NAR Settlement Impact: What to Start Doing Today
Zurple recently hosted a webinar where a panel of expert real estate professionals provided insights on what agents can start doing NOW in response to the NAR settlement. Below is a succinct follow-up that includes key learnings and links to the recording and slides. 1. Stay focused on the fundamentals There's a lot of noise out there. But don't worry! If you've been doing what you should've been doing all along — building strong relationships and demonstrating your value — expect no major challenges. Build and leverage your network (contractors, home inspectors, roofers, painters, etc.) to build credibility and boost your value, so you win more clients. 2. Support your "professional fee" Say, "professional fee" instead of "commission." It shifts the focus to the value you bring and positions you as an expert who will get your client the best deal (instead of a sales shark looking for a paycheck). How to become more confident when discussing your professional fee: Tell buyers and sellers they'll get what they pay for — a cut-rate professional provides poor service. "You wouldn't use a discount doctor, so don't trust a discount agent with the biggest purchase of your life!" Articulate your value proposition. For example… Share your experience and transaction stats and show how you're different from other agents to explain why your rate is what it is. Practice this with family, friends, or co-workers. If they don't believe your argument, potential clients won't either. The NAR settlement may "weed out" the less-than-best agents, but that could also mean you'll end up competing with the best. That's why now's the time to level up your business practices. 3. Leverage education to get more business If you stay educated, it's easy to be exceptional in this field. Stay updated about the NAR settlement and its potential impact on you and your clients through July, when changes are due to be implemented. Why? So you can speak with leads and clients clearly and confidently, and So you can proactively adjust your lead generation strategies accordingly. To watch the webinar recording, see the original article on the Zurple blog. Download a PDF of the slide deck here.
Friday Freebie: Get a .realtor Website Domain for 1 YEAR
We've highlighted many extended free trials in this column over the years, but this week's is the longest by far: one whole year. NAR members can get a .realtor™ website domain name, including a professionally designed website, free for your first year. That means 12 whole months to try something new: a lead generating website that brands you as a trusted REALTOR®. Read on to learn how to claim this deal! Free .realtor™ website for one year, courtesy of Get.realtor Want to improve your online presence? Moving your site (or building a new one) doesn't have to be a painful process. In fact, when you get a .realtor™ website domain, you also get a free Professional Website that can be up and running in just minutes. Each Professional .realtor™ website includes: A single-page lead generation website Built-in SEO and mobile optimization A lead contact form Dashboard with visitor stats and reports Client testimonials Online support, including how-to guides and video And more! Dot com alternatives are a great way to differentiate yourself from the .COMpetition. And with a well chosen .realtor™ domain name, prospects immediately know that they can come to you with their real estate needs. Try it for yourself and see! Get a .realtor™ domain name and Professional Website FREE for one year.
From Tech to Text: The AI-Powered RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter
Where to Get Professional-Looking Marketing Materials for Absolutely Nothing
RPR (Realtors Property Resource) has a bunch of free resources dedicated to helping you market yourself and prove your worth to clients and prospects. RPR's Canva page features templates that are professionally-designed, easy to customize and free to use. Our in-house marketing whizzes have designed a series of templates that can help you communicate your skills, experience and market insights with ease. With RPR and Canva, you can create: Social media shareables that contain hyper-local market metrics that position you as a local market expert. Postcards that contain the same Market Trends data as part of your direct mail efforts. Presentation slides for PowerPoint decks and Zoom meetings. Custom pages allow RPR users to almost-instantly create pages that can be added to any RPR Report. Options include open house sign-up sheets, agent bio and business philosophy pages, client testimonials, and a series of buyer and seller checklists. The RPR-Canva Q&A