From Gmail to Drive: 25 Essential Google Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Know
File this under "Time flies": Google celebrated its 25th birthday this week! When it debuted in 1998, Google offered only a search box on a bare-bones webpage — a far cry from the behemoth that would come to influence so much of our online lives. Beyond the market dominance of Google products like search, YouTube, and Android, the company also offers a wealth of productivity tools. You're probably already familiar with Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google tools — but are you getting as much out of them as you can? In honor of a quarter-century of Google, we're taking a look back at 25 of the best Google productivity tips that we've shared over the years (including a couple new ones). Read on to learn how you can leverage Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more to make your real estate business run as smooth as can be. Gmail Do you remember browser-based email services from back in the day? They were clunky, slow, and lacking in features. Enter Gmail in 2004, relegating the likes of AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo to the land of irrelevance. With Gmail, users got an efficient and easy-to-use email solution that offered functionality to rival programs like Outlook. What about that functionality, though? Are you taking advantage of all that Gmail offers? Find out in 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Gmail. Overloaded inbox got you overwhelmed? See Take Control: 3 Tips to Master Your Gmail Inbox for tips on taming the chaos. Finally, if you've ever been locked out of your Gmail account or even deleted it, see Can You Recover an Old Gmail Account? to learn how to restore it. Google Calendar If you're like most agents, your calendar controls much of your working life. From showings to deadlines, it's all there. Google Calendar integrates with Gmail, so if you're a Gmail user, it's a great idea to learn the basics of Leveraging Google Calendar for Real Estate. If you're an Android phone user, Google Calendar is your phone's default calendar. Get tips from a working Realtor on how to better use it in Real Estate Smartphone Tricks: Using Your Phone's Calendar. Are you an iPhone user who still uses Google Calendar, perhaps because you are a Gmail user? Find out How to Sync Your Google and Apple Calendars to keep everything working together smoothly. Google Drive Google Drive lets you store all kinds of files in the cloud, like Dropbox. Unlike Dropbox, however, Google Drive lets you also create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more. Learn the basics here: Leveraging Google Drive for Real Estate. Want to go deeper? Check out this video, 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Google Drive: Google Docs Farewell, Microsoft Word. With Google Docs, word processing power comes to a web browser near you. Not only can you create documents, you can collaborate with others and even upload, convert and read multiple file types. 5 Great Google Docs Tips and Tactics has all the info you need to get started. And did you know that you can even eSign real estate documents in Google Drive? As we reported this summer, Google is working on an eSignature solution for Google Docs. It's not public yet, but in the meantime, you can Use the DocuSign eSignature Google Add-On in Google Drive, Gmail and Docs. Google Sheets Spreadsheets: they're not just for accountants anymore. With Google Sheets, you can: Create templates for your real estate business (try these seven templates to get started) Create an automated lead capture form Capture open house leads and sync them to your CRM But wait, there's more! See 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Google Sheets. That's good sheet, man. Google Slides Need to create a new listing presentation that's accessible from anywhere and easy to share? Say goodbye to PowerPoint, and dive into the world of Google Slides. These articles can help you get started: How to Make a Flyer in Google Slides 10 Steps to Create a Custom Presentation in Google Slides Google Keep Keep is an underappreciated Google tool. Similar to Apple Notes, it's a stock app on Android phones. But you don't need an Android phone to use it — if you have a Google account, you're good to go! You can explore the basics of it here. After that, we recommend going deeper by learning how to: Grab text from an image Collaborate with others Set a location reminder Use voice dictation Google Ads As the saying goes, "All real estate is local." And while you've surely heard (and likely used) Google Ads, do you know much about Google Local Services Ads? If your answer is "No," check out this article to learn What's the Big Deal about Google Local Services Ads? And if you have more questions, don't miss Questions About Google's Local Services Ads? We Have Answers. Miscellaneous Google Tools Google has plenty more tools, including the world's No. 1 web browser, Chrome. Extensions are a great way to supercharge the usefulness of your browser. But you know what would supercharge your browser even more? Browser extensions that bring the bower of AI to Chrome. You can explore that in 8 Browser Extensions for ChatGPT. Finally, we all know that becoming a local expert is great for your real estate reputation. Did you know that Google has a feature that can help you show off your local knowledge? Learn how to leverage Google Local Guides in the video below:
