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Top 10 Most Popular Articles of August

September 02 2020

brandingReal estate professionals are frequently the targets of sales pitches--to buy the latest app, software program, or marketing platform that will help them build their businesses.

But you know what's refreshing? Things that are free. Judging by last month's top 10 articles list, it looks like plenty of you agree. In August, three of our top 10 articles highlighted free resources (articles #4, #8 and #10). Article #6 also listed several free sources of public real estate data, as well as a handful of paid data sources.

What else were real estate agents and brokers reading last month? Check out our list of RE Technology's 10 most-read articles of August below!

1. Consumer Smart Locks vs. Electronic Lockboxes
‍Consumer smart locks and electronic real estate lockboxes both allow access to a home. While these two products may seem similar, they're designed for two distinctly different uses. Let's examine how smart locks compare to electronic lockboxes in managing access for a home that's listed for sale.

2. Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Sued as an Agent
‍Lawsuits are a concern for many professionals, and real estate agents are no expectation. Lawsuits quickly become very costly, and even if you are found to have not committed any fault, they can still harm your business. So taking some tips to reduce your chances of getting sued as an agent could end up saving your reputation, as well as thousands of dollars.

3. Is Now a Good Time to List? 5 Reasons to Give Concerned Sellers
Selling a home has changed dramatically over the past few months. It's no longer as simple as signing documents and getting the space ready for a photographer to grab awesome photos. The question on every seller's mind is, "Should I sell my house right now?" The answer may surprise them. Now may actually be a great time to sell a residence and here are some of the reasons why.

4. Friday Freebie: Lead Generation and Marketing Budget Calculator Tool
Has your real estate sales funnel been derailed by COVID-19? How about your budget? Everyone's been thrown a bit off by the pandemic, and most of us need to reevaluate the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. If you need help getting back on track, this week's Friday Freebie is for you!

5. How to Shoot Real Estate with Only an iPhone 11
‍You really can shoot real estate using just the iPhone 11. This latest release from Apple features an awesome wide-angle lens that is simply insane and, when paired with the CameraPixels PRO app and HDR Image Enhancement, it can really help set your property marketing apart from the rest.

6. 17 of the Best Public Sources of Real Estate Data
‍Real estate is one of the most data-consuming businesses in our world today. There are several public sources of real estate data in the US, most of which are free. These sources of data are essential to the success of real estate marketing and development strategies. Let's dive in.

7. 7 Huge Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make on YouTube
There's no reason why real estate agents can't get a piece of the YouTube action to generate leads and position yourself as a thought leader. But don't post blindly. Get ready to harness the power of video and start using YouTube effectively with these best practices.

8. Social Media Marketing 101 Guide [FREE Download]
‍Ever wonder what are the best days of the week and times of day to post on different social media channels? Looking for ideas about different types of content? This all-inclusive guide to all things "social media" answers these questions—and it also includes a four-month content marketing calendar to help you give your online marketing the kickstart it needs!

9. First-Time Homebuyers Are Dangerous: Fact or Fiction?
Conversations in recent years have resulted in many agents believing the millennial generation is the first group to break the status quo of homeownership. Are you a real estate agent that feels as though first-time homebuyers are not worthwhile?

10. Friday Freebie: Virtual Staging + 4 Bonus Listing Photo Edits
Listing a looking little lackluster? Whether your latest listing is vacant or the outdated decor of the current owner isn't exactly drawing in the buyers, there's a quick and simple solution. Even better? It's wallet friendly.