in-depth insight into three resources and strategies for leveling the playing field and generating your own leads. Want to get these insights for yourself? Watch the recorded webinar below! Webinar Guests Joe Sesso, Executive Director of Sales at, Realtor, real estate author, speaker, trainer, and investor Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 1:25 - Joe Sesso talks about how "speed to lead" is critical to lead conversion. 3:25 - Joe offers an overview of the Referral Network lead gen model. 5:40 - Joe outlines the iBuyer lead gen model. 8:19 - Three ways to own your leads. 11:56 - Resource #1: Lead generation sources 22:38 - Resource #2: Lead conversion strategy 35:07 - Resource #3: Your website 53:35 - The keys to beating your competition every time. 54:15 - How to fill your pipeline with more leads from other peoples' listings. 55:50 - How to get a free SEO website audit from 56:35 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps Learn more about Local Connect Claim your free website SEO audit by contacting [email protected] Register for our next webinar, Do you fear anonymous reviews? Take back control of your online profile today.
WATCH: Growing Your Brand with a Real Estate CRM
There are a lot of misconceptions about what a brand is. For starters, it's not your logo or your website design. So what is a personal real estate brand and your can you build yours? That's what we explored in a webinar last week. A brand is, first and foremost, all about how you can serve your clients and sphere of influence. "The more you have a regular, consistent flow of communication, education, insight, counsel that you provide to your sphere, the better your own personal brand becomes," says webinar moderator Marilyn Wilson. "[Your] CRM can become a guide to helping your create your own brand." That's right—your CRM can be an important tool in building your visibility and influence with your sphere. In this webinar, Rich Gaasenbeek of IXACT Contact shows us how your CRM and marketing automation system can help you build your brand through regular, consistent communication across multiple marketing channels. Watch the recorded webinar below to find out more (and how to claim an exclusive FREE offer from IXACT Contact)!
WATCH: Win Over Sellers and Close More Listings with This Tech Tool
From wowing sellers during listing presentations, to increasing sight-unseen offers, to increasing your speed to market, there's a marketing technology that can turbocharge essential aspects of your business. We're talking about 3D virtual tours--and during a recent webinar, we took an exhaustive look at all they have to offer. We were joined by representatives from Amy Kite Realty, who gave us first-hand insight into how their business is winning new clients and closing deals faster, thanks to Matterport. If you missed the webinar, no worries. We recorded it for you! Check out the video (and our notes) below:
WATCH: Build the Business of Your Dreams with a Next-Gen CRM
What are your income goals for 2019? It's one thing to wish for more commissions in the year ahead, but it's an entirely different thing to have a course of action laid out for achieving those goals. In a recent webinar, we saw a live demo of a tool that can help. Real estate CRM IXACT Contact overhauled their interface this year, and one of the new features of the program is a goal setting module where agents can set their income goals, and the system will tell them exactly how many transactions they need to close every month, how many leads they need to win, how many past clients they should reach out to, and more. Of course, that's just a small part of how IXACT Contact can help you manage—and grow—your business. Want to see how else it can prepare you for a kick-ass year ahead? Check out the webinar recording below—and don't forget to scroll to the end of this article to find out how you can claim an extended free trial of IXACT Contact.
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