Boost Your Real Estate Game with REW Academy
Thank you to Real Estate Webmasters for sponsoring this article on RE Technology: Comprehensive Training for Modern Realtors® The internet is brimming with "how-to" videos on a myriad of topics. However, discerning the best quality information on real estate marketing can be challenging. This is where the REW Academy steps in as a beacon of knowledge for industry professionals. With its revamped access, the academy is now even more accessible, providing invaluable insights on scaling businesses, mastering digital marketing, and utilizing the advanced tools offered by Real Estate Webmasters. Disclosure: This article is a summary of the original found on Real Estate Webmasters' website. New Access The REW Academy has revolutionized its access, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. Gone are the days of intricate navigation. Whether you're an experienced Realtor® or a newcomer, the academy welcomes you to immerse yourself in a wealth of real estate-centric knowledge. This enhanced method not only simplifies but also augments the learning journey. Key Features and Benefits REW Academy stands out with its short courses tailored specifically for the contemporary Realtor®. These courses guide you in scaling your real estate business sustainably and profitably. Delve into the intricacies of SEO and PPC to ensure your business shines in the digital realm. Each module is meticulously crafted to provide actionable insights and strategies. But the REW Academy isn't just about imparting knowledge; it emphasizes practical application. Realtors® armed with the academy's teachings find themselves at a competitive advantage, likely attracting more clients and closing deals more efficiently. Mastery of digital tools like SEO and PPC amplifies visibility and ensures targeting to the right audience, making it a game-changer for real estate professionals. However, while the academy caters to all, some advanced courses, especially those taught by Real Estate Webmasters' CEO, Morgan Carey, are best suited for those who have a foundational knowledge of topics like SEO. Website and CRM Tools In addition to its courses, Real Estate Webmasters offers an integrated suite of website and CRM tools that complement the academy's teachings. These tools, tailored for the modern real estate sector, ensure that everything you need is within reach. From managing client relationships to enhancing your online footprint, REW's tools perfectly align with the academy's courses. Conclusion The REW Academy is not just another source of generic digital marketing content. It stands distinguished as a beacon for real estate-specific training, guiding professionals on their path to success. With its revamped access, a rich array of courses, and integrated tools, it's an invaluable asset for anyone earnest about leaving a lasting imprint on the real estate industry. Embrace the REW Academy and let it be the driving force behind your monumental success.
12 Clever Ways the Apple Watch Can Improve Agents' Lives
Kickstart Your Business: An Introduction to RPR Residential
Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 9:00 AM PDT RPR's one-stop-shop will help you save time, improve productivity and navigate a challenging market. This introductory webinar will help you gain a basic understanding of what RPR has to offer. We will take a tour of the site and highlight how you can: View a quick estimate of the value of a property Keep your pulse on recent market activity Quickly conduct property searches Prepare for listing presentations Properly price properties and generate CMAs Efficiently prospect neighborhoods Share reports with clients and customers Identify neighborhood information, school data, and walkability and livability scores Register now!
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Online Advertising From Homes.com
Your Listing. Your Lead.   Homes.com reaches millions of active buyers and sellers each month.  Share your brand and listings with this engaged
Document management made simple. Smart Docs provides you the ability to digitize, store and share your documents in a safe and secure document storage
Realtor.com® is real estate’s most comprehensive online and mobile destination, helping connect consumers with properties and local professionals that can help. The complete set of solutions are designed to help agents connect with buyers and sellers, follow-up, and ultimately assist them to the point of closing. Visit marketing.realtor.com to learn more about the products and services currently
Brokermint is an "all-in-one" back office platform that handles everything from commission management, transaction management, reports, and more--all with the goal of increasing your firm's operational efficiency. Brokermint solves compliance issues for brokers by offering full transparency, control and approval into every transaction. The solution's transaction management component also provides task checklists, integrated e-signatures, PDF split and merge, cloud-based document storage, and a log of all activity related to that transaction. In addition, Brokermint can integrate with your MLS to automatically pull in transaction data and eliminate double data entry. Brokermint can also handle all of your firm's commission management needs. Brokers can set up commission templates to automate commission tracking and payment processing. The system can manage sliding scale commission structures with a 100 percent cap, pre-split and post-split deductions including outside referrals, and more. In addition, Brokermint offers robust reporting capabilities so brokers can make data-driven decisions about their company. And to make life easier, Brokermint integrates with many popular tools, like Quickbooks, Salesforce, Contactually, Propertybase, LionDesk and more. To learn more about Brokermint, read our product
