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10 Common Questions Home Buyers Ask Google (and 30 Key Phrases to Target with Google Ads)

March 09 2023

ads digitalHome buying is a complicated process, and potential buyers are likely to have a variety of questions. Where's the first place they more often turn to for answers? You guessed it—Google.

Real estate agents looking to drive querying buyers to their own website can target those questions with Google Ads. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of 10 common questions that home buyers ask. Each question is paired with three related key phrases you can use to target askers of that query with an advertising campaign.

Tip: Use Google's Keyword Planner to help refine your list of key words and phrases. It can help you understand how many people are searching for a term each month, see related keywords and phrases, and give you an idea of which keywords are more popular and worth targeting. We recommend focusing on a few highly relevant, low-competition keywords and phrases to start.

Let's dive in…

1. "How much can I afford to spend on a home?"

  • Home affordability calculator
  • Mortgage affordability calculator
  • Home buying budget

2. "What is the average home price in [city or neighborhood]?"

  • Real estate listings [city or neighborhood]
  • Average home price [city or neighborhood]
  • Housing market [city or neighborhood]

3. "What is the best time to buy a home?"

  • Home buying season
  • Best time to buy a house
  • Housing market trends [region, city or neighborhood]

4. "What are the current interest rates for home loans?"

  • Mortgage rates today
  • Current home loan interest rates
  • Best mortgage rates

5. "What are the steps to buying a home?"

  • Home buying process
  • Home buying checklist
  • First-time home buyer guide

6. "What are the best neighborhoods for families in [city or region]?"

  • Family-friendly neighborhoods [city]
  • Safe neighborhoods for families [city]
  • Best suburbs for families [city or region]

7. "What should I look for when buying a home?"

  • Home buying tips
  • Home inspection checklist
  • Home features to look for

8. "What is the average home inspection cost in [city or region]?"

  • Home inspection fees [city or region]
  • Home inspection prices [city or region]
  • Cost of home inspection [city or region]

9. "What is the difference between a fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgage?"

  • Fixed vs adjustable rate mortgage
  • Pros and cons of fixed-rate mortgage
  • ARM vs fixed-rate mortgage

10. "How much should I offer for a home?"

  • Home offer strategy
  • Home offer negotiation
  • Home offer price range [city or neighborhood]