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Top 10 Articles about Advertising from 2012

November 21 2012

Top10 200pxTop 10 lists are a holiday tradition at RE Technology. They help us reflect on the year just closing by revealing what articles most interested our readers. Here's are our most popular articles about Advertising in 2012.

1) 3 Keys to PPC for Real Estate - by Emily Williams

There's been ample debate about the benefits of PPC for real estate professionals. Before you choose a position for or against PPC, it's important to have a clear understanding of exactly what you're talking about. So here's a crash course on the basics.

2) Why Newspapers Are Like Cemeteries - by Emily Williams

Way back in 2008, Victor Lund wrote an article entitled "Why Newspapers Are Like Nursing Homes" and published it on the WAV Group blog. In the article, he says, "If your leading marketing tool is newspaper advertising, you're setting fire to money and missing the consumer." Them's fightin' words, Mr. Lund, but they couldn't be more true. In fact, in the time that has elapsed since the article was written, newspapers have become less like the nursing homes Mr. Lund compares them to in his title and more like cemeteries.

3) Advertising or Marketing? Which is Which? - by Kashoo

Although advertising and marketing often are seen as the same entity, in reality, advertising is just one component of an overall marketing strategy.

4) How the FTC MAP Ruling Impacts You - by RatePlug

The Mortgage Acts and Practices (MAP) regulations were enacted to regulate unfair or deceptive advertising of mortgage products by anyone involved in a real estate transaction. This includes builders, mortgage brokers, lenders, and real estate professionals like you!

5) How Much Time Should Real Estate Agents Spend on Lead Generation? - by IMSD

When real estate agents get efficient at time management by blocking out times of their day for lead generation, they have more opportunities to get out there showing houses! Here is our take on how much time should be spent in each of the key real estate lead generation categories each day.

6) QR Codes: Countering 5 Objections - by Emily Williams

Eric Holtzclaw of Inc. Magazine ( thinks you shouldn't bother with QR codes. In his article, he provides five points to support this position. Is he right? Well, it took us only seconds to come up with counter-arguments to his objections. We'll provide both perspectives here, but the only person who can truly determine whether or not QR codes are "worth it" is YOU.

7) A Geographic Farm? Do it right the first time. - by Christopher Leo of Leading Agent

Many REALTORS® have decided to start a new postcard farming area or fire up an old one that hasn't had any action in a while. Here are a few of the most common questions and/or pitfalls we encounter and how we advise our clients.

8) Amp Up Your Real Estate Marketing with Unique Lawn Signs - by Showing Suite

Most of the time, lawn signs will display just the listing agent's info, and maybe their logo. If you want to stand out against the never ending sea of real estate agents, custom yard signs should be a major part of your real estate marketing strategy.

9) What's a "Promoted Post" and which one is right for you? - by Kelly Phelan

With three social networks each debuting their own variation, 2012 has become the year of the Promoted Post. An alternative to traditional online advertising, these programs are less formal and more engaging. Not all may be right for your real estate business, however. Our comparison of four major promotional programs can help you decide where your marketing budget is best spent.

10) Think Globally for a World of New Business - by Emily Williams

Let's say you're a real estate agent in Los Angeles. By glancing at's list, we see that Los Angeles is among the most-searched cities by many international buyers. This tells me that, if I'm a Los Angeles agent, I need to find a way to make my online marketing more multi-cultural and multi-lingual if I don't want to miss an excellent opportunity to reach a larger pool of buyers.