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Industry News

Plunk Partners with Award-Winning Marketing Platforms to Deliver AI-Powered Analytics Across Multiple Digital Channels
Union Street Media and Realforce join Plunk's growing list of partners to deliver real-time housing market insights to target audiences BELLEVUE, Wash. , Sept. 26, 2023 -- Plunk, the world's first AI-powered analytics platform for residential real estate, announced a partnership with two of the real estate industry's top marketing platforms. Union Street Media is the leader in omnichannel marketing, providing integrated campaigns across web, mobile, voice, search engine optimization and social media. Realforce (previously Adfenix) is modernizing the marketing infrastructure by streamlining the martech stack for real estate teams. "We believe that AI-powered, real-time data and analytics will become the industry standard within the next five years," predicted Ted Adler, a marketing visionary and Founder of Union Street Media. "With Plunk, we're getting ahead of that adoption curve and delivering home valuation, remodeling analytics and market insights to our target audiences across every digital medium — right now." The housing market is in constant flux and Plunk's AI-powered home analytics platform is transforming the speed at which buying and selling decisions are made, by offering up-to-the-second insights into home valuation, risk assessment and remodeling possibilities. These partnerships set a precedent for greater access to real-time data in an industry that has historically experienced challenges with providing timely and accurate data. It also sets a new bar for more efficient delivery of relevant data to current and potential customers. "Through this strategic partnership with Plunk, we aim to address a longstanding challenge in the real estate industry: the generation of high-quality leads with a measurable and positive return on investment," added Philip Hegge, US Director, Realforce. "Not only does this enhance the consumer experience, but it also simultaneously delivers top-tier leads that drive business for brokerages and agents." To gain access to Union Street Media's marketing channels: www.unionstreetmedia.com/plunk. To learn more about Realforce's streamlined marketing solutions: www.realforce.com. To get sample code for Plunk's AI-powered APIs: www.getplunk.com/developers. About Plunk Plunk is bringing advanced analytics and unique data to residential real estate for more confident investing in the largest asset class in the world. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, computer vision and deep learning, Plunk delivers real-time insights into home valuation, risk assessment and remodeling analysis through its SaaS platform. For more information, visit www.getplunk.com. About Union Street Media Union Street Media is the first real estate marketing company to leverage the power of omnichannel marketing, driving success for real estate professionals for nearly three decades. With an unwavering focus on innovation and customer service, Union Street Media provides tailored solutions that seamlessly blend technology with creativity. For more information, visit www.unionstreetmedia.com. About Realforce Realforce (previously Adfenix) is the top platform for Marketing Automation in the real estate industry. Globally, Realforce works with over 350 brands, including some of the biggest names in the field. Its automated solutions are designed to streamline marketing programs, boost brand impact and aid in the success of agents. For more information, visit www.realforce.com.
Matterport Announces the Next Generation of AI-Powered Real Estate Insights, Now in Beta
Renting Beats Buying in All but Three of the Largest U.S. Metros
Buying a starter home in the top 50 metros cost $1,111 (60.3%) more than renting in August, as median U.S. rents see fourth consecutive month of year-over-year declines SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 21, 2023 -- The elevated mortgage rates, steep home prices and declining rent costs familiar in today's housing market have made it less costly to rent than to buy a starter home in all but three of the largest metros in the U.S., according to the Realtor.com® Monthly Rental Report released today. In August 2023, the cost of buying a starter home in the top 50 metros was $1,111 (60.3%) higher than renting in those markets on average. "Rents have registered steady declines for the past four months and, while they remain well above pre-pandemic levels, when you factor in the impact of record-high mortgage rates and high home prices, it's understandable that many would-be homebuyers are choosing to remain on the sidelines," said Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at Realtor.com®. "The downward trend in rental prices reduces the sense of urgency, giving renters more time to save for a home. In the period