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Name That File Type!

October 11 2012

Have you ever received an email with an attachment and, from the file extension, had no idea what type of file it was? Yep, I have too. Today, that ends. Prepare yourself for a list of the most common file type extensions. Although this list isn't complete, I think I've hit all the high notes.

Bookmark it so you can reference it the next time a mysterious attachment appears in your inbox.

document iconText Files

.doc - Microsoft Word Document
.docx - Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.msg - Outlook Mail Message
.pages - Pages Document
.rtf - Rich Text Format File
.txt - Plain Text File
.wpd - WordPerfect Document
.wps - Microsoft Works Word Processor Document

paintbrushesImage Files

.bmp - Bitmap Image File
.gif - Graphical Interchange Format File
.jpg - JPEG Image
.png - Portable Network Graphic
.psd - Adobe Photoshop Document
.thm - Thumbnail Image File
.tif - Tag Image File Format

flim stripVideo Files

.asf - Advanced Systems Format File
.asx - Microsoft ASF Redirector File
.avi - Audio Video Interleave File
.flv - Flash Video File
.m4v - MPEG-4 Video File
.mov - Apple QuickTime Movie
.mp4 - MPEG-4 Video File
.mpg - MPEG Video File
.swf - Shockwave Flash Movie
.vob - DVD Video Object File
.wmv - Windows Media Video File

200px listenAudio Files

.aif - Audio Interchange File Format
.iff - Interchange File Format
.m3u - Media Playlist File
.m4a - MPEG-4 Audio File
.mp3 - MP3 Audio File
.mpa - MPEG-2 Audio File
.ra - Real Audio File
.wav - WAVE Audio File
.wma - Windows Media Audio File

binaryData Files

.csv - Comma Separated Values File
.dat - Data File
.pps - PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppt - PowerPoint Presentation
.pptx - PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.sdf - Standard Data File
.vcf - vCard File
.xml - XML File
.htm - Hypertext Markup Language File
.html - Hypertext Markup Language File

spreadsheet filetypeSpreadsheet Files

.xlr - Works Spreadsheet
.xls - Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsx - Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet

Compressed Files

.rar - WinRAR Compressed Archive
.tar - Consolidated Unix File Archive
.zip - Zipped File