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4 iPad Apps to Use at Your Next Listing Presentation

June 12 2014

ipad clients matureIf there's one thing we've learned from talking to agents every day, it's that they REALLY love their iPads. It's no wonder. These portable beauties are fantastic for conducting business on the go (and stylishly, we might add).

Apple has long been known for its attention to aesthetics. Long before today's current demand for iOS devices, Mac was the system of choice for designers and other creative professionals. With a legacy like that, not to mention the available apps and gorgeous Retina display, it's no surprise that Apple's iPad is a great tool for presentations.

Today, we're going to focus on a presentation that real estate agents are familiar with--the listing presentation. Here are a few apps to transform your iPad into a tool that will help you wow your sellers and secure the listing. (For more iPad listing presentation ideas, see our recorded webinar.)

1. Presentation Apps - Let's start with the obvious. To show off your listing presentation, first you need an app that lets you do so. For iPad, the most common choice is Keynote. It's a free app made by Apple, so you can rest assured that it will work great on your iPad. We're also partial to Haiku Deck, another free app. We like how it boasts that unattractive presentations are impossible on its platform. Users can easily share their presentations via social media and even embed them on a blog or website.

2. Evernote - Now that we've nailed the obvious choice, let's move on to the popular one. When it comes to organizing notes and information about clients, Evernote is an agent's best friend. Last year, the tech whizzes at the GoodLife Team in Austin, TX showed us how they use it in their own listing presentations. This includes taking notes (of course), but they also leverage Evernote for its multimedia capabilities like taking photos and using audio to verbally document home features and needed repairs. You can learn more here.

3. CMA - Sure, you can create and print CMA reports from your MLS. But as we've mentioned before, this is not the most attractive (or impressive) option. There are multiple CMA solutions on the market today, and many of them are tablet friendly. Look for one that's both aesthetically appealing and easy to use. Cloud CMA is an option that fits that bill, and they recently shared tips for better iPad listing presentations.

4. TouchSign - Once you've wowed the sellers with your presentation, get them to sign a listing agreement. Yes, your iPad can help here too--and even make signing fun. Use an electronic signature app that lets your almost-clients sign the agreement with their finger (or a stylus) right on your iPad. Being able to draw their own signature feels a lot more natural and comfortable to people than the impersonal and generic fonts that eSignature platforms often use. TouchSign from zipLogix offers this functionality, as does DocuSign and Go Paperless.

What apps and iPad strategies do you use at your listing presentations? For more ideas, see the recording of our iPad Listing Presentation webinar!