ahead as rents soften, we expect more households will remain renters for longer." August 2023 Rental Metrics – National Nationally, rents drop for fourth straight month, while homebuying costs increase Median rents for 0-2 bedroom units declined consistently year-over-year for the past four months which, when combined with mortgage rates hovering above 7% and a low enough supply to drive prices up despite subdued demand, tipped the scales further in favor of renting. In August, homeownership costs exceeded renters' monthly costs by nearly $300 compared with the start of the year. August marked the fourth month of year-over-year rent declines in a row for 0-2 bedroom properties, which overall are down -0.6% year-over-year. Rents dropped -0.7% for 2-bedrooms, -0.5% for 1-bedrooms, and -0.2% for studios. Specifically, the median asking rent in the 50 largest metros dipped to $1,752, down $7 from last month and down $25 from the peak in July 2022. However, median rents remain $336 (23.7%) higher than the same time in 2019, prior to the pandemic. In the majority of the largest U.S. metros, though, renting a starter home remains more affordable than buying one. During the past 12 months, with an average 30-year fixed mortgage rate jumping from 5.22% to 7.07%, the cost to buy a starter home in markets that favor renting climbed at an average rate of 21.4%, increasing from $2,500 to $2,959. Renting beats buying in nearly all major metros, and the advantage is increasing In August, renting was more affordable than buying a starter home in 47 of the 50 largest metros, up from 45 during the same time last year. Declining rents and the increasing costs of buying a home contributed to the jump in savings from renting. While skyrocketing mortgage rates pushed up the cost of taking on a mortgage, climbing home prices expanded the base of mortgages as well, making buying even less affordable compared to renting. The advantage of renting continues to grow in all rent-favoring markets. In the top 10 metros that favor renting over buying, most of which have a higher concentration of tech workers and high earners, both the average cost to rent and to buy are higher than the national average. Austin, Texas topped the list of markets that favor renting, where the monthly cost of buying a starter home was $3,946 – 136.3% more than the monthly rent – for a monthly savings of $2,276. Meanwhile, Baltimore and St. Louis flipped from buy-favoring to rent-favoring markets during the past 12 months. In August 2023, the monthly savings in rent-favoring markets were $483 higher compared to the prior year. The median asking rent declined -0.5% year-over-year in rent-favoring markets, a trend significantly different from 12 months ago. In these markets, the monthly cost of buying a starter home in August 2023 was $2,959, which is $1,183 or an average of 64.3% higher than the cost of renting. Comparatively, in August 2022 buying a starter home in rent-favoring markets cost an additional $700 (36.2%) more than renting. San Jose saw the most substantial surge in savings when comparing renting and buying. In August 2023, renting a starter home in San Jose yielded monthly savings of $3,214, a significant increase from the $1,964 saved last year. Indianapolis, however, saw the largest percentage increase in savings from renting. In August 2023, renting a starter home in Indianapolis would save renters $431 compared to buying, ten times the savings seen 12 months ago ($43). In markets favoring buying, the advantage is shrinking In August 2023, only three of the top 50 U.S. metros favored buying starter homes rather than renting: Birmingham, Ala., Memphis, Tenn., and Pittsburgh; however, the cost-benefits of buying have decreased since the same time last year. In buy-favoring markets, the monthly cost of buying a starter home was $29 cheaper on average, or -2.1% lower than the cost of renting, a significant decrease from the savings of $192 in the same time last year. In particular, the savings from buying a starter home instead of renting dropped from $434 to $43 in Memphis, $282 to $6 in Birmingham, and $139 to $39 in Pittsburgh over the past 12 months. As the benefit of buying diminishes in these markets, prospective homebuyers will need to consider all trade offs when deciding whether to buy or continue renting. This is particularly important given that today's elevated mortgage rates and still-high home prices pose substantial challenges for would-be buyers. To help homebuyers better understand their options, as part of its RealCost set of tools, Realtor.com® offers a free rent or buy calculator, which estimates how long a new homebuyer would need to remain in their home for buying to make more financial sense than renting. "As we noted in our July Rental Trends report, seasonality and recent momentum in the rental market make it very unlikely the market will see a new peak rent in 2023," said Jiayi Xu, Economist at Realtor.com®. "Still, rents remain well above pre-pandemic levels, contributing to ongoing affordability concerns for renters, regardless of whether they plan to rent or buy in the months ahead." Top 10 Metros that Favor Renting over Buying in August 2023 Rental Data – 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas – August 2023 Methodology Rental data as of August for studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom units advertised as for-rent on Realtor.com®. Rental units