We don't want to toot our own horn… but we did just set a 2024 record for how many REALTORS® registered for and attended our special RPR-Canva webinar. Over 5,000 agents learned firsthand how to access the Canva templates in RPR and how to easily insert local Market Trends stats in the pre-designed layouts. Of course, we received a bunch of questions! Here they are to help you get started creating gorgeous marketing materials using RPR and Canva together… Q. Where do I find RPR's Canva templates? RPR features its Canva templates on the RPR blog. Visit blog.narrpr.com/canva. Users can also access the Canva templates from the RPR website itself. Simply click "Learn" in the main navigation bar, and then scroll down to a button labeled, "Canva Templates." Q. Where do I find the metrics to populate these Canva templates? Search RPR for Residential Market Trends by following these steps: rpr.me/market-trends Q. Is Canva really free to use? Yes! Canva has a free version. All the templates provided by RPR can be used with the free version. Of course, you can update to Canva Pro, which offers additional features, templates and assets for a monthly or annual fee. Q. Does Canva offer training? They sure do. The Canva Learning Center offers a tutorial for beginners to get them started. Q. How do I get started with a Canva account? You can sign up easily at canva.com using your email, Google or Facebook account. Q. Canva seems overwhelming. How do I find my way around? Check out this video, it will explain everything and walk you through the process when editing Canva templates. Q. I like the templates, but can I change them? Absolutely! Templates are merely a starting point; colors, fonts, images and text can all be customized. Design Functionality Q. Can I use my own photos in Canva? Yes! Upload your images in the "Uploads" section and then drag them into your design. Q. Where can I find more images if I don't have my own? Canva's "Photos" tab includes a library of free and paid stock images. In addition, here are two free image sites that you can use to search stock photography: StockSnap.io - Offers a wide selection of high-quality real estate photos including both interiors and exteriors. Life of Pix - Features a "buildings" category with plenty of residential and commercial options. Q. How do I change the text styles and colors? Select your text, then use the toolbar that appears to change fonts, sizes, colors and effects. Q. What are "elements," and how do I use them? Elements are graphics such as icons, shapes, photos or illustrations. Search Canva's "Elements" tab to add them to your designs. Q. I finished my design in Canva. How do I save it as an image file? Follow these steps: Locate the "Share" button in the top right corner of your Canva workspace. Click on "Download." File Type: Select your desired image format (Popular choices are JPG, PNG or PDF). Click the final "Download" button to save your image file. Canva Pro Features Q. What's the main advantage of going Pro? Pro unlocks more templates, graphics, a Brand Kit for streamlined branding, one-click resizing and advanced collaboration features. Q. How does the Brand Kit work? Upload company logos, colors and fonts to the Brand Kit. Then, easily apply them across all your designs. Q. Can I schedule social posts directly within Canva? Yes, the Content Planner (Pro feature) lets you schedule posts for various platforms. Tips and Trick Q. Any tips for working faster in Canva? Learn keyboard shortcuts! Canva has a helpful cheat sheet for them. Q. What are the most-used keyboard shortcuts? Here are some popular basic shortcuts: Undo: Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac) Redo: Ctrl + Y (Windows) or Command + Y (Mac) Copy: Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac) Paste: Ctrl + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac) Select All: Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) Zoom In: Ctrl/Command + "+" Zoom Out: Ctrl/Command + "-" To view the original article, visit the RPR blog.
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RPR for Commercial
RPR for Commercial For those specializing in commercial properties, this program providers users comprehensive market data on a single platform. You can search for data by demographic, psychographic, or spending information to identify areas of high concentration of the customers your client is looking to target.  RPR for Commercial also helps business owners find a location based on an analysis of spending data within drive time, radius, or general area. Commercial reports can also be put together in minutes for your client to show trade area, business opportunities chart, or property reports as well.
