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Product Review: Delta Agent Sites™

May 25 2012

Delta Media Group offers a robust array of diverse products to assist agents and brokers in today's technologically advanced real estate market. For this review, we'll focus solely on their Delta Agent Sites™, which are exactly what the name seems to indicate – websites designed specifically for real estate agents.

The Basics

If you are an agent looking for a template-based website with IDX, you should include Delta Agent Sites™ in your research. These websites offer a clean, simple look with the ability for agents to manage changes to the site through an administrative control panel.

Consumer Facing Designs
Agents can choose between 236 different templates to personalize the look of their site. They can further customize the look of their site by adding a custom website header across the top, customizing text on the home page, and creating up to 99 custom pages (which will appear in the navigation on the left side of the website).

3624 delta rev 1

Each site features:

  • A form-based quick property search; those on the upgraded platform have an integrated map search (powered by Google).
  • My Home Finder – a standard solution for homeseekers to create an account to save searches, specific properties, and more.
  • Full IDX, displaying all listing from your MLS to consumers.
  • Property details pages that include a mortgage calculator, social sharing options, and other features.
  • Customizable homepage content, so agents can add features such as video, social media feeds, a newsletter sign-up, an "About Us" section, etc.

Website Administrative Panel

As with any new tool, there will be a slight learning curve with Delta Agent Sites; however, the user interface of the administrative panel is relatively straightforward. From this control panel, agents can:

  • See the activity of each user on the site.
    3624 delta rev 2
  • Check out the free weekly training webinars.
  • Email customers
  • Manage email campaigns
  • View and edit listings
  • Create Craigslist posts, flyers, and eCards for each listing
  • Send traffic reports to sellers
  • Download and store files (i.e. contracts, addendums, etc.)
  • Review stats (provided by Google)

To customize the homepage, you'll need to use the WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG stands for What You See is What You Get. As you can see from the image below, it is like using Microsoft Word to publish pages on your website. While WYSIWYG may intimidate some less tech-savvy agents, you'll ultimately find it's slightly annoying at the very worst.

3624 delta rev 3

Product Highlights

  • Turnkey solution. Unless you've decided to invest in a completely custom-designed website, you're probably looking for a site that's going to work for you right out of the box with as little thought as possible. Delta Agent Sites seems to provide a degree of customization without giving agents too much freedom.
  • All sites are formatted for mobile devices. Mobile is hot right now. Delta Media Group™ has ensured that all of their agent websites are formatted for mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.
  • Auto-populate feature on the home page property search. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love auto-populate for property search. I know, I'm lazy, but so are most property searchers. Anything you can do to make their experience quicker and easier could help ensure that they return to your site.
    3624 delta rev 4
  • Pop-up property details on the map search. I love that when I'm using the map search, I can look at these pop-up windows about each property on the map without actually leaving my search results. This saves me time and a lot of unnecessary clicking of the "back" button on my browser.
    3624 delta rev 5