include apartments as well as private rentals (condos, townhomes, single-family homes). We use rental sources that reliably report data each month within the top 50 largest metropolitan areas. Realtor.com® began publishing regular monthly rental trends reports in October 2020 with data history stretching back to March 2019. The monthly cost of buying a home was calculated by averaging the median listing prices of studio, 1-bed, and 2-bed homes, weighted by the number of listings, in each housing market. Monthly buying costs assume a 7% down payment, with a mortgage rate of 7.07%, and include taxes, insurance and HOA fees. With the release of its July rent report, Realtor.com® incorporated a new and improved methodology for capturing and reporting more comprehensive rental listing trends and metrics. The new methodology is expected to yield a cleaner, more representative and more consistent measurement of rental listings and trends at both the national and local level. The methodology has been adjusted to better represent the true cost of primary housing for renters. Most areas across the country will see minor changes with a smaller handful of areas seeing larger updates. As a result of these changes, the rental data released since July 2023 will not be directly comparable with previous releases and Realtor.com® economics blog posts. However, future data releases, including historical data, will consistently apply the new methodology. About Realtor.com® Realtor.com® is an open real estate marketplace built for everyone. Realtor.com® pioneered the world of digital real estate more than 25 years ago. Today, through its website and mobile apps, Realtor.com® is a trusted guide for consumers, empowering more people to find their way home by breaking down barriers, helping them make the right connections, and creating confidence through expert insights and guidance. For professionals, Realtor.com® is a trusted partner for business growth, offering consumer connections and branding solutions that help them succeed in today's on-demand world. Realtor.com® is operated by News Corp [Nasdaq: NWS, NWSA] [ASX: NWS, NWSLV] subsidiary Move, Inc. For more information, visit Realtor.com.
Need to Move? We're Approaching the Best Time to Buy in 2023
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Who is eMerge designed for?The eMerge email marketing platform is designed for any business, brandor individual looking to create, manage & track email marketing initiatives.eMerge real estate campaigns provide brokers, agents & teams a helping hand each month withconsumer engagement, agent recruitment & retention, and lead nurturing &
Expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services, and more, come in flexible packages that scale with your success. See why BoomTown is the #1 user-rated real estate CRM year after year! Teams that use BoomTown do more business! [2021 RealTrends Study] Teams with under 15 agents that use BoomTown do 13-44 more transaction sides per agent than peers. Teams with 16-30 agents that use BoomTown do 10-11 more transaction sides per agent than peers. Teams with 30+ agents that use BoomTown do 5-6 more transaction sides per agent than peers. See how BoomTown stacks up against other top CRMs in the Real Estate CRM Comparison
      Founded in 2008 and based in Washington DC, Homesnap is a trusted real estate search platform for people to explore homes and search MLS real estate listings -- online or from a mobile phone. Using the Homesnap app (available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices) you can snap a photo of any home, nationwide, to find out all about it. For listed homes, you may be able to see interior photos too! When you’re ready to buy or sell real estate, you can contact a real estate agent within Homesnap to schedule a showing or list your home in the MLS. Homesnap is powered by a specialized homes database that combines hundreds of disparate sources of data. Our data feeds include: over 40 MLS real estate databases, property tax records, census data, geographic boundaries, property polygons, school information, mortgage rates and
VirtualTourCafe embarked on a journey to completely redesign and redevelop the online software to meet the needs of today’s real estate industry as well as the new “Web 3.0” graphical and responsive designed websites. Eight thousand hours of developing later, VirtualTourCafe 3.0 was launched on June 1 st , 2016. The new and improved service offers many new features and benefits for the real estate agent, but more importantly positions VirtualTourCafe for the future! The VirtualTourCafe difference: An integrated easy-to-use modern solution for every real estate agent! Today we are still a small but growing company based in Pleasanton, CA with a small staff and lots of help from our friends, family and business partners. We work with independent contractors, photographers and virtual partners around the world. We are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time with loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning! We have been able to maintain our values and moral compass pointed in the right direction, while always treating our customers, employees and associates as if they are family, and living life full of love and gratitude, one day at a
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Mastering Real Estate Marketing in 2023: Back to the Basics