CRS Data MLS Tax Suite
Empower your REALTORS® by adding the MLS Tax Suite as a membership benefit. Since 1989, CRS Data has provided you with a wealth of tax data. Our new, customized MLS Tax Suite by CRS Data integrates seamlessly into your MLS system and gives REALTORS® current tax data, detailed maps and robust features on all browsers and devices. Find listings and FSBOs quickly, evaluate them effectively and give clients professional
RPR for Agents
Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) is a national property database from NAR® designed to provide REALTORS® with advanced technology tools and features needed to provide clients and customers with dynamic reports and analytics. These features assist in helping your clients and customers make informed decisions when buying or selling property. The Realtors Property Resource application: Is exclusive technology only for REALTORS Does not allow public or consumer access Is a NAR® member benefit provided at no additional charge With RPR, All REALTORS® can access: Tax assessment and public records on over 150 million parcels of propertyin the U.S. Mortgage and lien information Largest national database by county of foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, REO and default Nationwide school data, test scores and parent reviews  Dynamic mapping: School Zones, Neighborhoods, Zip Codes, Cities, FEMA etc. Geo-spatial data including aerial photography, street level and bird’s eye view Census, demographic and lifestyle data Neighborhood information Comprehensive property and neighborhood reporting If the local MLS has partnered with RPR to include MLS data in the system, REALTORS® will also have access to: MLS active, sold, pending, expired, withdrawn and canceled statuses Historic listing comparison tool Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®) Refine property facts, comparables and RVM® for custom valuation report Charts and Graphs will include trends calculated from MLS data  RPR also offers Broker branding to help reinforce your brand as part of the Want to get started? Watch this video on creating an
Get.realtor is your premier destination for revolutionizing your online presence in the real estate industry. We specialize in providing top-level domains such as .realtor™ and .realestate, coupled with cutting-edge website solutions tailored to elevate your business to new heights. At get.realtor we understand the significance of a strong online presence in today's competitive real estate market. Backed by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® our mission is to empower REALTORS®, real estate professionals and businesses by offering them the tools they need to establish a distinctive brand identity and excel in the digital
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Industry News

Nextdoor Launches Ads API Program, Offering Advertisers an Easier Way to Extend Their Campaigns to Nextdoor
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nextdoor announced advancements for the next evolution of its proprietary ad server with the opening of the Nextdoor Ads API program. This latest offering gives businesses and agency partners the opportunity to leverage local insights and reach Nextdoor's highly-engaged audience of neighbors with the ability to create, deliver, and measure Nextdoor ad campaigns from within their own platforms. With more than 88 million neighbors on the platform, Nextdoor is the place where marketers look to reach an incremental, hyper-local, high-intent audience at scale. Following the roll out of Nextdoor's Ads Manager, a self-serve advertising platform, the Nextdoor Ads API program continues the momentum by opening the ease, performance, value and flexibility of the platform to a broader audience of advertisers. "The release of Nextdoor's Ads API program is a game changer for partners, agencies, developers and enterprises keen to tap into the performance and targeting capabilities of our platform," said Heidi Andersen, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at Nextdoor. "Nextdoor is the must-buy solution for advertisers eager to deliver relevant, personalized ads to highly engaged neighbors at scale. With this release, we're continuing to drive the power and sophistication of our ad server to support the needs and strategies of businesses of all sizes and sectors." Early partners in Nextdoor's Ads API program include Taradel, a leading multichannel marketing platform, Boost by Lone Wolf, a digital marketing and advertising solution from the leading provider of residential real estate software, Lone Wolf Technologies, and Unified Enterprises, Corp., an omnichannel digital advertising agency. Early partners are leveraging the Nextdoor Ads API program to extend their customers' campaigns and power full-campaign creation, management and reporting. "We're thrilled to partner with Nextdoor and bring our clients a powerful new way to connect with their communities," said Jim Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer at Taradel. "With Nextdoor's Ads API program, we're making ad campaigns easier to deploy while making them smarter and more effective. It's a big win for local businesses looking to make a real impact." This release of the Nextdoor Ads API program follows previous innovations which fostered new opportunities and capabilities for the Nextdoor Advertising platform, including the launch of the Nextdoor Developer Site, and self-service tools for the Nextdoor Ads Manager (NAM). To learn more and request access to Nextdoor's Ads API, visit Nextdoor's Developer Site. About Nextdoor Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND) is the neighborhood network. Neighbors, businesses of all sizes, and public agencies in more than 330,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries turn to Nextdoor to connect to the neighborhoods that matter to them so that they can thrive. As a purpose-driven company, Nextdoor leverages innovative technology to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on — both online and in the real world. Download the app or join the neighborhood at nextdoor.com. For more information and assets, visit nextdoor.com/newsroom.
