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Blogging for Real Estate, Profit, and Fun

December 12 2014

The Evolution of the Blog

Blog. A word that has only recent come about due to the introduction of the web. A word Frankensteined into being by sewing the words web and log together, an unholy creation was born, the blog. At first primarily used for private use, such as journaling, it has metamorphosed into something far more powerful and sinister. Now it is commonly used by major businesses to generate interest and traffic for their products, and generate an online image for the company. It has also turned into a gerund, a word which is both a noun and a verb, meaning both the online log and the act of maintaining the log, which is how you really know that something is here for good. Since it is here for good, it would behoove the savvy agent to use a blog for their own benefit, to set them apart from their competitors. I am here today to teach you how you could twist the dark powers of the blog into use for your own benefit.

quantum blogging

Blogs. What are they Good for?


Before you up and start blogging, you should know why you want to blog. Although blogging nowadays can be accomplished easily, it will still need a decent amount of effort to make your blog effective. Here are some possible reasons of why you would want to keep a blog.

Increased Traffic to your Site

Blogging works wonders as a search engine optimization tool. If you want to increase traffic to your site, consistent updates to your blog a great way to keep your site high in the rankings on search engines. A clever blogger will throw in timely references to modern popular events like the new Apple Watch to get newcomers to come to the site (see what I did there?). If you can update your blog in a timely fashion, you'll stay on top of the market.

Developing Relationships with your Clients

Blogging is a great way to develop rapport with your customers. If your blog is interesting, people are much more willing to stay with your site, use your site, and even recommend your site to other people. A good blog is an excellent way to develop a loyal following of customers. All of your specialties and interests can become readily apparent, which can easily open doors of opportunity that would otherwise remain closed.

Provide an Alternative Activity at Work

While you are working, you may get fatigued at what you have to do day in and day out. Blogging can provide a break in the daily grind which will let you do something productive, and then come back to your normal routine refreshed and ready to work. If this doesn't work, one final reason is...

Using it as a "Motivational" Tool

If none of these reasons interest you, this one might. You can motivate your team members by using blogging duty as the stick in the classic carrot and stick scenario. Allow those who do exceptionally well a reprieve from blogging duty. With this method, you can boost productivity. It certainly works in the Quantum Leads office.

Wrapping up

In all seriousness, blogging is a powerful tool, but to get a lot out of it, you have to put a lot of effort into it. If you have the desire, and the ability, blogging is a powerful weapon in your fight for market dominance. If not, you'll probably just end up saying BLAAAAAAAAG.

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