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Our Top 10 Most-Read Articles of March

April 02 2023

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Spring has sprung, and it's safe to say that the busy season is officially underway. To that end, we published a host of articles to help you get a leg up on your competition. This includes a pair of articles on how to attract home buyers and home sellers by targeting their most frequently googled questions with ads. Those articles are #1 and #3, respectively, on our list below of last month's most read articles.

We also offered March-specific marketing ideas (article #6) — and in a few days, we'll debut a bunch of ideas just for April, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out articles about nifty things you can do with a new iPhone (#2) and recommended desktop apps (#10).

Discover what else agents and brokers were reading in March on the full list below:

1. 10 Common Questions Home Buyers Ask Google (and 30 Key Phrases to Target with Google Ads)
Real estate agents looking to drive querying buyers to their own website can target buyers' most asked questions with Google Ads. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of 10 common questions that home buyers ask. Each question is paired with three related key phrases you can use to target askers of that query with an advertising campaign.

2. 3 Magical Things You Can Do with Newer iPhones
Apple's latest software update (iOS 16) introduces features that leverage AI and new built-in tech, putting a little magic in your pocket. Apple bills the new enhancements to the iPhone as "all-new personalization features, deeper intelligence, and more seamless ways to communicate and share." Here are three new features that are wowing folks and should benefit agents on the go.

3. 10 Questions Home Sellers Ask Google (and 40 Key Phrases to Target Them)
We recently published a list of common homebuyer questions and keywords for targeting buyers with Google Ads. But what about sellers? Never fear—we wouldn't dare overlook this valuable demographic. That's why we're providing this list of common questions homeowners ask when considering selling their home, and corresponding key phrases for each.

4. 3 Vertical Video Ideas for Real Estate Marketing
Gone are the days when the traditional horizontal video was king. Thanks to social media and the widespread consumption of content on smartphones, vertical now rules the roost. But don't let the format change intimidate you—let it save you time instead! There's no need to use fancy equipment, set up shots, or spend much time in post-production—your smartphone is all the tool you'll need! Learn how to get started ASAP.

5. What Are You Getting Paid for? Explaining Your Real Estate Agent Remuneration
Let's talk about money. Big commissions are why you got into real estate, but how do you justify the amount you charge for your services? "Why do I need a real estate agent?" is often the first question sellers ask themselves when thinking about selling their house. Highlight your value to give the consumer a better understanding of why it is important to use a professional real estate agent and forgo the FSBO route.

6. 9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for March
Spring selling season is nearly upon us, and if you haven't already revved up your marketing engine, March is a great time to start. We want to help you get off the starting line, so here are nine ideas you can use for all your real estate marketing needs.

7. How to Sync Your Google and Apple Calendars
Are you an iPhone owner who uses Gmail? Or a MacBook owner with an Android? If you're any kind of technology cross-pollinator, chances are good that you've had some issues synching things, like your calendar. Syncing your Apple and Google calendars is a great way to make sure no important dates slip through the cracks. Here's how.

8. How to Close 1 Home and Get 3 More Clients
Success begets success, as the saying goes. And the successful sale of a home is an opportunity to gain more business. How? Realtor Jaime Resendiz has a system for gaining new clients when a transaction closes, and he shares his method in this video.

9. The Hidden Costs of DIY Presale Renovations: A Guide for Real Estate Agents
As a real estate agent representing sellers today, you may find homeowners are eager to maximize their return on investments and be tempted to take on DIY improvement projects. To help your sellers make the right choice, it is crucial to understand the risks and potential pitfalls of pre-sale renovations.

10. Software and Desktop Apps Every Real Estate Agent Needs
There's quite a few software and desktop apps you might not be aware of that can help you and your real estate business. Get help with accounting, graphic design and layout, project management, CRMs, social media scheduling and more. Here's RPR's list of desktop apps that real estate agents need to take for a spin.