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Homesnap 101: Getting Started with Homesnap Pro
Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at 10:00 AM PST Join us for a live webinar on Homesnap Pro, the most comprehensive real estate platform on the market. In this course, you will learn how to use the basic Homesnap Pro features below to quickly find MLS listings. This LIVE interactive presentation will be hosted by one of Homesnap's Industry Education Partners. This session includes: Searching for properties Getting listing details by taking a pic of the house Adding search filters and saving a search Agent vs client features MLS listing details Listing agent profile Sharing properties with your clients Register
A Review of the Zillow 3D App
Recently, one of HomeJab's real estate photographers had an eye-opening experience using the Zillow 3D app. The events that unfolded during the photographer's interactions with the app and Zillow's customer support team led to this review. From lack of content control to flaws with the 3D view, read on to determine whether or not the Zillow 3D app is best for your real estate business needs. Source Files Are Not Yours Last week, we held a photoshoot in Olympia, Wash., near Zillow's headquarters in Seattle. The photographer accidentally used the Zillow 3D app to capture 360° images instead of using the app that the customer requested. Upon realizing his mistake, the photographer contacted Zillow asking for the 360° files (these aren't saved to the camera when using Zillow's 3D app.) He wanted to use the files on another software platform. But Zillow denied his request, refusing to send him the source files. As a result, we had to reschedule the photoshoot, and the photographer then had to drive an extra 100 miles out of his way. Content Control Because Zillow feeds off of content to survive, they'll want to control it every time an agent uses their 3D app. Therefore, while using the Zillow 3D app, the real estate agent or photographer should know that there's a point of no return: Once files are sent to Zillow, whether accidentally or not, Zillow owns them. What's more, Zillow has primed their website to be the only place where content submitted to them can be viewed. As a real estate agent or photographer, surrendering control of your content can be detrimental to your business. For instance, to gain a better sense of the agent's listings portfolio, customers might want to browse the agent's transaction history, real estate photos, virtual tours, etc. If these are not readily available on the agent's website, the customer might want to browse elsewhere. 3D Flaws Allow us to point out that "Zillow 3D" is a misnomer. That's to say, there's no 3D view (whoops!). Indeed, no 3D models will see the light of day from Zillow's app. Instead, Zillow 3D organizes panoramic images into a "virtual tour." On a different note, Zillow's newest iBuyer platform, "Zillow Offers," is yet another service that claims ownership of your content. And by marketing directly to the consumer, Zillow Offers positions itself more like a competitor than a support system. That said, at HomeJab we agree that's there's nothing wrong with publishing the basic listing data on Zillow through MLS. But if buyers wish to access an agent's virtual tour, which is critical these days when time is money, then they should be able to access it on the listing agent's website. This is why it's crucial to keep exclusive control of your content rather than handing it over to Zillow 3D or other top competitors in the business. A Solution to the iBuyer Problem Despite these bad tidings, there's a practical solution to the Zillow 3D app and the larger iBuyer problem: You should use a platform of independent content creators where you, the real estate agent and business professional, keep exclusive ownership and control over your content. Out of the myriad virtual tour providers out there, many offer free software and hosting services (emphasis on the word "FREE"). At HomeJab, our customers hire (and trust) us to capture the images and produce a seamless 3D real estate tour. When all's said and done, every single file belongs to the listing agent. The agent can then download the individual source files and use them on any other software platform of their choosing. Not only that, but the agent can control where the tour is hosted and viewed, which, in turn, will maximize their leads! Last but not least, there's free lifetime hosting to boot! (Check out our FAQs section for more on our services.) Growing your business freely and exponentially while thwarting Big Tech's hostile takeover of the real estate industry means that you'll have to keep outwitting Zillow 3D and other iBuyer models that aren't keeping your best interests at heart. This might seem like a great feat to accomplish, but fret not — HomeJab's got you covered! To view the original article, visit the HomeJab
40 Million Ways Agents and Consumers Are Supporting the Broker Public Portal
Real estate professional know that the big portals don't play fair. That's why this industry success milestone is well worth celebrating: Homesnap, the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal (BPP), is the No. 1 real estate platform for client engagement, when it comes to agent-consumer communication, according to Homesnap user data. More than 40 million buyers and sellers have engaged with their agents through Homesnap. When the BPP was first being organized, I was skeptical. Did we need another portal? But Homesnap brought back fairness. Most importantly, Homesnap gives agents a resource to generate millions of free leads on their own. If we, as an industry, had allowed ourselves to share data as Zillow did, we might never have lost customers to Zillow. We constrained ourselves and our vendors. By creating the Broker Public Portal with Homesnap, we have developed a competitive offering for consumers who can connect directly with professional agents that help them buy and sell houses, not a lead generation engine that repurposes and resells their contact information. This is our effort to collaborate as agents, brokers, associations, and MLSs to do the right thing for the customer we serve. Variety is good, and consumers are all different, with unique preferences. Homesnap simply gives consumers another option. Forty million of them choose to engage via Homesnap because the BPP has created a safer place for them to shop for homes, a place where they are getting correct data that they can then use to make a decision. Homesnap powers the only national home search platform that plays fair because if features by real-time MLS data and follows our industry's Fair Display Guidelines of "Your listing, your lead." If it's your listing, the consumer is directed to you. If you are working with a buyer on Homesnap, then every listing directs your customer back to you. Together, we provide consumers with the most accurate and timely data, which maintains long-term trust and empowers them to act. Homesnap also helps agents avoid one of the biggest mistakes they can make: creating orphans. Successful agents know that the majority of their business comes from referrals. Yet most sellers and buyers become orphans – they don't use the same agent again because their agent doesn't stay connected to them. Homesnap's built-in engagement features, like in-app messaging and targeted marketing, help keep customers engaged for life. Our industry too often focuses on creating new leads instead of retaining our clients. I fly American because I have status with them, and they reward me. I stay at Marriott because I get a room upgrade. I use my grocery card for my discount. We may be the only industry where we sell your house and say goodbye. Then we chase a stranger for our next sale. Homesnap is your post-closing app, a way to stay in touch with your sphere. That's why so many agents rate it as their top real estate app: it helps them engage with their clients both during today's transaction and while those clients are still pondering tomorrow's deal. Every MLS and brokerage in America that hasn't already needs to work with BPP and Homesnap. Because if you leave your clients with Zillow, I can guarantee you that Zillow is not giving them back to you. It's time every agent and broker embrace Homesnap: it is your brand, as you are the BPP. If Homesnap is not available in your market – call your association or MLS and ask for it. Tom Hosack is CEO and President of BHHS The Preferred Realty in southwestern Pennsylvania and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BHHS Stouffer Realty Services in Ohio, with over 2,300 agents and 56