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iPad Air Wins This Holiday Season

December 13 2013

ipad home cropLove it or hate it, the consumer feeding frenzy that was Black Friday tells us a lot about our ourselves. I'll avoid the larger philosophical debate, and just talk about something we can't argue: the stats. More specifically, let's talk about tablets – how many people are buying them and which ones they're buying.

According to CNet, activations of the new iPad Air "increased by 51 percent this past weekend compared with those from the prior weekend." This is head and shoulders above other tablets available. In fact, the closest runner-up was the iPad Mini, with 26% more activations the previous weekend. The iPhone led the smartphone category, as well, making Apple the undeniable winner on Black Friday.

What does this mean to the real estate community? Well, you might be receiving an iPad as a gift this season, and prospective buyers or sellers might be, too. It's further proof (as if we needed any) that we must pay attention to mobile technology.

Mobile Tools for You

If you unwrap an iPad this winter, there are plenty of ways to use it in your business.

  • Electronic signatures: I talk about electronic signatures frequently in my writing for RE Technology; but I feel like I can't emphasize enough how helpful they can be. I believe, and I'm not alone, that they are the present and the future of real estate transactions. Companies like DocuSign have helped keep this leading edge technology even more current with mobile applications for their products. The DocuSign mobile app works seamlessly on the iPad, allowing you to send documents for signature, sign them, or track them from your mobile device.

  • Mobile CRM, document management, transaction management and more: Many of your favorite tech tools are going mobile, whether it's with a mobile Web version or with a mobile application. Take a moment to see if the tools you use have a mobile version and, if they do, become acquainted with their full functionality so you can maximize your productivity.

Mobile for Buyers and Sellers

Want to reach buyers and sellers on their mobile device? Here's what they can use it for in their real estate search.

  • Mobile websites: If you go to the trouble of building a website (or, more accurately, having one built for you), you should make certain that it will look great and function effectively on mobile devices. This is the new standard.
  • Agent mobile application or broker mobile application: If your buyer clients are going to be searching for properties on their mobile device, you can keep them loyal to you and your brand with a mobile app branded to you or your brokerage. Make sure your app has access to MLS data for accurate and up-to-the-minute listing information.
  • Mobile-friendly virtual tours and single property websites: For your sellers, building a virtual tour and single property website is an additional marketing opportunity. To achieve maximum effect, make sure that these virtual tours and single property websites will work on mobile.
  • QR codes: Love them or hate them, QR codes are a buzzword for many sellers. For more insight on the QR code debate, check out some past articles.

As you can see, tablets may be bad news for the "old way" of doing business, but they can be good news for your business, if you leverage them effectively.

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