[WATCH] The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine: How to Keep Your Repeat and Referral Gears Turning

February 16 2023

Did you know that 67% of all real estate leads come from repeat and referral clients?

To help our readers learn to nurture this side of your business, we recently co-hosted a webinar with Morris Marketing Group. Webinar attendees learned the latest research on lead generation and conversion, as well as answers to the following questions:

  • Where do the best leads come from?
  • Who is converting them?
  • What is their strategy?

Watch the webinar recording below to learn why lead conversion is just as important as lead generation, how to find quality leads, and how to keep your repeat and referral business humming along.

Webinar Guest

  • Phil Hollander, VP of Business and Professional Development, Morris Marketing

Video Timeline

0:00 - Host Phil Hollander introduces himself and the webinar topic.

5:00 - What type of real estate agent do you want to be?

6:13 - What does having a vision for your business look like?

7:29 - Why you need to generate a steady flow of leads.

7:55 - The Lead Spectrum: a different way to look at leads.

11:33 - Two ways to evaluate a lead.

13:09 - The ideal lead situation.

15:14 - The four dominant personality types of lead generation and conversion.

23:50 - A look at the Prospector and Converter personality types.

25:56 - A look at the Networker and Marketer personality types.

28:59 - How are clients choosing agents these days?

29:57 - Why having a systems-based business is critical to your success.

33:51 - The Success System for generating and converting leads.

36:15 - Component #1 of the Success System: Direct mail newsletter.

40:32 - Component #2 of the Success System: Email newsletter.

41:17 - Component #3 of the Success System: Market updates.

42:29 - Component #4 of the Success System: Birthday and move-in anniversary outreach.

43:01 - Component #5 of the Success System: Phone calls.

44:09 - Component #6 of the Success System: In-person client events.

45:20 - Component #7 of the Success System: Annual real estate checkup.

47:29 - Component #8 of the Success System: Your website.

49:08 - Component #9 of the Success System: Blog and social media content.

51:21 - Strategies for qualifying your database.

53:31 - Quick overview of what we've learned so far.

54:50 - Does the Success System work for new agents?

58:21 - Learn more about the Client Referrals system with a free 20-minute consultation.

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