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My Husband’s Love Affair with the iPad App

June 28 2012

3845 apple tabletI'm constantly finding my husband in bed with the iPad app. I'll pop into the grocery store and return to the car only to find him once again enthralled with it. I've decided to take a professional interest in this – if I don't, I'm going to get a serious inferiority complex. So, I sat him down and asked him to explain his love affair with's consumer-facing mobile solution. His observations are interesting, so I thought I'd share them here.

"I know it's accurate."

Before using the app, my husband used the property search on the website. Why? Because somehow (and I swear it wasn't me), he picked up the concept of MLS data being the most accurate data, and that this is where obtains its data. I shouldn't be surprised – he's an incredibly intelligent guy, and tends to do his research before making any decision (particularly big ones like buying real estate).

He says he's been "disappointed" by Zillow. He found great properties listed there that were actually no longer on the market, and his poor heart was broken on several occasions. He's also seen incorrect prices– and doesn't want to be wondering if he's missing an important $50,000 price drop.

"It's easy-to-use."

I've spent some time on the app myself, and my husband is right – it's very easy to use. From the first time you pick it up, you know how to quickly retrieve the information you want. The user interface is also attractive, with a slick, refined look and feel.

One of the things that he likes best is that, when viewing search results on a map, the listings update quickly when he moves the map.

"I love my iPad, so I wanted something built specifically for that device."

He's not kidding. I bought him the iPad as a Christmas gift and it is the best decision I've ever made. The man takes the iPad with him everywhere – work, home, car – it never leaves his side. And he prefers to use native apps rather than mobile Web. He says that native apps take better advantage of the functionality of the iPad.

His iMac is just sitting on his desk, neglected and gathering dust. Poor iMac!

"I haven't tried any other property search apps."

I asked my husband why he likes the app better than the other property search apps out there. He told me that he has never actually tried anything else. I'm tempted to download a few other apps onto his iPad and see what he thinks – but who am I to stand in the way of true love?