Realtor.com and Cox Automotive Identify the Top Electric Vehicle Friendly Housing Markets
Zillow names this year's best markets for first-time home buyers
Top markets for first-time home buyers offer affordable options and peers living nearby SEATTLE, April 4, 2024 -- First-time home buyers in 2023 accounted for the largest share of home purchases in years. A new Zillow® analysis names this year's best markets for first-time home buyers, where their dollars go further and starter homes are relatively plentiful. First-time buyers made up half of all home buyers last year, according to Zillow's Consumer Housing Trends Report. That's the highest share in the report's history, which dates back to 2018, and up from a low of 37% in 2021. The "rate lock" effect — occurring when homeowners are financially incentivized to keep their current home because of the low rate on their current mortgage — has kept some would-be repeat buyers on the sidelines. "Affording a home is a tough hill to climb, and it's especially steep for those buying their first home. Headwinds like mortgage rates, low inventory and rising rents are still strong, but easing," said Zillow Senior Economist Orphe Divounguy. "Attractive homes are moving fast, so those looking to buy this spring should get their finances in order now, including getting pre-approved for a home loan. The increase in new listings this spring, due both to new construction and to more homeowners choosing to sell, will give buyers more options and help to ease price growth. The housing train is slowing down just enough to give more first-time buyers an opportunity to hop on board." Top 10 markets for first-time home buyers in 2024 St. Louis Detroit Minneapolis Indianapolis Austin Pittsburgh San Antonio Birmingham Kansas City Baltimore Zillow's ranking of the best markets for first-time buyers is based on rent affordability, the share of for-sale listings a typical household can comfortably afford, how stiff the competition is expected to be for those affordable listings, and how many similar-age households1 live in the area. The top two markets in Zillow's ranking, St. Louis and Detroit, score well in terms of affordability — both for rental affordability as a prospective buyer builds up savings for a down payment, and for the number of affordable homes available to buy. Austin, while not the most affordable housing market on this list, ranks first in the number of similar-age households living there with which a buyer can build a community. First-time buyer tips and tricks Zillow has gathered tools on one easy-to-navigate web page to help aspiring first-time buyers make the leap to homeownership, from getting finances in tip-top shape to hiring the right real estate agent who can help a buyer win a home. Zillow's affordability calculator can help buyers understand their price range, including some of the hidden costs of homeownership that are often overlooked. It's important for first-time buyers to understand how their credit score can impact their loan options and costs. A top loan officer can help a buyer understand all of their options, such as whether "paying points" or an adjustable rate mortgage might make sense for a buyer's specific financial situation. Renters who pay their landlords through Zillow can now help build or enhance their credit history by opting in to rent payment reporting, with on-time payments reported to a major national credit bureau. A down payment is often the biggest financial hurdle for a first-time buyer. Those without enough money saved for a 20% down payment shouldn't fret — nearly half of buyers put down less than 20%. Zillow displays down payment assistance programs a buyer may be eligible for on all for-sale listings. 1 Ages 29–43. Zillow Research shows nearly half of first-time buyers are in this age range. Methodology Zillow's 2024 list of the best markets for first-time buyers is based on four metrics: Rent affordability, as defined by the share of median household income spent on rent. The share of available for-sale inventory on Zillow that the median household can comfortably afford, spending no more than 30% of income on the estimated monthly mortgage cost, assuming 5% down and 6.94% mortgage interest rate. The ratio of affordable for-sale inventory to renter households. More inventory per renter household is an indicator of less competition for each listing. The share of households ages 29–43. More households of similar age mean a higher score in Zillow's ranking. About Zillow Group Zillow Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: Z and ZG) is reimagining real estate to make home a reality for more and more people. As the most visited real estate website in the United States, Zillow and its affiliates help people find and get the home they want by connecting them with digital solutions, dedicated partners and agents, and easier buying, selling, financing and renting experiences. Zillow Group's affiliates, subsidiaries and brands include Zillow®, Zillow Premier Agent®, Zillow Home Loans℠, Trulia®, Out East®, StreetEasy®, HotPads®, ShowingTime+℠, Spruce® and Follow Up Boss®.
