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9 Ways to Brand Yourself Before, During, and After a Sale

September 30 2018

brand stampWhen it comes to marketing, research shows that agents focus on leads, while brokers focus on brand awareness. Yes, warm leads are crucial to earning that next commission check, but don't overlook the importance of branding.

A strong brand means that rather than chasing warm leads, the leads come to you. So when a consumer in your town gets ready to buy or sell a home, your name is the first they think of. And, bonus for your budget, local brand recognition means you can spend less on buying leads directly.

So how can you get to a point where your face and your logo are recognized in your community? First of all, be consistent. Make sure your logo, headshot, and brand colors are the same across all of your marketing channels--social media, print flyers, online ads, etc. A consumer's mind won't latch onto a "brand" that looks different everywhere.

Second, realize that branding is a process that starts well before a transaction and continues long after it. Here are a few strategies you can leverage at every part of the transaction cycle.

Before the Sale

Want your number to be the first that consumers call when they're ready to transact? This is the stage where it's most crucial to build brand awareness. These tactics can help:

  • Social media - According to studies from REAL Trends and NAR, social media is the best source of high quality leads for agents. Engage your sphere by posting and commenting regularly, but go easy on the heavy-handed sales tactics. Most people aren't ready to buy or sell a home, and you risk alienating them if that's all you post about. Instead, post things of interest to homeowners and on-the-fence renters, and limit promotional posts to 10 percent.
  • Branded zip code ads - Want to save money while targeting the exact people who need your services right now? Consider ad retargeting, which shows your ads only to those most likely to transact soon. Adwerx's zip code ads, for example, show your name and contact information to likely local real estate consumers. These ads follow them across the web, Facebook and in mobile apps, reinforcing your brand and increasing the likelihood that you'll be top-of-mind.
  • Property portals - Agents may have a love/hate relationship with property portals, but they're often where consumers begin their real estate search—so their importance can't be overlooked. Even if you don't buy ads on portals, at least be sure to complete and fill out your agent profile on each platform.

During the Sale

The time when you're actively serving a real estate client is your best opportunity to ensure your brand's impression endures after the sale. Here are a few ways to combine a great client experience with your branding goals:

  • Branded mobile apps - Smartphones have become an indispensable part of the home search. Be sure your brand is the one they see when searching by offering a mobile search app that's branded to your business. Homesnap Pro is free to 900,000 Realtors via their MLS, and lets agents share their branded app with clients. Zillow and Trulia, and franchises like Keller Williams offer branded agent apps, too.
  • Listing ads - If have a listing, advertise it online. Not only does this make your sellers happy, but it also puts your brand in front of thousands of local real estate consumers. A service like Adwerx can seamlessly distribute your listing ads across social media, mobile apps, and the web.
  • Leverage transaction events - Did you just list a home? Reduce the price? Close a sale? Chances are, your listing's neighbors are curious about what's happening. Take the opportunity to reinforce your brand across the neighborhood by sending postcards/flyers or creating online ads that announce what's happening. Don't forget the call to action, e.g., Just sold! ... Contact me to see how much your home could sell for!

After the Sale

Once a sale is complete, your focus shifts to long-term maintenance of the client relationship. Be sure to offer things of value to keep clients engaged over time.

  • Relevant coupons - Moving is one of life's most stressful (and costly) experiences. Offer your clients coupons for related services like junk removal, moving trucks, pizza (for move day), or internet setup. Team up with local companies, or use a service like MooveGuru to automate things for you.
  • Host events - Keep in touch with past clients by hosting events like annual client appreciation or holiday parties. Homeowner seminars that offer expert advice, perhaps from a local contractor, on home upkeep are a great choice, too. If high-tech is more your thing, consider co-hosting a webinar with a local lender on a topic like refinancing a home.
  • Content - Informative blog posts, social media announcements about local events, and guides to winterizing your home can all keep you in mind as the expert on all things home-related. Sending out an annual home valuation on the sale closing anniversary is another way to keep your value top-of-mind. Just be sure to include your branding and contact information!

There you have it--nine ways to create a memorable brand before, during, and after a sale!

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