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September Blogging Plan: 8 Topic Ideas

September 02 2014

blog rss houseThe seasons are changing, but that doesn't mean your blogging habits should! If you've been keeping up with our series of monthly blogging plans, your real estate site has grown into a valuable local resource.

Every month, we offer topic ideas for each coming week. This month, we're offering two topics per week. Choose one or choose both--the point is to keep posting regularly to provide your site with fresh content that draws more potential clients.

Ready to get started? Here are this month's post ideas:

Week 1: What does $250,000 buy in [Your Town]?

This is an easy way to showcase listings while simultaneously introducing newcomers to your local market. Include three to five properties in this price range with basic information like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, acreage, and year built.

This topic is easy to repurpose in the future--just switch to higher or lower price points!

  • Additional or Alternative Topic: Why buyers should use local lenders

    As a real estate agent, you probably have relationships with local lenders. This blog post can help build on those relationships by including a list of reasons that local lenders are better than faceless lenders from outside the area.

    Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Local lenders are able to meet face-to-face
    • They have a thorough knowledge of your market
    • They have relationships with local appraisers

Week 2: X tips for packing up a household

There are a couple of ways to approach this article. One is as a simple list of practical advice like supplies needed, how to package fragile items, a list of moving companies, etc.

An alternate approach is to write a timeline for moving out of a home. We suggest starting eight to six weeks before the move with advice like contacting movers and creating an inventory of possessions. At four weeks, recommend actions like submitting a change of address and scheduling disconnects/reconnects with utility companies.

As your schedule gets closer to the official moving date, include things like defrosting freezers, creating an essentials box, and more.

  • Additional or Alternative Topic: DIY weekend projects

    This is a simple post that you can do at the end of every week. Inspiration shouldn't be hard to find--simply visit Pinterest or Google "weekend home improvement projects" for easy ideas.

Week 3: How to prepare for your final walk through

New homebuyers will find this post particularly helpful. This should be an educational post that explains what a final walk through is, why it's important, and what buyers should expect.

We recommend including a checklist of things like turning on and off all light switches, flushing toilets, testing faucets for leaks, opening and closing windows, and more. Buyers should also be sure that all agreed-upon repairs were completed satisfactorily.

This article benefits you, too--a smooth walk through experience helps ensure a smooth closing!

  • Additional or Alternative Topic: Overview of local moving services

    Introduce your audience to three or four of your area's top moving services. If you have personal experience with any of the companies, anecdotes go a long way in making your blog post more readable.

    For legal reasons, be sure not to include any negative reviews. If there are businesses you think clients should be wary of, include a link to your area's moving services section of Yelp and let them discover who to avoid themselves. Stick to shining a spotlight on the best parts of your community!

Week 4: Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Everyone's heard of spring cleaning, but how many people think to give their house a deep cleaning in the fall? This is a great way for clients to prepare their houses for winter while the weather is still temperate.

Include to-do items for both inside and outside the home. Your "inside" list can include typical "spring cleaning" activities, but you should recommend winter-specific tasks like checking the furnace.

Your "outside" checklist should include checking caulk around windows and doors, cleaning and storing patio furniture, draining and storing garden hoses, etc.

  • Additional or Alternative Topic: Best weekend getaways

    With the kids back in school, weeklong vacations are out of the question. Let your blog readers know about nearby getaways that are perfect for a fun weekend adventure. Locations should be no more than a couple of hours by car, and have kid-friendly attractions.

    Include a brief summary of the getaway, directions from your area, affordable nearby accommodations and food choices.