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Building a Homebuyer Pipeline Through the Residential Rental Market
As a new real estate professional, building a client base can be a daunting task. One effective strategy is to use the residential rental market as a way to build your homebuyer pipeline. By establishing relationships with renters early on, you can position yourself as a trusted source of knowledge and advice to potentially help renters buy a home down the line. Establishing Relationships with Renters The first step is to establish relationships with renters. This can be done by reaching out to property management companies, offering your services at universities/colleges, and utilizing online rental platforms such as Rental Beast. Once you form a connection with a renter, it's important to provide them with your expertise in the housing market so they see you as a trusted source of knowledge, and with excellent customer service so you leave a good impression. This will leave a mark in their mind so that when they are ready to make the jump from renter to buyer, they think of you first. Converting Renters into Homebuyers While your primary goal may be to help renters find a great rental property, it is important to consider the long-term potential of converting them into homebuyers. As you establish relationships, make sure to keep in touch and provide them with valuable information about the home-buying process. Keep them up to date on new mortgage rates, first-time homebuyer options, and more. When the time is right, suggest the idea of homeownership and offer your services as a real estate professional. Leveraging Referrals Another benefit of working with rentals is the possibility of referrals. Renters may have friends or family members who are also in the market for a home (to rent or buy), and by successfully working with them, you increase the likelihood of receiving referrals. Make sure to follow up with your clients after the rental process and continue to stay in touch via email or text, especially as they approach the end of their lease term. By building a solid network of satisfied clients, you can continue to grow your pipeline. To view the original article, visit the Rental Beast
8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for June
Ahhh… the kids are out of school and the weather's heating up. Summer is here, and with it comes a wealth of opportunities for promoting your real estate business. So let's dive in! Here are eight ideas for marketing your real estate business in June: 1. Highlight "staycation" and local day trip ideas Inflation has taken a bite out of everyone's wallet these past couple of years, and not everyone can afford the vacations like they used to. Do your followers a solid while cementing your reputation as a local expert by highlighting day trip ideas and staycation activities in your local area. 2. Participate in National Homeownership Month If ever there was a month for real estate agents to celebrate, it's June—National Homeownership Month! We won't go too into depth here since we just published an article on ways to participate last week. Check it out for resources and marketing ideas: 5 Ways to Celebrate National Homeownership Month. 3. Host a "Summer Home Improvement" contest Social media platforms decrease your reach when you don't use them regularly or get poor engagement. Help keep your accounts active by hosting a social media contest. Ask followers to share their favorite home improvement project for a chance to win a gift card or home improvement-related prize. 4. Sponsor a local youth sports team Have a passion for sports? Consider sponsoring a local youth team this summer. This means that your logo is featured on their jerseys or banners, which can increase your brand visibility within the community and generate goodwill. 5. Create a series of summer-themed content Do you like blogging or creating videos? Whatever your medium of choice, put your creative skills to good use by creating a series of summer-themed posts about local attractions, events, and activities. You'll position yourself as a local expert while promoting the lifestyle of living in the area. 6. Celebrate Pride Month June may be National Homeownership Month, but it's most known for being Pride Month. Celebrate by highlighting LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods or LGBTQ-friendly businesses in your area through blog posts, social media features, or local guides. This can be helpful for LGBTQ+ individuals or families who are looking for welcoming communities. You can also conduct a self-audit on your intake forms and marketing materials by making sure they offer inclusive language and imagery. Ensure that your website and advertising are welcoming and representative of diverse backgrounds and identities. 7. Launch a "Summer Seller Spotlight" campaign Summertime and the livin' is easy…especially when you have a home with an exceptional outdoor space. Create a campaign featuring properties with these types of exceptional outdoor spaces by highlighting backyard features, such as swimming pools, patios, and landscaping. For those in your sphere who are not ready to transact in the near future, stay top of mind by hosting a virtual seminar or webinar on outdoor living and entertaining spaces. Share design ideas, maintenance tips, and ways to enhance outdoor areas. This can attract both buyers and sellers interested in outdoor living. 8. Get ready for the 4th…of July? We know, we know — this is supposed to be a list of June marketing ideas, but hear us out. Independence Day is only four days into July, and there's just not enough time to plan ahead if you don't start in June! Whether you're hosting an event or planning an online campaign, this is the month to get started! You can, for example, compile a list of local fireworks displays, parades, and community events happening on July 4th. Share this information through your website, social media, or newsletters to keep your audience informed and
The 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook Ads
Results from your Facebook ads not living up to your expectations? Instead of looking at what you should be doing — most of which you probably already know — let's look at what you shouldn't be doing. To help you discover which aspect of your current ad strategy is hamstringing your efforts, Realtor Jaime Resendiz shares what he calls the "seven deadly sins of Facebook ads." These include: Not having a call-to-action Not testing ads Using bad multimedia We won't list the rest here. Instead, watch the video above and find out the crucial mistakes to avoid. After all, what you don't do is often just as important as what you do! Further Reading How to Create Real Estate Facebook Ads that Work The Best Facebook Ads to Target Real Estate Buyers One Simple Rule to Ensure Your Ads Don't Violate Fair Housing