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Want to Know More About RPR? Take a Guided Tour

November 05 2023

rpr guided tour 1At RPR (Realtors Property Resource®), our single-minded goal is to help REALTORS® be better at everything they do. From daily transactional tasks to building a prospecting pipeline, everything RPR offers is centered around increasing agent productivity and profitability.

We want to arm you with data, tools and reports. We want to help you unlock everything RPR has to offer. We want to guide you to greatness!

We want to take you on a Guided Tour…

What and where are RPR's Guided Tours?

Perhaps you're a new agent or new to RPR. Or maybe you're a regular user of RPR, but you only use it for certain things. Either way, the Guided Tours are perfect ways to get introduced to and get familiar with RPR's core capabilities.

When you log in to RPR and visit the home page, you'll see the lineup of Guided Tours (formerly called "Shortcuts") right underneath the main search bar.

rpr guided tour 2

The residential Guided Tours include: Property Search, Prospecting, Market Trends, Map Search, Create, CMA, Create Reports and RPR Mobile™.

Each Guided Tour is an interactive, step-by-step journey that will take you through the process of completing a task. When you click on a Guided Tour icon, you will be shown where to begin and as you finish each step, the system will guide you to the next.

For example, if you click on "Market Trends," a magenta box will appear that will welcome you to the tour and tell you what steps are next and how to progress through them.

rpr guided tour 3

You simply click your way through and follow the prompts to see how the feature works and to get a feel for the workflow. This online walkthrough (sort of a digital hand-holding) leads you through some of RPR's most popular offerings. Each tour is easy to follow, doesn't take too much time, and it's a smart way to get your feet wet and learn some new skills!

Pro Tip: To exit a Guided Tour at any time, just click the "X" in the upper right corner. You can also collapse the Guided Tours menu altogether by clicking on the three vertical dots at the end of the menu, and then select Collapse card.

RPR's Commercial Guided Tours

On the RPR home page, flip the toggle to "Commercial," and the Guided Tours will change accordingly. Here's what it looks like:

rpr guided tour 4

The Commercial Guided Tours are Property Search, Map Insights, Site Selection, Research Trade Areas, Investor Analysis, Create Reports and Prospecting. The tours and the process work exactly the same as the residential versions.

Want more? Take the tour…

What are you waiting for? Go to the RPR website, click on one of the Guided Tours and enjoy the ride! You'll learn the ins and outs of helpful RPR features and unlock new capabilities that can make you a stronger, more skilled real estate professional.

RPR offers REALTORS® unparalleled access to data, analytics and tools. And now, we're offering Guided Tours so our users can learn more and use RPR to its fullest!

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