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CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System)


MLS Tax Suite

Empower your REALTORS® by adding the MLS Tax Suite as a membership benefit. Since 1989, CRS Data has provided you with a wealth of tax data. Our MLS Tax Suite provides customizable and comprehensive access to property records, prospecting tools, neighborhood comparables and extensive mapping layers. We constantly improve our MLS Tax Suite based on user feedback - and then deliver with personable customer support.

Our MLS Tax Suite represents 30 years perfecting our tax data features. You'll find:

  • All the tools your members need (no upselling)
  • Continuous product enhancements
  • Seamless integration with your MLS system
  • Innovative customization options
  • Enhanced mapping layers
  • Additional search capabilities, such as our multi-county search tool
  • Cleaner, dynamic interface that makes browsing property data easy
  • Optimization on mobile devices



Products by CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System)

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