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Top 10 Roadblocks: Clearing the Path to Success
Thursdat, July 7, 2022 at 10:00 AM PDT There are plenty of reasons why leads may start to pull-back when you reach out to them. Get one step ahead by understanding common roadblocks and how to clear the path. In this session, we'll share the top 10 challenges in connecting, converting and establishing value with online leads and how to overcome them. Examples of what we cover: Just wanted more info on the property Not ready to talk to an agent The listing is under contract Register
Generating Leads and Boosting Business
Who doesn't love leads? Leads are a crucial part of your business and help you grow as an agent. You can get leads from all sorts of places and ways, but the important part is taking them from a lead to a lifelong client. According to a National Harris Survey, more than 80% of people ask for recommendations from friends when making big purchasing decisions. Once you have established a strong past client resume, you will have a great opportunity to build some lead generation around referrals. To make that goal a reality, all of your marketing pieces should contain some sort of lead generation from lead capture forms to texting a number for lead capture. Lead generation can be found on your digital and tangible marketing materials, like direct mailing with postcards. The more you shift your marketing to generate leads, the better. Some options to help you get started are: Add a lead capture form to your website Create a direct mailing campaign in a local neighborhood for potential buyers/sellers Reach out to old leads that you may have lost touch with Hold an open house for another agent Host local events in your area Remind your satisfied clients that you welcome and appreciate referrals. This may come at a later time as you build up your client database Reach out to your partners like your loan officer or title rep and find ways to pass leads to each other. In your first year, you will likely try these many other different ways to generate leads. Tracking your success will help you save time and money on your marketing efforts and allow you to focus on the leads that are producing the best return on your investment. To view the original article, visit the IXACT Contact
The BEST Way to Generate Free Real Estate Leads
There are plenty of listicles on the internet telling agents how to get free real estate leads. But the ideas suggested are often stale and require a lot of your time (start a blog, call FSBO listings) for what will ultimately be very little payoff in the long run. Lead generation activities don't need to take up hours of your day. There's a better way to generate free real estate leads: The Google business profile. Understanding the benefits of a Google business profile The Google business profile is a large box that appears on the right side of Google's search engine results page. You'll notice it when you search for a local business, like a restaurant or salon. Real estate agents are considered local businesses, too, and you're able to create this profile on the country's most-used search engine. This profile has a few key benefits, which we'll describe in detail. 1. Brand Building Your Google business profile will appear prominently on the results page when a prospect searches for your name. It makes a solid first impression and adds legitimacy to your brand because it looks more professional and official than a standard search result. Consider it to be your "homepage" since it will be the first stop for consumers who search for you. You want to have a fully completed profile that provides consumers with as much information as they need to understand your brand and services. Put care into your business description and content posts, and be sure to get as many five-star reviews from current and past clients as possible. Without those five-star reviews, you risk losing 12% of potential clients. 2. Added Visibility At Homesnap, we have years of experience managing Google business profiles for real estate agents. What we've found is that fully completed profiles that are regularly updated are much more likely to appear high in search rankings for what's called earned searches. These are the vague but localized queries people use when they don't search for a specific business name. Earned searches include phrases like "real estate agents near me" and "real estate agent in Bethesda." The frequency in which these types of search terms are used continues to grow every year and are more often used than searching for a business directly. A well-maintained profile also greatly increases your chances of being featured in the coveted local three-pack. The local three-pack appears at the top of the search results page when a search query has local intent. Google will display a large map with pins and a trio of local businesses underneath the map. When the local three-pack appears, its placement is in the No. 1 position on the page, even before organic results. These placements are Google's rewards for those who have a well-maintained profile. The company's decision to do this is based on research. Google found that completed, accurate profiles get seven times more clicks on average than empty ones, so it's in Google's best interest to elevate the profiles that consumers will find relevant and helpful. So what does it mean to have a well-maintained, regularly updated profile? Real estate agents should focus on these three actions: generating new reviews, responding to new reviews, and publishing new content, like thoughtful posts and photos of recent listings and deals. These tasks generate big rewards. 3. Passive, Free Real Estate Leads Once you set up a Google business profile, the world's most powerful search engine will do the rest of the work for you. The results we've seen from the profiles we maintain prove that a Google business profile is the best way to generate free real estate leads. According to Homesnap data, agents who maintain an active Google business profile see more than 7.5 times the actions than those that don't. Actions include calls, texts, website clicks, and direction requests originating from your profile. In other words: free real estate leads! To view the original article, visit the Homesnap