NAR Honors Fair Housing Month, Announces 2024 Fair Housing Champion Award Winners
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VirtualTourCafe embarked on a journey to completely redesign and redevelop the online software to meet the needs of today’s real estate industry as well as the new “Web 3.0” graphical and responsive designed websites. Eight thousand hours of developing later, VirtualTourCafe 3.0 was launched on June 1 st , 2016. The new and improved service offers many new features and benefits for the real estate agent, but more importantly positions VirtualTourCafe for the future! The VirtualTourCafe difference: An integrated easy-to-use modern solution for every real estate agent! Today we are still a small but growing company based in Pleasanton, CA with a small staff and lots of help from our friends, family and business partners. We work with independent contractors, photographers and virtual partners around the world. We are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time with loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning! We have been able to maintain our values and moral compass pointed in the right direction, while always treating our customers, employees and associates as if they are family, and living life full of love and gratitude, one day at a
Realtors Property Resource® (RPR)
This initiative is based on the collaborative efforts of REALTORS® and the real estate community, including Brokers, MLSs and Associations. RPR’s core mission is to reinforce the REALTOR’S® value in the market place by keeping them ahead of the technology curve and better able to serve today’s’ technology empowered
Constant Contact
Constant Contact delivers for the real estate industry with powerful tools to simplify and amplify digital marketing. Whether you’re an agent or a growing firm, our platform is designed to help your business stand out, connect with your audience, and drive real results. Our best-in-class delivery (97%) means your email campaigns reach the inbox—not the spam folder—and our suite of tools allow you to streamline marketing across channels like SMS, social, ads, and events with one platform to accomplish your goals. See what brings thousands of real estate professionals to Constant Contact
CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System)
Empower your REALTORS® by adding the MLS Tax Suite as a membership benefit. Since 1989, CRS Data has provided a wealth of accurate and reliable property data. Our MLS Tax Suite provides customizable and comprehensive access to property records, prospecting tools, neighborhood comparables and extensive mapping layers. We constantly improve our MLS Tax Suite based on user feedback - and then deliver with personable customer
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[WATCH] The Future of AI
Intrigued by artificial intelligence? Ever wanted to understand it more deeply? We've got just the overview for you! Last month, RE Technology was joined by Dr. Brons Larson of Dell Technologies for a webinar. Dr. Larson is an applied mathematician with a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence who has worked with AI for two decades. Dr. Larson took us on a fascinating journey, explaining the origins of AI, where it's at now, and where it's headed in the future. Webinar attendees were treated to a discussion that ranged from complexity to how AI learns to the ethics of AI — and, yes, how advancements may impact real estate professionals in the future. So if you want to deepen your knowledge of this rapidly changing technology (and sound much smarter at cocktail parties), watch the full webinar below: Webinar Guests Dr. Brons Larson, AI Ecosystems Lead, Dell Technologies Sara Nauert, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Analyst, Dell Technologies Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist. 0:54 - Dr. Brons Larson shares his background as an applied mathematician with a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence who has worked in the AI field for 20 years. 2:00 - Dr. Larson offers a snapshot of what AI at Dell Technologies means today. 2:53 - How AI is categorized into three broad areas within Dell. 4:35 - A snapshot of Dell's current AI projects. 8:35 - What's next for AI? An overview of the first, second, and probable third waves of AI. 12:24 - Dr. Larson references quotes from experts, including DARPA's view that AI is essentially a bunch of spreadsheets, and Jeffrey Hinton's suggestion to "throw it all away and start over." 14:47 - Why is a third wave of AI needed? 22:57 - An overview of AI challenges. 25:24 - How human learning differs from how AI learns. 30:45 - How does third wave AI work? 32:15 - What will launch the third wave of AI? 33:45 - Third wave AI offers up an immense opportunity. 36:39 - Impact of shifting from second to third wave AI. 39:05 - Third wave AI and creativity: Will AI replace creative professionals? 42:29 - Sara Nauert shares Dell Technology offers available to RE Technology readers. 44:08 - Dr. Larson answers questions on how AI will impact the real estate industry. Next Steps For questions or more information on Dell Technologies, contact [email protected] Learn more about special offers from Dell for RE Technology readers Watch more webinars
