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Upgrade Your 2019 Advertising Budget with an Exclusive Benefit for REALTORS

December 21 2018

tablet smilingREALTORS® can now get more advertising bang for their buck, thanks to a new partnership between Adwerx and the National Association of REALTORS®' REALTOR Benefits® Program.

Through this partnership, digital advertising platform Adwerx provides NAR members an exclusive 15 percent additional ad impressions at no extra cost.

So what's included in this benefit and how can you claim it for yourself? Today, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about how the program works.

The Basics: What Is Adwerx?

Let's start at the beginning—what is Adwerx and how can it benefit your real estate business?

Adwerx is a digital advertising platform that makes it easy for agents and entire brokerages to create, deploy, and manage digital ad campaigns. In just a few minutes, you can set up ads to market your listings or your brand across major websites, social media, and mobile apps.

What sets Adwerx apart from other advertising tools is its use of "retargeting" technology. Adwerx identifies likely real estate consumers based on their online behavior—like using a mortgage calculator or browsing listings online. It then serves your ad repeatedly to those consumers, or retargets them, as they surf the web or use mobile apps. If you've ever noticed that an ad seems to "follow" you around the web, you've experienced ad retargeting.

Because Adwerx only shows your ads to those most likely to be interested in your services or listing, agents and brokerages save money by not wasting impressions on disengaged audiences. This means your ads have a higher success rate and a healthier ROI.

What's Included in This Realtor® Benefit?

NAR members receive 15 percent bonus ad impressions on newly purchased and renewed Adwerx campaigns. That means if you purchase 10,000 ad impressions, you'll receive an extra 1,500 impressions, for a total of 11,500. (An 'impression' is each time an ad is served to a consumer, also known as views.)

Adwerx offers several different types of ads for real estate, all of which are eligible for the 15 percent bonus:

  • Listing Ads - Advertise your listing to likely home buyers within a specified radius around the property's address. Create a standard listing ad, or a variation like "Just Listed," "Just Sold," or "Price Reduced" to catch consumers' attention.
  • Zip Code Ads - Promote your brand to likely buyers and sellers in the market of your choice. It’s a great supplement to your geographic farming efforts, and an effective way to break into new market areas.
  • Sphere of Influence Ads - Reinforce your brand with those who already know and trust you. Just import your contacts to Adwerx, and they'll target your sphere for you.
  • Recruiting Ads - Are you a broker looking to recruit top agents in your area? Target the top performers of your choice by uploading a database of prospective recruits.

How Do I Claim My Bonus Ad Impressions?

To activate your additional impressions on new ad campaigns, simply enter your NAR member ID number (NRDS ID) at checkout. For existing campaigns, validate your NRDS number on your existing Adwerx account, and the bonus will automatically apply to all ad campaigns when they renew.

And good news! This offer is stackable. That means that if you already use another Adwerx offer or discount from your brokerage or association, you can still use this NAR member benefit in addition to those offers. (The only caveat? Automated brokerage listing ads are not eligible for extra impressions.)

Next Steps

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