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Facebook Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating High-Converting Ads

March 31 2024

Do Facebook ads still convert leads? They do if you know what you're doing, according to real estate agent and coach Mike Sherrard.

In this video tutorial, Sherrard walks viewers through the exact steps needed to build and deploy Facebook lead ads — with special attention paid to pre-deployment preparation and to finding leads afterwards.

This tutorial offers handy, actionable tips like targeting custom lists of homes under a certain price point, and using images in your ads from homes that are slightly above the targeted price point to intrigue viewers and increase engagement.

Watch the video to get other great tips and detailed guidance, like:

  • Setting objectives, budgets, and targeting parameters
  • Using campaign end dates to prevent unintended long-term spending
  • Tips for targeting the Spanish-speaking market
  • The top four ad placements work best
  • Image tricks for increasing engagement
  • Where to find leads from your ads in Facebook
  • And more!

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