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8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for September

September 06 2023

autumnThe seasons, they are a-changin' -- and your marketing plans likely are, too, now that the summer selling market has died down.

If you need new outreach ideas for these slower days, pull up a chair and dive into these eight real estate marketing ideas for September:

1. Post idea: Where to Find Fall Colors in [Your Area]

Whether a social media post, a video, or a blog post, the idea for this is the same. Make a post that highlights where to see fall colors in your area. This autumn foliage map can help you estimate peak times. You can also recommend nearby getaways — or even great "Sunday drive" routes — where the changing leaves can best be seen.

2. Create a 'How's the market?' video

Now that the peak sales time for the real estate market has passed, take a moment to create a recap and talk about how the market is in your area. Need some inspiration? Take a cue from the winners of RPR's recent market video contest.

3. Feature 'move-in ready' listings

Autumn buyers have different motivations than summer buyers. Where summer buyers may want to move by the start of a new school year, buyers in fall look to move before year's end — and they're starting their home search now.

To capture these buyers, highlight properties that are move-in ready. As always, you can make this a social media post or blog, but for this idea, we're particularly partial to using it in an online ad campaign. Create a landing page that showcases move-in ready listings and run Google or Facebook ads that link back to that page.

4. Lead magnet idea: Fall home maintenance tips guide

Everyone's heard of spring cleaning, but how many people think to give their house a deep cleaning in the fall? Create a guide to help your audience prepare their houses for winter while the weather is still temperate.

Include to-do items for both inside and outside the home. Your "inside" list can include typical "spring cleaning" activities, but you should recommend winter-specific tasks like checking the furnace. Your "outside" checklist should include checking caulk around windows and doors, cleaning and storing patio furniture, draining and storing garden hoses, etc.

(We won't tell if you use ChatGPT to help you write this guide, but make sure to give it an edit to add your own voice and to check for accuracy.)

5. Create a 'Fall Home Decor' Pinterest board

Pinterest is the unsung hero of driving internet traffic to your website. If you're active on Pinterest, curate a Pinterest board filled with fall home decor ideas and inspirations. Include pins for both buyers and sellers to help them envision seasonal changes in a property.

For more Pinterest inspiration, check out:

6. Host a home energy efficiency webinar

As the weather cools, homeowners become more concerned about energy efficiency. Host a webinar about making homes more energy-efficient, which can be a selling point for listings. Team up with relevant local professionals, like installers of energy efficient windows, HVAC pros, etc. Not only can they provide great information, they can cross-promote the event to their sphere.

Have a tech geek streak? You can also talk about the smart home gadgets that help homeowners measure and control their energy usage. Learn more about smart home features vs. green home features here.

7. Launch a client testimonial campaign

We hope you had a successful selling season, and that summer left you with many satisfied clients. If so, now's the time to ask those clients for a testimonial while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Share success stories and testimonials from past clients on your website and social media. Bonus points if you can create a few video testimonials! For more ideas on soliciting and using testimonials, see:

8. Evergreen post idea: How to Prepare for Your Final Walk Through

An "evergreen" post is a piece of content that's timeless; years can pass, and the post is not outdated. For agents, posts like these focus on something that's unchangeable in the home sales process — for example, a blog, social media, or newsletter post that explains how buyers can prepare for their final walk through.

New homebuyers will find this post particularly helpful. This should be an educational post or video that explains what a final walk through is, why it's important, and what buyers should expect. We recommend including a checklist of things like turning on and off all light switches, flushing toilets, testing faucets for leaks, opening and closing windows, and more. Buyers should also check that all agreed upon repairs were completed satisfactorily.

Don't forget, this article benefits you, too — a smooth walk through experience helps facilitate a smooth closing!