3 Must-Read Tips for Building a Digital Brand Identity as an Agent
Creating a digital brand identity as a real estate agent has never been a more important component of the business. Both buyers and sellers spend ample time researching potential agents online long before they make any decisions about who will represent them in the home transaction, typically between six months to a year before they actually hire someone. At the same time, it's never been more difficult to craft a distinct brand as an agent, one that prospective buyers and sellers can trust and understand. There are no doubt a lot of agents competing with you in your market, and standing out from the crowd can be a challenge for even the best agents. In a webinar from October 31, 2023, Marilyn Wilson, President of RE Technology, sat down with John Adams, President of Adams, Cameron & Co., and Peter Newton, President of Big Rock Consulting Group, to talk about actionable ways agents can craft their unique brand identity. Watch the video to get the full experience; meanwhile, here are some between-the-lines takeaways from their presentation. 1. Digital reach matters more than physical distance Buying physical advertising on billboards, park benches, or newspapers has been a tried-and-true tactic that many agents have used to establish and spread their brand identity. However, these days, people who buy a new house are moving farther and farther away from their current residence: up to 50 miles, compared to up to 15 miles in previous years. If the billboard ads are working for you, that's great, but remember that there could be potential clients who are miles away from the places you would most likely post a physical ad. Building a digital brand identity will help you to both cement trust locally and generate leads from outside your immediate area. 2. Working with a high-profile brokerage can give you a head start Both buyers and sellers want to work with agents who have an established brand. For newer agents who don't have as much experience, or even for seasoned agents who appreciate the additional leverage, working with a brokerage that aligns with your brand identity and that has done its own work to market and advertise itself can help provide a boost to your own reach. 3. Be ubiquitous and consistent It takes a certain number of impressions before an individual member of your audience will be able to remember who you are and what you do. That's not an indication that your brand needs improvement; rather, it's proof of how inundated everybody is with information all day, every day, and how consistent and persistent messaging can help cut through the noise to reach your target audience. With that in mind, it's smart to diversify your marketing efforts just like you would an investment portfolio. Create content that consistently showcases you as a real estate expert in your niche for different channels. If you make a neighborhood guide video for your website, ask yourself how you can slice it up and reuse it not just on Facebook, but also YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms that support video sharing. To learn more about how to establish a niche for yourself and the five steps of building a brand, watch the full presentation. Related reading Real Estate Branding: 6 Steps for Agent Success How to Humanize Your Digital Business A Step-by-Step Guide to Branding Your Business
Mastering Real Estate Marketing in 2023: Back to the Basics
When home sales decline in a market, it may feel natural to pull back on spending to conserve your resources. But is that really the right approach? Instead, top agents take the opposite tack: they get even more aggressive on promotion because they know their competitors are cutting back. This leaves an opportunity for top agents to expand their presence. Then, when the housing market turns favorable again, they can come out stronger than ever. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a ton on promotions to be successful. In a recent webinar, we learned how to act strategically to market yourself to sellers and give your listings a virtual advantage. Watch the webinar recording to learn more: Webinar Guests Michael Vervena, VP of Sales and Marketing, Planitar, Inc. Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist. 3:40 - Michael Vervena talks about current market challenges. 6:55 - Buyers and sellers are starting their real estate journey online. 8:35 - What do home sellers expect from a real estate professional? 11:27 - Meeting home buyers' expectations. 17:35 - How to give your online listings a virtual advantage. 22:03 - Technology that provides accurate and reliable data to meet buyers' expectations. 42:20 - Strategies for sharing your listings on social media. 43:11 - How to demonstrate your value by showing your client what you did for them. 48:35 - What makes iGuide unique, and how it helps your marketing strategy. Next Steps To learn more about iGuide, visit GoiGUIDE.com To find a service provider in your area, visit goiguide.com/residential-real-estate Read articles about Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and Online Marketing Explore more Virtual Tour, Floor Plan, and Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
