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Photo App Muzy is Great for Real Estate

November 12 2012

Real estate is all about the photos. They are the key media that establish the foundation of consumer interest in property marketing. In some small way, or like 1000 word-ways, they help people understand the spaces of a home. Although we love virtual tours and videos, there is a new way to innovate and share property photos called Muzy.

harvestMuzyMuzy is an app for publishing photos on Facebook, and it is a big deal. In the past 30 days, the product has been adopted by 3 million Facebook users, reaching a total user base of 15 million. What makes Muzy special is the ability to take a number of photos and arrange them into a collage that they call a Photobox. There are 45 Photobox layouts to choose from.

Digital Property Flyers

In many ways, Muzy can also be a practical replacement for flyers that are already formatted for you to publish nicely on Facebook – the number one website on the planet. If you are going to use Muzy for flyers, be sure to have your photo, your broker logo, and an image that has all of your contact information on it so that you can add those elements, along with the property photos, into your Muzy photobox. You can even add text, like your property description.

Innovative Marketing

Muzy has some other uses, too. Ever seen two photos pitted against each other? Take two photos and put them side-by-side. Ask your Facebook friends which photo they like best. It is a terrific way to create fun and engagement with your listings. This Muzy application is called VersusVersus.

Another application from Muzy is called PicMonkeyPicMonkey. It allows you to crop, rotate, sharpen, resize, and adjust the exposure or color of photos. Let your creativity run wild. It is super easy. You can even add a frame if you like.

Muzy has a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Google Play and most of the reviews are glowing. In addition to sharing your Muzy collages on Facebook, you can also post them to Twitter, Instagram, send them as a SMS message, even email them.

It would be really cool to see agents create Muzy collages and load them into the MLS to really make the listing pop. Think out of the box. Rather than loading one image into the MLS, load a collage! That's innovative marketing.

If you use Muzy in your real estate business, let us know how the results are coming along. Happy Marketing!

Next Steps

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