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RPR for Commercial

Comprehensive data clients require, all in one place, just for REALTORS®

Your one-stop-shop for comprehensive market data, allowing REALTORS® specializing in commercial properties to save time and money. RPR Commercial is your REALTOR® benefit, already incorporated into your REALTOR® dues. 
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Where are the right customers for a business?

Using democraphic, psychographic and spending data information, RPR helps you identify areas of high concentrations of the customers your client is looking for.  
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RPR commercial 3 What's the best location for a business?

Help business owners find the best location based on an analysis of spending dta within a drive time, radius, or general area. Find the optimum site for a specific business type like restaurant, coffee or apparel shop, etc. 
What's the best retail business for a location?

Determine what business would be appropriate for a given location by examining spending data and what business types are underserving the area. Receive results in a chart indicating which business types are over and underrepresented in a specific area. 
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RPR commercial 5 Powerful Thematic Maps

View demographic information overlaid in your defined area of interest, allowing you to see locations with the highest concentration of the indicator. 
Comprehensive Reporting

Provide your client with the best reports in the business in just a few minutes! Whether your client is looking for a detailed trade area report, business opportunities chart or a property report, RPR Commercial reports are guaranteed to impress. 
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