Online Marketing Boot Camp: Don't Be the Invisible Agent
Can your ideal clients find you online? Making your business visible to potential leads isn't as simple as throwing up a real estate website. Online marketing isn't like Field of Dreams — if you build it, they may not necessarily come. They will, however, come if you undertake a consistent marketing strategy. And it doesn't even have to be complex or time-consuming. The key is cross-promoting your marketing content across various platforms so that you reach consumers wherever they are. We learned all about this in a recent webinar. Watch the recording below to find out how easy it is to get started with an online marketing strategy that puts your business in front of your ideal clients. Webinar Guest Brandon Zwingman, National Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Host Brandon Zwingman introduces himself and the webinar topic. 4:11 - The top five online platforms that most agents aren't using in their online strategy. 6:37 - Email marketing: what kind of emails to leverage, how to use them, and what content to include. 18:05 - Blogging: the benefits to SEO, your online visibility, and how to promote. 20:13 - Facebook: Business pages, how often to post, the most valuable types of posts. 33:33 - LinkedIn: "The silent powerhouse" for real estate marketing. 40:00 - Your website: your central place to be found on the internet. 44:22 - The key to effective social media marketing. 47:08 - The way consumers search has changed. 48:00 - Local ranking factors on Google. 49:37 - Setting up your Google Business Page. 53:00 - The importance of your online brand. 56:27 - Money making goals to set for your online reputation. 1:00:41 - A look at how OutboundEngine can simplify your online marketing strategy. 1:14:58 - Go to bit.ly/profilereach to see how your business is displayed online. Next Steps Visit OutboundEngine.com to learn more Read articles about Online Marketing, or explore more Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars Register for our upcoming webinar, Real Estate Marketing in 2023: Focus on the Fundamentals
[WATCH] The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine: How to Keep Your Repeat and Referral Gears Turning
Did you know that 67% of all real estate leads come from repeat and referral clients? To help our readers learn to nurture this side of your business, we recently co-hosted a webinar with Morris Marketing Group. Webinar attendees learned the latest research on lead generation and conversion, as well as answers to the following questions: Where do the best leads come from? Who is converting them? What is their strategy? Watch the webinar recording below to learn why lead conversion is just as important as lead generation, how to find quality leads, and how to keep your repeat and referral business humming along. Webinar Guest Phil Hollander, VP of Business and Professional Development, Morris Marketing Video Timeline 0:00 - Host Phil Hollander introduces himself and the webinar topic. 5:00 - What type of real estate agent do you want to be? 6:13 - What does having a vision for your business look like? 7:29 - Why you need to generate a steady flow of leads. 7:55 - The Lead Spectrum: a different way to look at leads. 11:33 - Two ways to evaluate a lead. 13:09 - The ideal lead situation. 15:14 - The four dominant personality types of lead generation and conversion. 23:50 - A look at the Prospector and Converter personality types. 25:56 - A look at the Networker and Marketer personality types. 28:59 - How are clients choosing agents these days? 29:57 - Why having a systems-based business is critical to your success. 33:51 - The Success System for generating and converting leads. 36:15 - Component #1 of the Success System: Direct mail newsletter. 40:32 - Component #2 of the Success System: Email newsletter. 41:17 - Component #3 of the Success System: Market updates. 42:29 - Component #4 of the Success System: Birthday and move-in anniversary outreach. 43:01 - Component #5 of the Success System: Phone calls. 44:09 - Component #6 of the Success System: In-person client events. 45:20 - Component #7 of the Success System: Annual real estate checkup. 47:29 - Component #8 of the Success System: Your website. 49:08 - Component #9 of the Success System: Blog and social media content. 51:21 - Strategies for qualifying your database. 53:31 - Quick overview of what we've learned so far. 54:50 - Does the Success System work for new agents? 58:21 - Learn more about the Client Referrals system with a free 20-minute consultation. Next Steps Contact Phil Hollander via email or at 800-308-6134 ext. 217 for a free 20-minute consultation Visit MorrisMarketingGroup.com to learn more Read articles about Lead Generation, or explore more Lead Generation solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
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