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July Blogging Plan

June 27 2014

fireworksIt has been a busy time here at RE Technology - lots of new and exciting things going on! So we're keeping this month's blogging plan a little short, offering just one alternative/additional topic to our weekly posts. You'll see that this month's themes are neighbors and local expertise.

Now get out there and blog, my friends!

1) Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Whether your readers are thinking of selling property or not, there's plenty of value in a sturdy, attractive fence. This post can be short and sweet, but quite helpful. The basic idea: "If your fence is in poor condition, don't feel like you have to take on the full burden yourself – if it's bordering someone else's property, that is. It's a great time to chat with your neighbors and see if they'll chip in. Most of the time, they'll offer to pay some (if not half) of the cost."

2) Buyers, Get Nocturnal

While we're on the subject of neighbors, how about this topic? How many of us have moved into a new home only to discover that one or more of our neighbors are noisy night owls? It happens all too often. If your buyers are looking for peace and quiet, you may want to suggest in this post that they do a nighttime drive-by of a property they're considering. They might even want to bring a snack and sit for a while near the house, listening to what's going on around them. Helping them avoid these problems before they buy will earn their loyalty.

3) Outdoor Adventures in [Your Town]

I'm lucky enough to live on the beach in California. Naturally, I'm surrounded by incredible things to do outside. Camping, mountain biking, trail running, kayaking – you name it, we've got it! I'll be there's plenty to do in the good old summertime where you live, too. Enlighten your blog's readers with some of your favorite outdoor adventures. After all, you're the local expert, right?

4) 10 Live Music Events in July

Music brings joy to life. Listening to live music is a great way to spend time on a weekend or weeknight and to enjoy your community. No matter where you live, I promise there's a band playing somewhere almost any night of the week. You can do a quick Google search, of course. But if you have a difficult time turning enough up that way, I'd get in touch with these venues (call them up and tell them what you're writing; I guarantee they'll be happy to talk to you):

  • Bars
  • Performing arts centers
  • Colleges and universities
  • Wineries
  • Some restaurants (if you've seen live music there before)

Then share the date, time, location, and band details with your readers. Ask them to meet you there and you might just get a few leads!

5) It's All Happening At the [Your City] Library

When is the last time you visited the library? Unless you're there every week, it has probably been too long. Libraries aren't just a place where you can access a treasure trove of free literature, movies, magazines, audio CDs, and DVDs – they're a cultural hub for your community. If you visit the library, they can give you a calendar of this month's events. They'll probably have children's story time, family movie nights, book clubs, and much more. You can share this information on your blog – helping both your readers and an important community resource at the same time. Who doesn't love a twofer?