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Your Lead Manager is Only as Great as the Leads That Fill It

March 09 2014

mobile userI was going to write an overview of VoicePad's new Lead Manager interface. During the course of my conversation with them, however, I discovered that the most compelling subject isn't the Lead Manager itself – it's the data that populates this backend interface. After all, any lead generation and management tool is only as powerful as the leads that fill it.

In the case of VoicePad's Lead Manager, these leads are better than ever. The company now has the ability to associate an individual (name, email address, and/or phone number) with a property view on a VoicePad mobile website. "This allows us to identify and track what were previously anonymous Web hits," they explain. In the course of the conversation, Lead Manager itself – in a way – becomes an afterthought, simply a place where these valuable mobile leads can be tracked and displayed.

Randall Standard, CEO of VoicePad explains, "In the mobile environment, consumers can request property information without identifying themselves as on a website (by providing an email address that is sent to an agent as a web lead). We are able to identify consumers by a phone number and track all of their mobile activity, which is much more than a web lead could ever reveal. From the Lead Manager, for example, an agent can see that a customer called to get property info four times; requested info by text six times; viewed 64 properties on the agent's VoicePad mobile site; and indicated seven as favorites. The agent sees who shared the mobile site via text. How often buyers are searching for properties and where they are. This detailed insight helps agents craft their follow-up strategy and gives them an intelligent way to reach out to potential customers."

Upon viewing a "live" Lead Manager, I noticed that a consumer whom had requested property information by phone call almost six months ago had recently viewed the same property on a VoicePad mobile site more than 47 times! The time was definitely right for an agent to follow up with that customer. And sure enough, the consumer's email address was available in the Lead Manager, although the agent never had to ask him for it.

VoicePad's Lead Manager features various sorting and filtering options so agents can identify their leads by type (phone call, text, mobile web), as well as by date, customer phone number, email address, etc., giving agents several options to identify follow-up opportunities.

How it Works

To be clear, this is how VoicePad captures a caller or mobile Web visitor's identity:

  • If someone calls in from a yard sign, the caller ID is captured.
  • If they request property info by text message, they are sent a link to a VoicePad mobile site, and their phone number can be captured that way as well.
  • When consumers subsequently visit a VoicePad mobile site, the consumer's contact information is then associated with every page visited on the mobile site. If the consumer favorites a property, requests more information, or shares the mobile site, they are prompted to enter their email address. Their email address is then forever linked to their phone number and name (if available) and both prior and future mobile site page views appear in the Lead Manager.

In each case, the consumer is being provided the information they desire, without requiring them to identify themselves.