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Should You Explore the Divorce Niche for More Listing Leads?

October 31 2023

In a time of challenging inventory levels, real estate agents are having to take a hard look at unexpected places to find listings. One tactic is to explore niches that are unaffected by broader economic currents, particularly those related to life events — like divorce.

This niche is what real estate broker and coach Brandon Mulrenin discusses in the video below. But first, a caveat: Given the emotional nature of the circumstances, serving divorcing clients is not for the faint of heart — or the untrained. Realtors interested in the niche should look into certification courses that teach communication skills specific to serving divorcing clients, as well as family law issues.

If this seems like a niche that you'd like to serve, watch the video below to learn:

  • The pros: market-proof niche, highly motivated sellers, low competition
  • How one client can lead to three transactions
  • Strategies for building relationships with divorce attorneys to encourage referrals
  • The compliance issues you may encounter, and the expertise needed to avoid them
  • The pros and cons of having to testify in court
  • And more

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