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9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for March

March 08 2023

house close upSpring selling season is nearly upon us, and if you haven't already revved up your marketing engine, March is a great time to start. We want to help you get off the starting line, so here are nine ideas you can use for all your real estate marketing needs:

1. Create St. Patrick's Day-themed social media posts

Use them to promote your listings, local events, or even to highlight the best happy hour specials in your area. Use hashtags like #LuckOfTheIrish, #PotOfGold, and #GreenHome to attract more attention. Get more St. Patty's marketing ideas here.

2. Offer a spring cleaning package

This idea can be used in a few ways: as a closing gift for new homeowners or as a prize in a social media contest. Include a cleaning service or products to help buyers get started in their new home. To reach a broader audience, you can also partner with a local cleaning company to offer discounted cleaning services to your sphere of influence.

3. Participate in a local charity event or fundraiser

This not only supports the community, but also helps to build your brand and make connections. Events are a great way to network, but if you can't attend in person, consider donating items or services to a silent auction instead.

4. Host a virtual open house using live streaming technology

Like many Realtors, you may have perfected the art of the virtual open house during the pandemic. While things may be back to normal, there's no need to let your skills get rusty! Kick off your spring by live streaming an open house on Instagram, YouTube, or the platform of your choice. Learn more here: Hosting a Virtual Open House? Here's a Checklist.

5. Offer a seminar or webinar

When it comes to buying or selling a home, people have a lot of questions. Fortunately, as a real estate pro, you have a lot of answers. Put that knowledge to good use by hosting a seminar or webinar for real estate consumers in your area. Check out these articles to help you get started:

6. Host a neighborhood block party or other event

Seminars and webinars not really your cup of tea? If you're looking for something more fun-oriented than teaching-oriented, try hosting a community event. It works like a charm for Realtor Dave Archuletta, and it can work for you, too!

7. Send out a newsletter or email blast

When's the last time you sent an email to your database? If your answer is "a while," consider this your nudge to get things going again. You can start with something as simple as tips for preparing a home for sale. For more ideas, try these articles:

8. Participate in National Women's History Month

Highlight women in real estate or women leaders in your community. This can be as simple as writing blogs or social media posts about women-led businesses — or even just resharing the social media posts or stories of those businesses or individual women with your followers.

9. Create a spring home maintenance checklist for homeowners

Share tips and advice for deep cleaning a home and getting into tip-top shape. You can put this list on your blog or in a newsletter, or offer it as a PDF for download on your website. If social media is more your speed, make short video stories or reels for each cleaning tip and drip them out over the entire month. Use this as an opportunity to offer your recommendations for local services or contractors for any necessary repairs or updates.