When home sales decline in a market, it may feel natural to pull back on spending to conserve your resources. But is that really the right approach? Instead, top agents take the opposite tack: they get even more aggressive on promotion because they know their competitors are cutting back. This leaves an opportunity for top agents to expand their presence. Then, when the housing market turns favorable again, they can come out stronger than ever. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a ton on promotions to be successful. In a recent webinar, we learned how to act strategically to market yourself to sellers and give your listings a virtual advantage. Watch the webinar recording to learn more: Webinar Guests Michael Vervena, VP of Sales and Marketing, Planitar, Inc. Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelist. 3:40 - Michael Vervena talks about current market challenges. 6:55 - Buyers and sellers are starting their real estate journey online. 8:35 - What do home sellers expect from a real estate professional? 11:27 - Meeting home buyers' expectations. 17:35 - How to give your online listings a virtual advantage. 22:03 - Technology that provides accurate and reliable data to meet buyers' expectations. 42:20 - Strategies for sharing your listings on social media. 43:11 - How to demonstrate your value by showing your client what you did for them. 48:35 - What makes iGuide unique, and how it helps your marketing strategy. Next Steps To learn more about iGuide, visit GoiGUIDE.com To find a service provider in your area, visit goiguide.com/residential-real-estate Read articles about Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and Online Marketing Explore more Virtual Tour, Floor Plan, and Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
Online Marketing Boot Camp: Don't Be the Invisible Agent
Can your ideal clients find you online? Making your business visible to potential leads isn't as simple as throwing up a real estate website. Online marketing isn't like Field of Dreams — if you build it, they may not necessarily come. They will, however, come if you undertake a consistent marketing strategy. And it doesn't even have to be complex or time-consuming. The key is cross-promoting your marketing content across various platforms so that you reach consumers wherever they are. We learned all about this in a recent webinar. Watch the recording below to find out how easy it is to get started with an online marketing strategy that puts your business in front of your ideal clients. Webinar Guest Brandon Zwingman, National Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Host Brandon Zwingman introduces himself and the webinar topic. 4:11 - The top five online platforms that most agents aren't using in their online strategy. 6:37 - Email marketing: what kind of emails to leverage, how to use them, and what content to include. 18:05 - Blogging: the benefits to SEO, your online visibility, and how to promote. 20:13 - Facebook: Business pages, how often to post, the most valuable types of posts. 33:33 - LinkedIn: "The silent powerhouse" for real estate marketing. 40:00 - Your website: your central place to be found on the internet. 44:22 - The key to effective social media marketing. 47:08 - The way consumers search has changed. 48:00 - Local ranking factors on Google. 49:37 - Setting up your Google Business Page. 53:00 - The importance of your online brand. 56:27 - Money making goals to set for your online reputation. 1:00:41 - A look at how OutboundEngine can simplify your online marketing strategy. 1:14:58 - Go to bit.ly/profilereach to see how your business is displayed online. Next Steps Visit OutboundEngine.com to learn more Read articles about Online Marketing, or explore more Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars Register for our upcoming webinar, Real Estate Marketing in 2023: Focus on the Fundamentals
[WATCH] The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine: How to Keep Your Repeat and Referral Gears Turning
Did you know that 67% of all real estate leads come from repeat and referral clients? To help our readers learn to nurture this side of your business, we recently co-hosted a webinar with Morris Marketing Group. Webinar attendees learned the latest research on lead generation and conversion, as well as answers to the following questions: Where do the best leads come from? Who is converting them? What is their strategy? Watch the webinar recording below to learn why lead conversion is just as important as lead generation, how to find quality leads, and how to keep your repeat and referral business humming along. Webinar Guest Phil Hollander, VP of Business and Professional Development, Morris Marketing Video Timeline 0:00 - Host Phil Hollander introduces himself and the webinar topic. 5:00 - What type of real estate agent do you want to be? 6:13 - What does having a vision for your business look like? 7:29 - Why you need to generate a steady flow of leads. 7:55 - The Lead Spectrum: a different way to look at leads. 11:33 - Two ways to evaluate a lead. 13:09 - The ideal lead situation. 15:14 - The four dominant personality types of lead generation and conversion. 23:50 - A look at the Prospector and Converter personality types. 25:56 - A look at the Networker and Marketer personality types. 28:59 - How are clients choosing agents these days? 29:57 - Why having a systems-based business is critical to your success. 