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Related Articles Partners with Qualia to Deliver Simplified Digital Home Closings and Qualia today announced a new relationship that will give agents and their clients a unique ability to collaborate online in real time with their title provider of choice as part of a fully integrated digital closing experience. The experience will first launch next month as a pilot test in seven states across the country, followed by a nationwide launch later this year. The seven states are Florida, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. "® believes an open marketplace approach that offers choice, control, transparency and efficiency creates the best experience for home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals," said Move Inc. CEO David Doctorow. Move, Inc., is a subsidiary of News Corp and operates®. "Our relationship with Qualia is a great example of this. We're empowering agents by providing options to help them get their clients all the way through closing, as we simplify the process of buying and selling homes for people throughout their real estate journey." Agents in's ReadyConnect Concierge network will be able to use their existing ReadyConnect Agent app to select one of the many highly rated title partners who are powered by Qualia's platform. Agents can also introduce additional title partners to the network through the ReadyConnect Concierge app and web experience. If they choose, agents can continue to work outside of the app with any title provider outside of the Qualia platform. If they work with a title provider in the Qualia network, agents and their clients can automatically manage and review documents, track progress in real time, and communicate with the chosen title company through the secure Qualia Connect platform. The platform's security features also help protect buyers from phishing and fraud; cyber crime in real estate transactions has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, according to FBI reports. Consumers can sign their closing documents, and in select states some participants can have them remotely notarized with Qualia's fully integrated Remote Online Notarization tool, as well. In states that allow fully remote closings, agents who give their clients the ability to e-close by working with title providers that embrace modern, digital solutions can set themselves apart from the competition. In an October 2020 Qualia Homebuyer Sentiment Survey, more than 60 percent of survey respondents said they wanted a fully digital closing experience, and more than half of home buyers chose their real estate agent based on a differentiated level of service around closing. Title and escrow providers in the Qualia network can grow their business with the increased exposure to the 140,000+ agents in®'s ReadyConnect Concierge network. They'll also save time and increase efficiencies by collaborating with agents and consumers on one secure, cloud-based closing platform. "The role that each participant in the home buying journey serves is evolving faster than we've ever seen," said Qualia CEO Nate Baker. "® is a Proptech leader that has consistently remained ahead of the curve, empowering its agents to deliver a differentiated home buying experience. We are excited to help them continue this journey alongside our existing network of Qualia powered title and escrow partners across the country."® is offering a webinar on February 18 in advance of the pilot tests; register here. Title providers can learn more about Qualia and join the network here. Visit to learn more about the ReadyConnect Concierge network and how®'s referral program can help agents and brokers build their business. Unlike some other success-based models, ReadyConnect Concierge is open to all brokers and their agents who want to join – as market conditions allow – and requires no upfront
MORE > Adds More Immersive 3D Home Tour Experiences
To address increased consumer demand, today announced that it is adding two new technology providers, Asteroom and CloudPano, to provide additional 3D tour options for home shoppers. In addition to Matterport tours, real estate agents can now upload tours from Asteroom and CloudPano directly to listings on "Concerns around the pandemic certainly heightened the demand for 3D tours, as many home shoppers wanted to explore the home but didn't feel comfortable visiting in person. However, they are more than just a COVID solution, they are now an important option for consumers during their home buying journey," said Rachel Morley, Chief Product Officer,®. "® is adding two new technology providers, Asteroom and CloudPano, to help empower agents and brokerages to add more 3D tours to their listings, which we know leads to more views and better engagement." 3D tours have become a crucial part of the home buying journey, and enable home shoppers to understand what it feels like to be in a home without having to step foot inside. By clicking on the 3D tour button on a® listing, the viewer can explore an interactive 360-degree view of the home, just as if they were walking the property in person. Asteroom, CloudPano and Matterport have offerings that leverage smartphone cameras which enable quick scanning and cost less than solutions that require specialized equipment. By providing agents with low-cost, easy-to-use options,® will increase the accessibility and availability of 3D tours on its listings. A® consumer survey conducted in the spring found that 65% of home buyers believed that virtual tours would continue to be a great resource in their home shopping process even after the pandemic. And while the pandemic accelerated virtual tour adoption—at the peak of the lockdowns, listings with virtual tours received 17% more views per property—that momentum has continued. In December, listings with 3D tours on® were up 227% since the pandemic began in March. Learn more
New Zillow Rental Manager Announcement: What Does It Mean For You?
On January 11, Zillow majorly changed the way they handle rentals. Now, rental listings currently syndicated through MLSs will no longer feed directly to Zillow. Instead, agents and brokers wishing to publish a rental listing on Zillow will need to do so via Zillow Rental Manager, which is contract-based and starts at $9.99 per week, per listing. Zillow's changes affect all parties with with rentals—MLSs, brokerages, real estate teams, agents, and private owners. Read on to get prepared to understand the economic impact of Zillow's changes, how you can prepare your budget for this change, and alternatives to Zillow Rental