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Weekend Homework: Improve Your Real Estate Business

October 11 2012

200px ABCsWhat are you doing to improve your real estate business this weekend?

Between the open houses, showings, relaxation, and errands, we know your schedule is packed. So we've come up with three easy tasks you can complete this weekend that will make your real estate practice better.

Organize Your Contacts

Earlier this week, Dr. Maya Bailey showed agents how to double their income by leveraging their sphere of influence. Her very first tip? Get your contacts in order!

This weekend, your assignment is to use your CRM software to organize your contacts into the categories below. See Dr. Bailey's article for more information.

  • A = Someone likely to refer to you
  • B = Someone who, with a little more contact with you, would refer to you
  • C = Questionable
  • D = Delete

Continuing education: Finish your homework? Great job! Take what you've accomplished a step further by making an effort to conquer tips 3-5. By beginning to call your sphere—and by making it a daily ritual—you'll be well on your way to more referrals and income.

Write a Blog Post

By keeping up with your real estate blog, you provide your site with valuable, fresh content that search engines will love. It doesn't have to be long--200 words will do! Take Jim Cronin's advice on how to create the perfect blog post with a minimum amount of effort.

Out of topic ideas? Jumpstart your writing with one of our prompts from this month's blogging plan.

Extra Credit: Feeling like an overachiever? Write a longer, more in-depth blog post this weekend.

Go For the Easy "A"

Practicing good SEO is the only way to get search engines to notice your website. This week, we learned three steps that will improve SEO. The first part is knowing what people are searching for.

Following the advice in Step 1 of our article, identify the top 5 keywords people are using to search for real estate in your area. Later, you can use this data to improve the SEO of your website.