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FIND is a national real estate search solution developed exclusively for real estate professionals. FIND is only offered through the MLS, and delivers deep levels of property information not available in any other single solution.  At the heart of FIND is a property-centric search engine, providing details about all properties with available data, not just active listings.

With FIND, agents can access all listings in the nation along with many fields of data that are not available to consumers. The data set includes:

  • An average of 4 million current, accurate and up-to-date active listings
  • 5-6 million sold records per year: Over 2 million from MLS sources (attribution is provided to both the listing and selling brokers) and the remainder are from public record sources
  • Over 100 million property records: From various public record vendors
  • Multiple AVMs on non-listed properties: Licensed from multiple sources
  • Nationwide school information: District boundaries and detailed reports
  • Nationwide neighborhood information: Boundaries, demographics, psychographics
  • Overlay of nationwide data: Flight paths and airport noise, hurricane paths and tornado records, seismic activity and other related property data sets
  • Local amenity locations and information: Places of worship, restaurants, entertainment, emergency services, banks, libraries, etc.

The search engine that powers this unique search features:

  • Natural language search (like “3 bedroom home with fireplace and pool in pismo beach”)
  • Exceptional speed – search results often are faster than the MLS system
  • An intuitive user interface – one field that helps you find anything you’d like
  • The ability to automatically link separate data fields (for example, school district boundaries and listing data) and different terminology (for example, “deck” vs “porch” vs “lanai”) or spelling (for example, “in-ground” vs “inground”)
  • Interesting data rarely found anywhere else (like airline routes over property and the decibel levels of noise in the area)

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