33:51 - The Success System for generating and converting leads. 36:15 - Component #1 of the Success System: Direct mail newsletter. 40:32 - Component #2 of the Success System: Email newsletter. 41:17 - Component #3 of the Success System: Market updates. 42:29 - Component #4 of the Success System: Birthday and move-in anniversary outreach. 43:01 - Component #5 of the Success System: Phone calls. 44:09 - Component #6 of the Success System: In-person client events. 45:20 - Component #7 of the Success System: Annual real estate checkup. 47:29 - Component #8 of the Success System: Your website. 49:08 - Component #9 of the Success System: Blog and social media content. 51:21 - Strategies for qualifying your database. 53:31 - Quick overview of what we've learned so far. 54:50 - Does the Success System work for new agents? 58:21 - Learn more about the Client Referrals system with a free 20-minute consultation. Next Steps Contact Phil Hollander via email or at 800-308-6134 ext. 217 for a free 20-minute consultation Visit MorrisMarketingGroup.com to learn more Read articles about Lead Generation, or explore more Lead Generation solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
[WATCH] Lead Gen Boot Camp: Strategies to Keep Your Pipeline Full
It's a changing market, and like many agents, you may be wondering what the future of your business will look like. How can you invest in your business, and in serious lead generation, during a shifting market? "You can't be a one-trick pony," says Dylan Handy of Elm Street Technology. "You can't rely on one source of lead generation. In a market like this, you have to be really creative." During a recent webinar, Dylan walked us through lead generation strategies across multiple platforms: social media, your website, online ads, organic traffic and more. Watch the webinar recording below to learn how to keep your pipeline full and thriving even during a fluctuating housing market. Webinar Guest Dylan Handy, National Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Host Dylan Handy introduces himself and the webinar topic. 5:02 - What's the ultimate goal of lead generation? 6:10 - Why your website is your "front door" for online business. 8:51 - Driving traffic to your website: the difference between organic and paid strategies. 10:05 - The best social media platforms to drive organic traffic to your website. 11:27 - How to increase your SEO value by blogging. 13:08 - What should you blog about? 17:49 - The ins and outs of leveraging Facebook for lead generation. 24:45 - Overview of other major social platforms to leverage. 28:27 - The key to effective social media marketing. 30:06 - Why you may not be getting leads from your current website. 32:11 - Using paid traffic to drive website traffic. 40:54 - Real estate portal leads vs. search engine and social media ads. 43:20 - Three components of online lead conversion. 45:50 - Lead nurture follow-up systems and processes. 47:50 - The secret to successful social media marketing and online lead generation. 49:30 - Leveraging automated systems and processes. 52:30 - How Elevate's all-in-one solution can help you generate, nurture, and convert real estate leads. Next Steps Contact Dylan Handy via email or at 508-963-2163 to sign up or learn more Visit ElmStreet.com to learn more Read articles about Online Marketing and Social Media, or explore more Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
WATCH: How to Get More Referrals (Even in a Tough Market)
Referrals are some of the best leads a real estate agent can get. In fact, 89% of agents say that referrals are their most successful marketing tactic. And while 70% of sellers say they would use the same agent, only 25% do. Fortunately, there's a way to improve the latter statistic. We teamed up with OutboundEngine for a recent webinar to explore the ins and outs of referrals—including asking for them, cultivating them, and staying top of mind so past clients are more likely to refer you. Watch the webinar recording below to learn active (and successful!) referral generating strategies: Webinar Guests Brian Bolton, Customer Experience Team Lead, OutboundEngine ‍Owen Lindsley, Senior Account Director, OutboundEngine Video Timeline 0:00 - Brian Bolton introduces the topic and fellow panelist. 5:05 - What are referrals? Why are they important? 8:20 - The value of referrals. 13:08 - Referrals don't just happen. 14:21 - Three steps to a predictable referral process. 16:51 - Why your clients aren't sending you referrals. 21:02 - How to ask for referrals. 22:50 - Step 1 of asking for referrals: Find the right time. 24:50 - Step 2: Make it easy. 27:17 - Step 2: Just do it. 28:51 - What can we learn about referrals from industry leaders? 30:48 - The power of email marketing. 32:48 - How email marketing drives referrals. 33:55 - Examples of emails that ask for referrals. 36:55 - Staying in touch via social media. 38:48 - Building and maintaining your online credibility. 40:48 - How to control your online presence. 44:05 - Three tips you can act on right now to get more referrals. 49:16 - Owen Lindsley shares how OutboundEngine can help real estate pros earn more referrals and build their online reputation. Next Steps Visit OutboundEngine.com to learn more Read articles about Online Marketing and Lead Generation, or explore more Online Marketing and Lead Generation solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
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