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Summer Product Highlights for Agents

August 21 2012

green leavesWell, we didn't plan it this way, but summer has been the season of product reviews here at RE Technology. There were so many great companies, we didn't want any of them to slip past you, so we're going to share them again here. We'll also introduce you briefly to some of the new additions in our product directory.

ePropertySites Property Marketing Tools

ePropertySites describes their mission statement as "Perfecting the art of property marketing online and on site." Given the broad spectrum of their products and services, we focused our review solely on their tools for marketing individual listings.

Our review looked at the "flipshows" or "flip books" for listing presentations, single property websites, virtual tours, and HD panoramic tours. The single property websites are clearly the centerpiece of this marketing suite, and have a variety of interesting features; for instance, they are: mobile-friendly, contain property-specific text and QR codes, include printable brochures, and offer a variety of different templates and color schemes.


ValueAppeal™ PRO has an innovative and exciting business model. They help real estate agents reach out to prospective clients and retain existing clients with value-added services that ensure homeowners are not overpaying property taxes. To quote our review, "The ValueAppeal™ PRO system provides an estimate for whether or not property taxes for a specific address are too high, and by how much, based on eligible comparable home sales. According to the company, they have about an 80% success rate in lowering an assessment compared to the 40% of homeowners that do it themselves."

For a step-by-step explanation of how ValueAppeal™ PRO works, the key features, and a closer look at the simple user interface, read our full review.

In the hot area of agent ratings, QSC is one of the leaders. We took a look at one of their solutions, serves two masters – consumers and real estate agents. The site provides fair and impartial ratings to people searching for an agent. In addition, it offers an array of tools for agents and brokers, tools that can help them improve the quality of their customer service and gauge their own performance.

For screenshots of the platform, as well as a thorough discussion of how the system can benefit real estate professionals, read our full review.

Cloud CMA

There's been plenty of buzz about Cloud CMA, but have you ever taken a close look at how it works? Our product review can help you do just that. Unlike some CMA solutions, Cloud CMA is simple to use and offers a wide variety of reports. For instance, options include a CMA (of course), a Property Report (for buyer clients), a Buyer Tour (comparing several different properties for buyer clients), and Flyers (for your sellers). Each report is highly customizable in terms of content and aesthetics. Cloud CMA is available however you connect to the internet with support for mobile, tablet, and browsers.

For a look at some of the reports available with Cloud CMA, read our full review.

New to Our Directory

We also added some cool new companies to our directory. These include: